The Forgotten Generation: Ignored, Mistreated and Murdered

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

We live in a politically correct world but the elderly don’t count. In 2020, hundreds of thousands were slaughtered by government decree. If a government had killed that many black protestors there would be an uproar. Commentators on the posh papers would be hysterical. There would be much talk of genocide. But these were just old folk, alone and abandoned in care homes.

Now the elderly are being given an experimental vaccine which may kill thousands more. How dangerous is it? I don’t know and no one else knows either. The damned stuff hasn’t been properly tested and it certainly hasn’t been tested on 80-year-olds. It’s a massive experiment. Your neighbour’s dog knows as much as Hancock about the consequences of giving the covid-19 vaccine to millions of patients. Mengele would be worried about this. It’s evil and it’s off the scale.

And because it could be lethal let’s give it to the old folk because who’s going to miss them? The ones in care homes aren’t going to be seen by anyone. No one will know what is happening. The elderly are considered an expensive drag on society. Some of them don’t use smartphones or even know what an app is. Who cares that they helped build the world we live in?

Elderly patients in hospital are largely ignored by staff and left to starve to death, denied even water if they cannot get out of bed and fetch it themselves. It is common for elderly patients to be left in pain, lying in soiled bed clothes. The letters NBM stand for Nil by Mouth and that’s now one of the commonest signs you’ll see on the bed of an older patient. It’s part of the Liverpool Care Pathway and it means that the patient is being officially starved to death. It’s the dehydration which probably causes most discomfort of course.

The other letters you’ll see with increasing frequency are DNR.

They stand for `Do Not Resuscitate’ and anyone with more than one wrinkle is likely to be given a DNR notice.

Old people are regarded as a burden which the governments have decided they cannot afford, and so the politicians will continue to authorise whatever methods are necessary to ensure that the number of burdensome old people is kept to a minimum. Look at what happened in the early days of covid-19 when thousands of older folk were denied medical treatment and murdered by doctors, advisors and bureaucrats.

Does anyone in government give a damn? Stupid question. We both know the answer.

Most old people have worked hard, paid taxes, dealt with the vicissitudes that wander into all our lives and eventually reached the days of retirement to which they had looked forward.

It is reasonable to suggest that in the later stages of our lives we are entitled to look forward to enjoying some of the delights we had dreamt about when our lives were dominated by work.

But sadly, caring, manners and respect have long been absent from our society. In the UK, the Government is throwing money at failing businesses, charities and the Arts – all deliberately destroyed by wicked economic policies designed to enrich the billionaires and change our world into the new normal – but nothing has been done to help the elderly whose miserly pensions force them to choose between freezing to death or starving to death, whose savings now give 0 % interest and who are constantly hounded by the dishonest and unscrupulous and deal breaking BBC to pay the licence fee for an unforgivably corrupt State broadcaster.

In February and March 2020, when I first started to comment on the coronavirus I made the point that I thought that there were several hidden agendas: one was mandatory vaccination, one was forcing us to stop using cash and the third was to get rid of as many elderly people as possible. Today, there can be absolutely no doubt that the elderly are being deliberately culled. So, for example, many thousands of elderly patients died in care homes when patients with flu-like symptoms were sent into the care homes from hospitals. In some countries members of staff fled – fearing for their lives. In nearly all the countries involved, the elderly were denied basic health care – even being deprived of food and water. Exactly the same thing happened all around the world so this must have been deliberate global policy.

According to the UK Statistics Authority, 345 non-covid patients in British hospitals and British care homes died of thirst during the first lockdown. The statistics show that 173 of those who died were under the age of 65.

Imagine dying from thirst. What a horrible death.

Please don’t ever ask me to clap for the NHS. Booing might be more appropriate. And I don’t want to hear anyone in the Government claiming that they want to protect granny or the sick. They want to kill granny, granddad and the weak, the sick and the vulnerable.

Back in February 2011, an official UK report condemned the NHS for its ‘inhumane treatment of elderly patients’ and stated that NHS hospitals were ‘failing to meet even the most basic standards of care’ for the over-65s. Nothing was done to correct this.

It is no exaggeration to say that the NHS at large still treats the elderly with complete contempt. If animals were treated the same way there would, quite rightly, be an outcry. It used to be said that you can judge a civilisation by the way it treats its elderly, so what does that say about our civilisation?

