All Remainers are Ignorant Idiots

Vernon Coleman

A reader sent a copy of Zina Cohenís book The Shocking History of the EU to an Arch Remainer.

The Remainer wrote back saying: `It is complete BS. I could as easily argue that Brexit is just another piece of the centuries old policy of BritainÖto destabilise Europe, eg joining Prussia to beat Napoleon, and then France to beat Germany etc. Nonsense.í

Is that not the most stupid thing youíve ever read? (Iím talking about the content rather than just the command of language.)

I have to admit that I find it difficult to talk to such people Ė or to read their gibberish.

The Shocking History of the EU is only bullshit if the Nazis never existed, if the concentration camps were imagined and if the Nazis did not plan and create the European Union.

But the book proves beyond doubt that they did all these things.

Numerous individuals and companies are named.

Do you think I could write about Bayerís activities at Auschwitz during World War II if it were not true?

Do you think I could describe the EU as a neo-Nazi organisation if it were not?

Iíd be sued from here to Brussels if the book was the `bullshití this Remainer claims it to be.

The problem we have is two fold.

First, Remainers are very stupid, poorly educated people who have been indoctrinated by the EU.

Second, they donít want to admit that their beloved EU is a Nazi creation.

Facts are uncomfortable and unfashionable but the facts in The Shocking History of the EU prove that the EU is a Nazi creation. It isnít a book of opinions. Itís a book of facts.

And if Remainers ever read it they will burst with shame and embarrassment when confronted with the awful thought that in supporting the EU they are supporting Hitler and defending Auschwitz and that they may as well all learn to goose step.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019