Ignorant and Misguided

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The doubtless well-meaning but ignorant and misguided school teachers and children who have been having an Easter adventure making life difficult for millions of hard-working Londoners appear to have had great fun demonstrating and holding up the traffic.

It was all a lot of nonsense, of course.

The so-called scientific evidence proving that man-made global warming is going to kill the planet is about as convincing as the so-called scientific evidence proving that we were all going to die of AIDS. The evidence has been largely created by the EU – which has a hidden agenda of its own – and I suspect most of the demonstrators were EU supporting Remainers.

(I was surprised, incidentally, to see that Prince Harry and Wife, the poster children for Republicanism, didn’t helicopter in and then chain themselves to somewhere fashionable in Bond Street.)

The sanctimonious demonstrators have apparently been deliberately trying to get arrested – regarding a spell in handcuffs as a badge of honour.

I wonder if they’ll feel the same when they discover that having a criminal record gets in the way of all sorts of everyday stuff – just as getting a job, acquiring professional qualifications, holding a licence of almost any kind, travelling abroad, obtaining a mortgage, buying insurance and all those other dull activities which make up life these days.

Still, if they succeed in preventing in their aim of halting the use of oil, gas, coal, nuclear power and all other fuels I suspect that those will be the least of their problems.

If we are forced to rely on wind and solar power, we’ll all be living in the dark and the cold and starving to death.

And that’s something the campaigners won’t recognise.

A fact.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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