If You Decide Not to Pay the TV Licence

Vernon Coleman

Millions of people have already stopped paying the extortionate and outdated BBC licence fee. Many object to the BBC’s blatant support of the EU. Others object to the BBC’s decision not to allow the over 75s to have a free TV licence. (It seems that back in 2015 the BBC and the Government agreed that the BBC would provide these licences free of charge – in return, the BBC received the right to increase the licence fee every year. But the BBC now appears to be reneging on the deal at the expense of the elderly.)

Here are some tips for anyone who decides not to pay the TV licence fee.

Do not ever open the door to the TV licensing people. You don’t have to open the door and you don’t have to let them in. And if you open the door to them by accident, shut it quickly. Don’t say a word. Not a word.

If you don’t pay the licence fee, you will receive endless letters from the TV licensing people. Personally, I regard these as threatening and misleading. I consider that the best thing to do with them is to throw them away unopened.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019