I’m Back! (Now on Brand New Tube)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I’m back.

You didn’t really think you’d get rid of me that easily, did you?

I thought I’d try out this new channel for size.

They’ve promised no censorship, no banning, no silly threats and free ice creams half way through.

If they break the promise (about everything except the ice cream) I’ll be off again. Never again will I put up with the sort of disrespectful, censorious, carping arrogance that seems standard policy at YouTube, which I have renamed ScrewYouTube. If I’m not going to bow to Gates why would I bow to ScrewYouTube – which defends the policies of his private health body – the WHO?

My last few weeks at ScrewYouTube were ridiculous. It was beginning to feel how working at the BBC must be like. I can think of no greater insult. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation no doubt gets its money’s worth out of the BBC but I think anyone who pays their licence fee is cheated.

But this isn’t about the BBC. For the time being they can all rot in their State regulated cesspit. I will come back to the BBC another day.

At ScrewYouTube, the heavy booted fascists from the Bill and Melinda Gates School of Genetically Modified Thuggery had been giving me a hard time. They were taking down videos almost as soon as I’d put them up. In fact I think they took down one or two before I put them up. At the rate they were going they’d have soon taken them down before I’d written them.

Their list of silly rules was getting longer by the minute. I wasn’t allowed to tell you the truth about masks, social distancing or the WHO. I couldn’t tell you the truth about the causes of covid-19 or the available treatments. I couldn’t tell the truth about how to avoid the disease either.

I wasted precious hours on every video trying to write round their restrictions – and failing miserably. They took down videos which didn’t even mention nasty organisations such as the World Health Organisation. Anything with a fact in it was fair game for the censors.

The scrofulous bastards took down one which told the truth about how the Club of Rome had invented global warming in order to justify Agenda 21.

And they took down one in which I explained how and why health care today is worse than it was fifty years ago. I had been working on that for months. It meant so much that I wept with sadness when I recorded it. And when they took it down two days later, I wept with fury.

They have a strange way of working at ScrewYouTube. It’s all power without responsibility or respect, and all very secret – like playground bullies with no rules. It seems a bit like the echelon project – there appear to be words and phrases you can’t use without triggering a nasty response. And to make it fun for them they don’t tell you what those words and phrases are. And to make it even more fun they seem to change the rules all the time. The basic rule is: obey the World Health Organisation even if they tell everyone to soak their feet in brine and eat cucumber sandwiches six times a day.

I’m pretty sure that one day they took down a video because I’d used the word `the’. Another day I suspect they became upset and censorious because I’d used the word `and’ – which must have been the forbidden word for the day.

Seriously, you have no idea how painful it was to see videos shredded. They used to have an appeals process but for me that disappeared ages ago. Imagine a carpenter carefully crafting a chair – and then watching it be thrown onto a bonfire.

If I record for ScrewYouTube again it will only be to use the platform as a street sign to better things elsewhere. At the end that was always part of the plan. If I’d continued to put videos there it would have given them an excuse to take the channel down and I’d have lost the use of a good signpost. They were already threatening to take the channel down and I’d have lost 80 odd videos which can now sit there being picked off one at a time no doubt but, in the meantime, educating those who manage to find them.

But I expect you’d all worked that out for yourselves – with the exception of the simple-minded soldier from the 77th Brigade, of course – the one who has been specially trained to press the thumbs down button. ScrewYouTube used to take down videos if I mentioned the 77th Brigade.

Since I’d never monetised the channel, I honestly don’t give a toss whether or not it now grows or shrinks. I’m not doing this to build an empire I’m doing this to do my bit to help get the world back to where it was. The one short video that brought you here was why I needed to leave the channel while it was still alive.

When the malevolent children at ScrewYouTube made it pretty clear that they were about to take down the channel if I insisted on continuing to tell the truth, and provide scientific facts based on medical research, I and my extensive team of advisors, my board of directors and my panel of experts, decided that it would be best to escape and leave the 80 or so videos which remained, to struggle on by themselves for as long as possible.

Why do people at ScrewYouTube behave the way they do?

I can only think of two possible explanations.

First, are they all intellectually deprived and so out of touch with reality that they genuinely believe that covid-19 is a dangerous plague and that the mask wearing and the social distancing are vital if the human race is to survive beyond Thanksgiving? If they believe this unscientific, indefensible garbage then they need locking up for their own protection – and possibly for our protection too.

