Why Immigration is Unnecessary

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Most politicians are keen on immigration because they know that their home-grown population is ageing. Moreover, as the number of citizens of pensionable age is getting bigger, so birth rates are falling. Politicians favour immigration as a way of lowering the average age and bringing in ready-made workers. They welcome the fact that immigrants tend to come with a high birth rate.

The resultant enforced and largely unwelcome mass immigration has altered societies throughout Europe; it has crushed cultures and great cities such as London and Paris have been destroyed by an unbearably and intolerably large influx of immigrations. There has inevitably, and predictably, been a rise in patriotism and nationalism.

All this immigration has been unnecessary because the aged need not be a burden. Many of those who have reached pensionable age want to keep working and are perfectly capable of doing good and useful work. Most have extremely marketable skills. Most need to work. Most have been forced to give up work solely because of their age.

The solution is simple enough even for politicians to understand: allow all pensioners to work if they want to and punish anyone who forces an over 65-year-old into retirement against their wishes.

And lo and behold!

The need for immigrations (and the massive cultural disruption they bring) would immediately disappear.

Taken from The Kick-Ass A to Z for Over 60s by Vernon Coleman now available as an ebook on Amazon.

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