The fact is that the way the NHS now treats the elderly is nothing new. I often find it best to illustrate an argument with case histories. So here are two – one relating to the death of my mother and the other to the death of my father. Both were killed by incompetence, and trying to provide them with half-way decent medical care was a constant battle. In the end I failed. But the lesson here is an important one: we have to remember that caring is no longer an essential ingredient of health care that can be taken for granted and sadly we should be wary of being too trusting.

The problem is that if you are over 65-years-old your government wants you dead. And the Great Reset has brought this agenda to the top of the political wish list so it is now official Government policy to ignore the needs of the elderly.

Doctors and nurses are told to let old people die – and to withhold treatment which might save their lives. When doctors and nurses are employed by, and therefore, in a way, owned by, the Government then the Government’s priorities take over. And so the elderly, who are regarded as an expensive burden, are considered expendable. Hospital staff are told to deprive the elderly of food and water so that they die rather than take up valuable hospital beds. The only -ism that no one cares about is ageism.

The startling, sad truth is that ageism is today the acceptable face of prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. People who would not dream of expressing prejudice towards people of another race will quite happily express outrageously prejudiced views about the elderly. Individuals who regard themselves as entirely free of bigotry will merrily express bigoted remarks about the elderly without even thinking for a moment that they are behaving badly. And the desperately and determinedly politically correct who proudly consider themselves entirely free of any tendency towards discrimination will, apparently without regret, discriminate against the elderly without a second thought.

Just a few generations ago, it was widely believed that citizens who had black skin were not entitled to be treated as fully paid up members of the human race. Within living memory, women were not allowed to vote because they were considered inferior to men. And it is only within the last few decades that homosexuality has become accepted behaviour.

Most people in our society now like to proclaim themselves to be ‘liberal’ in their attitude towards their fellow men and women. Anyone who uses any old-fashioned phrase now considered unacceptable by the ‘thought-police’ is likely to find themselves crushed by opprobrium. Anyone who makes a modestly patronising remark about women, homosexuals or members of any religious group is likely to find him or herself standing in the dock, grovelling, expressing remorse and apologising endlessly.

But it is, it seems, perfectly acceptable to abuse and mistreat anyone over the age of a certain age without recourse.

It still staggers me that in the United Kingdom it has, for some years, been perfectly legal for doctors and nurses to murder anyone who can be described as ‘elderly’ and therefore regarded as an expensive and troublesome burden. And I find it difficult to believe (but it is a fact) that staff working in nursing homes are allowed to medicate the elderly against their will and without their knowledge; doping them with tranquillisers and sedatives in order to make them less troublesome to care for. The quality of care in nursing homes and care homes of all varieties is generally appalling. Patients or their relatives pay huge sums for squalid accommodation and sub-standard service.

The truth is that individuals who sneer at the elderly are the same people who used to sneer at black people, women, invalids and Jews. They are, to put it simply, prejudiced bigots.

There is a good deal that is wrong with health care these days.

We live in a world where it is considered acceptable for men and women to have to share a ward; where hospital bathrooms are so dirty that patients dare not use them; where dentists are so scarce and sometimes so expensive that people have to resort to pulling their own bad teeth with the aid of a length of string tied to a doorknob.

But it is the elderly who, above all others, are regarded as disposable and irrelevant. It is the elderly who have no rights. Sexism and racism are outlawed but ageism is not. Indeed, ageism is now a State sponsored prejudice.

Violent, feral youths who are caught assaulting elderly, law-abiding citizens are likely to be ‘punished’ with a fistful of vouchers entitling them to a handful of free CDs (the lyrics of which may well encourage more violence) but honest, elderly citizens who, cannot afford to pay their damned television licence fee or obscenely over-sized council tax bill will end up in prison.

Traditionally, the elderly were consulted and regarded as repositories of wisdom, knowledge and experience. Not now. Today, the elderly are assumed to be slow-witted, out of touch and stupid. The ones who don’t use the internet are regarded as irrelevant and disposable – not even any good for recycling.

The age at which citizens are officially regarded as nothing more than a cumbersome nuisance has been falling steadily for years.

Today, anyone over the age of 65 is likely to be regarded as worthless. It has been repeatedly suggested that those over 65 should not be allowed to vote and that euthanasia for the over 65s should be made widely available (and involuntary). But those ages are falling rapidly.

The truth is that the commonest and most limiting factors affecting the elderly are not ill-health or disability but social and imaginary, a result of myth and prejudice and a deliberate, cold-blooded lack of care or caring.

Today, old age often leads to poverty, a lack of dignity and brutal indifference from vast swathes of society.