Alternatively, are they conspiracy practitioners who have joined the Ian Brady and Myra Hindley Foundation for the same reason as the BBC,
The Guardian
and much of the rest of the world’s main stream media?

I have no idea which of these alternatives could be the real one and to be honest I don’t give a damn. Maybe they just like the idea of being genetically modified and given a vaccine that’s only been partly tested. Maybe there’s another reason.

Personally, I hope the whole damned ScrewYouTube platform slowly sinks down behind the sofa cushions and ends up alongside the unwanted navel fluff, the half-eaten biscuits and the small plastic toys which reside there, and is forgotten for eternity.

Meanwhile, the nonsense continues. The BBC replied to my complaint about their calling a number of scientists 'pseudoscientists’ just because they didn’t follow the official line – and to my astonishment they said it was perfectly acceptable for them to do so.

The Independent Press Standards Organisation in Britain still hasn’t managed to deal with my complaint about The Spectator printing an article – a month ago – claiming that millions are dying from covid-19.

And now The Spectator magazine has another error to put right.

A couple of days ago someone called Matthew Scott, described as a criminal barrister, said in The Spectator that I was at the anti-lockdown demonstration in London on 29th August. Sadly I wasn’t there but Mr Scott doesn’t allow the fact to interfere with his remarks. He seems to find it rather disturbing that I believe that Bill Gates is a greater threat than Adolf Hitler and goes on to describe me as a nasty friend of Piers Corbyn. (I am proud to be thought a friend of Mr Corbyn’s by the way.)

I thought my remark about Gates quite reasonable.

I don’t remember Hitler ever wanting to genetically modify the human race. Did he ever try to stop the sun shining? Is it possible perhaps that Mr Scott needs to do more research? Maybe he doesn’t know that the lockdowns and hospital closures will kill far, far more people than the coronavirus. Governments admit that. Maybe he doesn’t know about the global care home massacres. Maybe he doesn’t know that many doctors believe that any coronavirus which existed has damned near disappeared. Maybe he doesn’t know anything much except that I was in London when I wasn’t. Bad news Mr Scott – If I need a lawyer it won’t be you.

And if Mr Scott thinks my views about Gates are odd he should take a look at America where more than 600,000 people have signed a White House petition asking the President to investigate the Gates Foundation for medical malpractice and crimes against humanity.

Mr Scott might like to ask himself why Gates, who wants a smaller world population also wants to vaccinate everyone - allegedly to stop them dying. I can’t make sense of that – or of Mr Gates’ curious explanation.

And our friend the criminal barrister should know there are a lot of what he seems to call `nasty’ people in the world. He should be aware that 44% of Republicans believe that Gates wants to use covid-19 vaccine to implant chips in people. Even 19% of Democrats – whose leadership will I believe destroy us all - believe in the chips.

Bottom line is that if I have to be one of the two I’d rather be nasty than stupid.

Still, now that I am on what I hope will be friendlier territory I can point out that wearing a prettily decorated face mask which has absolutely no clinical value, and may do more harm than good, is no different to allowing yourself to be chained up and then painting your chains in pretty colours to show your individuality and get your picture in the Daily Mail.

It is worth remembering that thousands of years ago, it was discovered that forcing people to wear masks covering much of their faces broke their will and made them subservient. The masks depersonalised the wearers and dehumanised them too.

Mask wearers seem barking.

The other day I saw a woman drop her mask onto the pavement – face side down of course – pick it up and put it on. She didn’t even clean it with a dollop of sanitiser gel. Thousands of people who have never done anything to protect their health – by sensible eating or stopping smoking or taking exercise for example – now seem to believe that masks, sanitiser gel and social distancing will protect them and keep them alive for ever. I saw a cyclist pedalling along while wearing a mask, and I am told that at the Tour de France still breathless and gasping cyclists are given masks to wear the minute they pass the finish line. I’ll be surprised if there are no deaths in the Tour this year – if that’s true.

The rules about masks for children are likely to get tougher as cowardly, child abusing teachers demand that the CIA approved torture techniques be applied more severely.

How anyone is ever going to learn anything with teachers and pupils wearing masks is beyond me.

`Wkehdhe iehduwsi heihkehd ?’ the teacher will ask.

Some bright kid will put up a hand and reply. `Khagdj lehwgh keheg.’

Mumble, mumble, mumble.

It doesn’t matter. At the end of the term they’ll all pass their exams.

