Ignore the Government’s Latest Nonsense about Vaccines

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The Government claims that the flu vaccine works with children (though they admit it doesn’t work well with older folk).

But how did they arrive at those figures?

The reports I saw contained no background information of any value.

Did they just see how many children who had been vaccinated subsequently developed the flu?

If they didn’t compare the vaccinated children with unvaccinated children then the study was utterly pointless and of no value whatsoever.

Maybe unvaccinated children were less likely to get the flu than children who’d been exposed to the real risk of a vaccination.

If they merely measured the number of children who had the flu and then looked to see who had been vaccinated and who hadn’t (which is what I suspect they did) then the results are equally useless.

Well-meaning but ill-informed parents who swallow the official line that vaccines are useful are doubtless more likely to take care to protect their children in other ways by, for example, ensuring that they eat fruit and vegetables.

And the children with the better diet would definitely be less likely to get the flu.

And, more importantly, how many children who were vaccinated suffered serious side effects – problems such as brain damage and death?

I don’t suppose the Government, the drug industry or the medical profession will be sharing that with us – even if they bothered to collect such worrying information.

Naturally, the media gave a good airing to the official line. Vaccine nonsense always gets good publicity because it’s what the establishment wants us to know.

But doubters were given no airtime or print space. No one rang me for a quote.

As usual, the official line on vaccines must go unquestioned.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 31st August 2017