The elderly, above all others, live in a culture of neglect.

The current generation of old people built their nation’s prosperity by hard work but they are now demeaned, harried, pushed around and, to a large extent, politically disenfranchised. Being rude or patronising about oldsters is acceptable in the way that being rude about black people, women, gays, etc., would not be allowed.

Younger people oppress the aged without seeming to realise that they themselves are one day going to join that oppressed minority.

The elderly who have physical weaknesses are ignored and isolated in a way we would never dream of ignoring or isolating a 30-year-old with the same problem. Too many people care nothing about the elderly or what they think or feel or want.

But most of all ageism is endemic in health care.

A reader wrote to tell me that when she visited her doctor complaining of painful knees her doctor told her, very abruptly, that her problem was that she was living too long. She was devastated. ‘It wasn’t said as a joke,’ she wrote. ‘He meant it.’

In the months before he died, my father, repeatedly complained: ‘People treat me like a fool because I am old’.

A 79-year-old reader told me: ‘If you are over 55 they want you dead because you’re too expensive alive.’

Remember the old man who went to see a doctor complaining of a pain in his left shoulder.

‘What do you expect, at your age?’ demanded the doctor gruffly.

‘My other shoulder is the same age, and that doesn’t hurt,’ replied the old man.

Sadly, things don’t seem likely to improve any time soon.

The problem is that the elderly aren’t fashionable.

I don’t remember ever hearing the celebrity types who have appointed themselves as self-annointed saviours of mankind and the environment, talking much about old people. They are too busy devoting themselves to the absurd, discredited pseudoscientific myth of global warming.

The celebrity lefty luvvies who like to share their sympathy for Syrian refugees and asylum seeking terrorists know that they won’t get quoted in the papers if they tweet about vanilla white old people freezing to death or struggling to live on one tin of beans a week. Britain is rich enough to spend over £100 billion on a new rail link (widely regarded as unnecessary) between London and somewhere a bit further north. And we have for years apparently considered ourselves rich enough to waste billions every year on foreign aid (most of it is creamed off by greedy consultants and self-serving charities).

We make a huge fuss, and close down the country, over a disease which kills no more than the flu.

Celebrities line the streets in support of a politically inspired Agenda 21 support group called Black Lives Matter but they say and do nothing about the plight of the elderly – black, white or whatever.

Between 60,000 and 100,000 elderly citizens die of cold every winter in the United Kingdom.

Every year.

They die of the cold.

How can we possibly call ourselves civilised when so many elderly citizens can’t afford to keep warm in cold weather?

The BBC had a headline which read: ‘Low Tax on Heating Bad for Climate’. The story was, inevitably, based upon the views of a green global warming conspiracy group.

No one, it seems, gives a damn about the fact that if the tax on heating is raised then the number of elderly who die of the cold will doubtless increase. It is no good offering to give the poorest some financial help because, as everyone knows, the elderly will often not ask for financial support from the Government even if they are entitled to it. They think it demeaning to do so.

If 60,000 asylum seekers died of the cold, the liberal lefty luvvies would be twittering as fast as their fingers could fly. They would be appalled. They would demand action.

But they don’t give a toss about the elderly.

The elderly are our oppressed and forgotten people.

More than a million old people who have trouble surviving receive no help whatsoever. Nothing. And that’s just in the UK.

Moreover, a contact working in an English hospital tells me that elderly patients are deliberately put onto wards where the killer infection caused by the MRSA bug is endemic in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Could this be one of the reasons hospitals seem apparently reluctant to take the simple steps that would eradicate killer, antibiotic resistant bugs?

In every conceivable way, the elderly are poorer today than ever before.

And yet our politicians don’t give a stuff. As far as they are concerned, the elderly are merely a nuisance. And an expensive, patriotic nuisance at that. Money is poured into supporting businesses and charities but the elderly are ignored.

What the politicians and the doctors and the nurses and the advisors forget is that one day they too will be old.

By then they will have helped build a society in which anyone over the age of 40 is regarded as worthless and disposable.

We have to stop this abuse.

We have to regain our natural humanity. Integrity and honour are all we have to be truly proud of, and love and respect are the greatest gifts any of us has to offer.

The year 2020 has exposed the cruelty of the so-called leaders of global society in many ways – not least the callous and often deliberate ill treatment of the elderly.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021

Adapted from ‘The Kick-Ass A-Z for Over 60s’ by Vernon Coleman, which is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.