The big lie, which the WHO and ScrewYouTube want to disseminate, is that wearing masks is essential to control the disease.

The scientific evidence – banned by ScrewYouTube shows that masks have little or no useful effect but can increase the risk of infection and can make breathing difficult. In other videos, mostly banned but available here, I have described the scientific research showing that masks do far more harm than good. Cloth masks are permeable to 97% of viral particles. A study by the University of East Anglia concluded that wearing masks was of no benefit and could increase infection. Experts in respiratory disease and infection protection from the University of Illinois have explained that face masks have no use in everyday life – neither as self-protection nor to protect other people. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that neither fabric masks nor surgical masks can prevent the spread of covid-19 by coughing. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine, published in May 2020 concluded that masks offer little or no protection and that the call for masks to be compulsory was an irrational fear reflex. A German study showed that masks had no effect on infection rates. Dr Fauci, the American covid-19 supremo, expressed real doubts about masks. On May 28th 2020 he admitted masks are little more than symbolic. Virtue signalling. A meta study on influenza, also published in May 2020, but by the CDC in America, found that face masks were of no help. Many politicians, journalists and police officers obviously believe that masks are useless because they have been seen putting on their masks for the cameras and then taking them off afterwards. And by the way studies have shown that surgeons don’t need to wear masks – and many don’t. Oh and surgeons work in a temperature controlled environment and aren’t rushing about doing their shopping.

Studies which attempt to show that masks are useful have been widely criticised for their methodology. One study, for example, was considered so flawed that over 40 scientists recommended that it be withdrawn.

Nevertheless, despite the absence of evidence proving the worth of masks, the World Health Organisation has changed its policy and has recommended that masks be worn. ScrewYouTube regards WHO policy as the gold standard – regardless of whatever science might exist.

Why, in the absence of a change in medical advice did the WHO change its mind? Well, it seems that the campaign for masks to be worn worldwide was either founded by the Davos forum or the World Economic Forum, which advocates a global reset and of which that well-known medical expert Prince Charles of England appears to be a leading member, or by an organisation called masks4all which says it has evidence from Goldman Sachs, the bank and second worst company on earth (in my view second only to Monsanto) claiming that if everyone in America wears a mask, the American economy will be boosted by more than a trillion dollars. I have no idea how they came to this conclusion or why they think their advice is better than medical research.

The masks4all website promotes the slogan `Anyone without a mask puts you and your family at risk’, and masks4all is a fiscally sponsored project of something called Community Initiatives which seems to have links to a whole range of organisations I’ve never heard of.

ScrewYouTube seems to be happy and content in the knowledge that the World Health Organisation, privately sponsored by self-appointed leading medical expert, software billionaire Bill Gates, looks above mere medical research and ignores medical advice when making its pronouncements. I have to say that if Bill Gates is a medical expert I am a former winner of the Miss World competition.

And who among us could possibly disagree with the idea of taking medical advice from the World Economic Forum or the Goldman Sachs bank?

It is, of course, merely a coincidence that mask wearing is making shopping unpleasant, and thereby destroying thousands of small businesses. And the fact that these changes in society will lead to the global reset promoted by the United Nations and its Agenda 21 and the World Economic Forum and its global reset, is merely serendipitous for those who would rule our lives and push us into living in sterile cities and doing all our shopping online. The masks and the testing will also result in the permanent closure of schools – and the moving of education online. Teachers like doctors are destroying their own jobs.

Governments everywhere have, therefore, decided that masks are essential and a legal requirement. How lucky we are to live in these exceptional and exciting times where two plus two equals 27 frogs and a packet of peas.

I wonder if Mr Scott, the criminal barrister, knows how governments are exaggerating and scaring people. The latest scare story on the BBC is to claim that 25 million people around the world have tested positive and have the coronavirus. Crumbs. That is 2.5% of the total number of people who have the flu each winter. And the flu and covid-19 have almost identical death rates. So they’ve shut down the world for a disease which is one fortieth as dangerous as the flu. Incidentally, I suspect that most people would have tested positive for the coronavirus ten years ago. ScrewYouTube wouldn’t have let me tell you that.

And there are still people around who don’t realise that this alleged pandemic is all a hoax.

Occasionally, even governments have been embarrassed by their own nonsense.

The other day, for example, a now defunct organisation I wouldn’t trust to water our garden, Public Health England, changed its definition of covid-19 deaths.

