Vaccination: Ignore Dr Wakefield And Ignore Channel 4. Read the hard facts here.

Should You Have Your Child Vaccinated? Who Should You Believe About Vaccination? The Government? The Drug Companies? The Medical Establishment? Television?

For over thirty years I have been warning about the potential problems associated with vaccines. I have, during that time, provided a considerable amount of proof showing that vaccination programmes often do more harm than good. I have no vested interest for or against vaccines. I don't receive money from drug companies. I don't sell alternatives to vaccines. All I have to tell you is the truth. And what you read here won't cost you a penny.

The most significant known fact about vaccines is that they can cause brain damage. And they can kill.

This isn't theory or supposition. It is fact.

Since the late 1970s the British Government has quietly handed out tens of thousands of pounds in damages to parents of children suffering from brain damage caused by vaccines.

I believe, and have believed for many years, that autism is also caused by vaccination.

I believe that the epidemiological evidence supports this hypothesis. The number of children being diagnosed as suffering from autism has rocketed as the number of children being vaccinated has rocketed.

If vaccines are known to cause brain damage isn't it logical to assume that they can also cause autism?

In November 2004, Channel 4 broadcast a programme which seemed designed to discredit a doctor who claimed in the late 1990s that the MMR vaccine might cause autism. I never had much faith in that particular doctor's theories. And never reported his findings.

But it seemed to me that Channel 4 was implying that he and his colleagues were the only doctors promoting a link between vaccination and autism.

What nonsense.

(Those who saw the Channel 4 programme and who also share my dislike of animal experiments may have noticed that one of the doctors who seemed critical of Dr Wakefield's work commented that his work involved animals. `What has that to do with humans?' he asked. Ah yes. What a good question. What Channel 4 forgot to mention is that just about all basic research work on vaccines is done on animals. Vaccines are tested on animals. Channel 4, like drug companies, seems happy with animal experiments when they are useful but equally happy to dismiss them when it is convenient to do so.)

I have been suggesting that there might be a link between autism and vaccination for decades.

No one has yet discredited my theories.

Some viewers of the Channel 4 programme might well have assumed that if that particular doctor's theories were wrong then there is not, and cannot be, any link between vaccination and autism.

What nonsense.

The whole programme seemed to me to be nothing more than a piece of Government propaganda.

What a surprise.

Yet again British television supports the Establishment.

For decades I have been arguing that vaccines may do more harm than good.

The evidence shows that diseases said to have been conquered by vaccines were in fact often controlled by other means long before vaccines were introduced. There is no doubt that vaccines can cause brain damage - and many other problems. I have for many years believed and argued that autism is one of the consequences of vaccination.


As the years have gone by, the number of vaccines available has increased steadily. Modern American children receive around thirty vaccinations by the time they go to school.

A decade or two ago the only vaccines available were against a relatively small number of diseases including smallpox, tuberculosis, polio, cholera, diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough. Today, the number of available vaccines seems to grow almost daily. In the past, vaccines were produced against major killer diseases. Today vaccines are produced against diseases such as measles, mumps and chickenpox which have been traditionally regarded as relatively benign inconveniences of childhood.

In the UK the death rate from measles had dropped dramatically decades before the vaccine was introduced. Today, despite (or, perhaps, because of?) the widespread use of the vaccine, the incidence of measles is rising again.

In attempts to persuade parents to have their children vaccinated against measles, governments and doctors around the world have thought up an apparently unending - and hysterical - series of scare campaigns. Now that there is a vaccine against it measles has, by a strange coincidence, stopped being an annoying childhood disease and has, instead, become a deadly killer.

Scares often consist of claiming that a major epidemic is just around the corner and that only vaccination can offer protection. I have lost count of the number of whooping cough epidemics which governments have wrongly forecast. Governments and their advisers are either unbelievably stupid or else they are deliberately lying to help boost drug company profits.

Of course, countless scientists around the world have spent vast fortunes trying to create a vaccine against AIDS (in view of the fact that AIDS may not exist they may find this trickier than expected).

And scientists have apparently developed a banana vaccine by creating genetically engineered banana plants. There are plans to develop bananas which `protect' against hepatitis B, measles, yellow fever and poliomyelitis.

Other scientists have developed a genetically engineered potato which it may be possible to use as a vaccine against cholera. The active part of the potato remains active during the process of cooking and so a portion of genetically engineered chips could soon be a vaccine against cholera. (I am not making this up.)

Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly searching for more and more new vaccines. I have lost count of the number of times I have read of researchers working on a vaccine to prevent cancer. Every year new flu jabs appear on the market. There are, so I am told, vaccines in the pipeline for just about everything ranging from asthma to earache. There is a planned genetically engineered vaccine which will provide protection against forty different diseases. The vaccine, which will contain the raw DNA of all those different diseases, will be given to newborn babies to provide them with protection for life. Oh, goody.

I don't know about you but I can no longer keep up with what is going on. I have long since given up trying to work out which vaccines are very dangerous and which are just a bit dangerous - and to whom.

Nor can I keep up with which vaccines might work a bit and which don't seem to do much good at all. Does anyone know what the hell happens inside the body when all these different vaccinations are given together? Do different vaccines work with or against one another? What about the risk of interactions? Exactly how does the immune system cope when it is suddenly bombarded with so much foreign material?

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the principle of preventive medicine. It is usually much easier to avoid an illness than it is to treat one.

Vaccination programmes are usually sold to the public as though they are an integral part of a general preventive medicine programme.

But over the years I have steadily come around to the view that vaccination programmes cannot truly be described as preventive medicine but are, rather, a part of the interventionist approach to medical care.


I have for decades argued that some vaccines may be unnecessary and/or even potentially dangerous in some circumstances, and may sometimes be promoted too enthusiastically by both politicians and doctors.

Vaccinations have been linked to a number of general health problems. It now seems possible, for example, that individuals who receive vaccinations may be more prone to develop diabetes, allergies (such as asthma), eczema and bowel disease (such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The explanation - which makes sense to me - is that vaccinations interfere with the immune system and make the recipients more susceptible to disease. It has also been suggested that vaccinations may be the explanation for the mystery problem `cot death'. And it now seems that in cases where parents (and others) have been accused of murdering their children by shaking them or in some other way abusing them the real culprit may well have been a vaccine. Brain swelling, intracranial bleeding and other symptoms of `shaken baby syndrome' can all be produced by vaccines. However, this isn't widely known - perhaps because doctors and drug companies would rather that unfortunate parents took the blame for these deaths. Incidentally, vaccination damage can occur weeks, months or years after a vaccination.

Vaccines have to be developed using living systems. They are, therefore, usually cultivated in material taken from animals - in cell cultures, in fertilised hen's eggs or in the blood of infected animals. Tissues which are used include brain tissue from rabbits, kidney tissue from dogs, rabbits and monkeys, protein from hen's or duck's eggs, blood from horses or pigs. This system can, of course, be dangerous since cell cultures may be contaminated (as was the case with the polio vaccine made with monkey tissue). Some vaccines have been prepared using bovine serum and it now appears that during the early 1990s an unknown number of British children received vaccinations which may have been prepared using material from British cattle which could have been infected with BSE.

Naturally, no one knows the size of the risk that was taken at the time (though it seems that the British Government was warned of the hazard).

And no one is likely to know the size of any problem resulting from this for at least a decade. This is yet another piece of powerful evidence supporting those who are opposed to mass vaccination programmes.

(It is perhaps relevant to point out that vaccines also often contain additives. Antibiotics may be added to dampen down the immune system response. And stabilisers of various kinds may also be included.)

Evidence that vaccines may do more harm than good is supported by experiences with animals. Between 1968 and 1988 there were considerably more outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in countries where vaccination against foot and mouth disease was compulsory than in countries where there were no such regulations. Epidemics always started in countries where vaccination was compulsory. This experience clearly shows that the alleged advantage to the community of vaccinating individuals simply does not exist.

Similar observations were made about the hyena dog, which was, in 1989, threatened with extinction. Scientists vaccinated individual animals to protect them against rabies but more than a dozen packs then died within a year - of rabies. This happened even in areas where rabies had never been seen before. When researchers tried using a non-infectious form of the pathogen (to prevent the deaths of the remaining animals) all members of seven packs of dogs disappeared. And yet the rabies vaccine is now compulsory in many parts of the world. Is it not possible that it is the vaccine which is keeping this disease alive?

Those who eat meat should be aware that cattle (and other animals reared for slaughter) are regularly vaccinated. The meat that is taken from those animals may, therefore, contain vaccine residues in addition to hormones, antibiotics and other drugs.

Tragically, many doctors seem to know very little about the vaccines they advocate. In my view, if a doctor wants to vaccinate you or a member of your family you should insist that he confirm in writing that the vaccine is both entirely safe and absolutely essential. You may notice his enthusiasm for the vaccine suddenly diminish.

Despite all this evidence, vaccines for children and adults are compulsory in some countries. In other countries (such as the UK) doctors are given a financial bonus as a reward when they `sell' vaccination to a large proportion of their patients.

As more and more people become wary about vaccines so it is likely that more and more countries will make vaccination compulsory.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004

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