I Name The Man Behind The London Bombings

Vernon Coleman

Am I the only one to be nauseated by sight and sound of Tony Blair being constantly praised these days?

Or do others share my feeling that those of us who care have, in recent weeks, been totally betrayed by the press and by opposition politicians?

Blair has been praised for his efforts at the G8 summit. But in fact the end result was just more promises. Rich pop stars enriched themselves and distracted attention from the real event with what was little more than a money-making, ego boosting publicity gimmick. (I'm not sure which Live 8 picture nauseated me most. The sight of Mandelson enjoying himself among the `celebrities' at the wretched London concert or the sight of Geldof and Blair cuddling one another).

Blair has been praised for his lobbying that `won' the Olympics for London. I can imagine what happened. Blair simply made loads of promises and the delegates (not knowing him) believed them. The `win' was, without a doubt, the trigger for the bombing in London.

The home-grown terrorists were, I suspect, simply disgusted by the sight of Blair's victory celebrations.

The link isn't difficult to understand.

If your family had been killed by a murderer who had escaped scot-free and you'd then had to watch him celebrating a lottery win how would you feel? Angry? Resentful?

Can we really be surprised that Blair's celebrations and `success' triggered a response?

Finally, there was the terrorist attack itself. Blair has been widely praised for the way he has handled this.


Don't any of these half-brained commentators understand that London was attacked because of Blair?

Blair is a war criminal.

Bush and his cronies decided to start an illegal war to gain control of Iraq's oil and to boost the American arms industry by using up some stockpiled weapons. Blair then ignored the voters and decided to join in the killing spree.

Why did Blair make us part of that illegal war? I don't know. But I would guess it was so that he can earn enough American dollars to be able to pay off his massive mortgage.

Well over 100,000 innocent women and children have illegally been killed in Iraq by American and British troops. Murdered by our invading troops. No one knows how many Iraq men have died. The total number of war victims will never be known because neither the British nor the American troops bother to keep count.

And politicians and commentators claim now not to understand what drives extremists to kill innocent people with their bombs. Are they really that stupid? Can anyone be that senseless?

Most Britons didn't want the war. Most still think it was illegal and immoral.

But the press and the politicians are now conspiring to persuade us to forget this.

Blair is as responsible for the deaths in London as he is for the pointless deaths of British soldiers in Iraq. If the police truly want to find the real culprit for the terrible attack on London they need go no further than Downing Street. Arrest Blair! He is the man behind the bombings.

(The real, sick irony is the fact that it must be likely that the explosives which were used in London were brought back from either Iraq or Afghanistan - and that they got there courtesy of the British troops. In other words, the bombs used to attack Londoners were made with material bought by British taxpayers. Vast quantities of arms are now lying around in these two war zones and are widely available to terrorists. It would hardly be difficult for terrorists to think of ways to bring explosive materials back into the UK. Some of them must have seen the film French Connection, for example.)

If there is any justice in this world (a doubtful prospect at the moment) the blood soaked Blair will eventually stand trial as a war criminal.

Meanwhile, there can be no doubt that we are all targets.

And the final irony must surely be the fact that the only person in the country who is truly safe is Blair himself. Surrounded by guards (provided by taxpayers) he doesn't have to worry about the threats the rest of us must live with.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2005