It had previously counted anyone who had ever tested positive for coronavirus as a covid-19 death. In common with many other governments around the world, they had attempted to maximise the death total by claiming that if Mrs Piddlecock got run over by a bus but had tested positive for covid-19 four months earlier, then she officially died of covid-19 and not the bus accident. Homicide victims were also counted as coronavirus deaths. George Floyd incidentally was a coronavirus death.

Unfortunately, for Public Health England, this novel approach to statistics meant that England ended up with one of the worst covid-19 death rates on the planet, and this now dead organisation adjusted their figures and thereby, by this bit of astute fiddling, reduced the total by 5,000 or so.

Now, you only officially die of covid-19 if the positive test was done 28 days before you die. So if Mr Piddlecock gets shot to death by one of Commander Dick’s gun toting colleagues but had, 27 days earlier, been found to have a positive test for covid-19 then he died not from the bullets which splattered his brains around the place but by covid-19 – even if he never had any symptoms whatsoever and even if the test had been a false positive which it probably was.

Even more staggering news comes from the USA where the CDC has changed its mind about the number of covid-19 deaths there. The CDC admits that 94% of covid-19 deaths had at least one or two other causes of death, and the total number of exclusively covid-19 deaths in the whole of America is now officially just over 9,000.

Of course, neither the media nor the general public are aware of all this, and their dishonesty and gullibility is threatening our very survival as human beings – and that is absolutely no exaggeration.

Today, there is no doubt that the evil is widespread. The Agenda 21 enthusiasts are gloating. The Common Purpose aficionados, having spread like Japanese knotweed seem to have their grubby fingers scrabbling through every organisation on earth.

It seems to me today that around the world, the mass of the mask wearing collaborators have already had their brains fried and turned into mush.

The UK’s terrorism act defines terrorism as using or threatening action designed to create a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public. Don’t the lockdowns fit into that category? And what about dumping old people into care homes? Governments have admitted that more people have died of the lockdowns than the disease. So why doesn’t that mean that the UK, for example, has a terrorist government?

They say that we must have a vaccine if we are to defeat covid-19. This is possibly the biggest load of bollocks of all and is a mantra often repeated by those who have links to the vaccine industry and/or to Gates. There has been much talk of a mandatory vaccine – even though the risks of using a rapidly developed vaccine are, in my view, undoubtedly greater than the risk of the disease itself. Those who doubt this should watch my video entitled, `How Many Billion Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Kill or Damage’?

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter a damn whether the covid-19 threat is a virus, a bacterium, an exosome or a piece of Christmas cake.

What matters is that the risk has clearly been exaggerated, the panic manufactured and the world’s population manipulated.

I’m more interested in effect than cause. They want us vaccinated, they want a cashless society – which will truly enslave us – and they want to destroy children’s lives and people’s jobs.

The rather sick joke is, of course, that there was never any reason to stop people going to work, to stop exams or to stop elections. The only thing that was necessary was for the very sick and elderly to be kept away from people with any sort of flu symptoms. Masks, social distancing and hand washing would have helped them from the start. But everything else, for everyone else, was never necessary.

And the worst thing about this is the fact that the politicians knew this. The only possible reason for stopping all these things was to take more control, to cause more chaos and to further the cause of Agenda 21.

I have a good deal more information to share. There will be new material on my website at least a couple of times a week, and I’m honoured to have been invited to be a guest on the Richie Allen Show on Monday’s at 5.30 p.m. UK time where I will be offering vegetarian recipes and tips on car maintenance. We’ll start with twelve ways to stuff Matt Hancock.

That was a joke, by the way before someone working for The Spectator or the BBC reports that I’m giving Hancock stuffing tips.

I have a number of books and research papers to read and a book to finish so there won’t be any more videos for a couple of weeks. I also want to write some fact packed leaflets to put on the website. I hope you’ll print them out and distribute them. That’s how we will win this war.

But I’m back and I hope you’ll be able to find my next video on this channel – which has kindly uploaded most of my old videos.

You can always find details of where I am on my website www.vernoncoleman.com. As far as I am concerned there will be no ads and no sponsorship anywhere.

Meanwhile, remember – you are not alone, more and more people are waking up. And we will win this war.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair – though according to The Spectator I’m not here at all.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 6th 2020

`Coming Apocalypse’, Vernon Coleman’s book about the early days of the coronavirus (and the future we can expect) is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.