Independence Day: Putting the Great back into Britain!

by Vernon Coleman

Glory be! Britain has led the way to the destruction of the European Union – the most fascist, undemocratic, arrogant organisation ever devised. Now that we are leaving, it is a fair bet that citizens all over Europe will demand their own chance to vote on their destiny. The EU does not have long to live. Only aged Nazis, Goldman Sachs and an army of overpaid eurocrats will mourn its passing.

We have won the right to be ruled by our own elected wankers instead of the smug, patronising, unelected wankers in Brussels. Hoorah!

We have given the political establishment the biggest spiritual kicking in history. Hoorah!

The referendum has woken up millions and unearthed many previously hidden passions. The referendum has shown us that we can control our own destiny. Hoorah!

We have shown that pollsters are as incompetent as bookies and that bookies are as incompetent as economists and that currency traders are about as good at forecasting political events as I am at embroidery.

It was about time that the British thought a little about themselves.

Those who predicted a victory for the ‘remain’ camp claimed that they would win with the aid of votes cast by people on council estates. These, they said, are Labour’s strongholds and, therefore, an easy source of votes.

How patronising and wrong (and predictably wrong) the politicians were.

The poorest people in Britain are the ones who have suffered most from our membership of the European Union. Their wages have fallen. Their job security has disappeared. Rules and regulations have damaged their lives and affected their employment chances. The people who were taken for granted by the ‘remain’ campaigners have proved that they had the grit to ignore Project Fear and to stand up for their country and themselves.

The only puzzle is where did the Government find 20 million treacherous idiots prepared to vote for the ‘remain’ side? Are there really that many people in Britain who are certifiably insane?

The lies started with Edward Heath, who later admitted that he had lied to the British people in order to trick them into allowing him to take the country into the Common Market. Heath received £35,000 tax free for that little piece of betrayal.

And the lies and deceit have continued ever since.

David Cameron did everything he could to fiddle the result he wanted. He allowed the people of Gibraltar to vote in our referendum (knowing that 90% of them would vote to remain in the EU). He would have doubtless allowed Australia and India to vote if he’d thought they would vote ‘remain’.

He spent £9 million of taxpayers’ money on a leaflet promoting the EU (knowing that half the country disapproved of the message and therefore of the expenditure).

He extended voter registration for two days so that people who were too stupid to know what day it was could still vote (knowing that if they were too stupid to know what day it was they would probably believe his lies and vote ‘remain’).

He and Osborne offered wild guesses as facts. He recruited economists who had wanted us to join the euro (great call that was) and welcomed the support of bankers who were so incompetent that they found ways to go bust in 2008. And he had the enthusiastic support of Carney, the Canadian ex Goldman Sachs banker he and Osborne had put in charge at the Bank of England.

If Cameron, Osborne and the rest of the EU supporters had won, then today’s children would have grown up in a country with no health care, an appalling education system, no votes for women, no rights for gays and no pubs. We would have abandoned our history, our culture and our sovereignty for the right to give vast amounts of money to unelected idiots in Brussels so that they could wallow in luxury while telling us how to live our lives.

Still, now the fun starts.

First, it was essential that Cameron should go, and his resignation was the best thing he’s ever done for Britain. The man has proved himself to be an incompetent, out of touch buffoon. He could not possibly be allowed to negotiate our withdrawal from the European Union. Osborne et al must also find some other way to earn their living.

Second, there needs to be a reckoning with the celebrity traitors who fought to sustain Hitler’s legacy and who campaigned for Britain to remain beholden to bureaucrats in Brussels. They thought they had the power to persuade. We must not forget their betrayals. The people who publicly promoted the ‘remain’ camp betrayed their country, their history, their culture, their future and their children. We should, when there is time, remember the identities of the traitors and be wary of inviting them into our homes and hearts in the future.

Third, someone needs to have a word with the daft Sturgeon woman who is threatening a referendum because Scotland wants to stay in the EU. First, she can’t call for a referendum. She doesn’t have that authority. Second, the EU has made it pretty clear that it doesn’t want Scotland as a member, thank you very much. And it double won’t want Scotland now that the oil price has collapsed. (Actually, I hope Scotland does win independence. It will be fascinating to see how Ms Sturgeon et al balance their budget.)

Fourth, let us now give Nigel Farage the credit he deserves. This is Nigel’s victory as much as it is anyone’s victory. He had the courage and strength to soak up endless abuse so that he could fight for Britain and proved himself to be a true British hero in the Guy Gibson mould. Thank you, Nigel! Remember, Cameron only gave us the referendum because Nigel and UKIP forced him to do so.

Finally, we need a general election so that the people can choose new MPs – men and women who understand the British and who care about Britain. The EU days are over, and MPs who supported the EU with lies and deceit are no longer required. The MPs who threatened to ignore the result of the referendum if it wasn’t the answer they wanted can go and do something else for a living. Hopefully, there will be quite a clearout of the House of Commons. Cameron, Osborne et al did not show us any sympathy or understanding. We need show them none. This is the clearing up after a war. We have woken up. We need to be vigilant and ruthless to ensure that our leaving is handled firmly and to our advantage. Remember: we are not leaving Europe, we are leaving the EU. We need a strong Parliament to get rid of all those unwanted EU laws which we were forced to accept. We can now go back to having our bins emptied once a week, we can forget the silly recycling rules which do more harm than good to the environment and we can start using proper light bulbs again. I don’t believe in political parties but this is the time when we will most need UKIP – and a battalion of UKIP MPs.

Vernon Coleman June 24th 2016 (British Independence Day)

P.S. On a personal note I’d like to thank my wife, Donna Antoinette, for all her support during the last decade and a half. My books about the European Union (starting with England Our England in 2002) were met with extraordinary abuse. The books were banned by bookshops and advertising for them was refused. Criticising the EU was regarded as unacceptable and unforgiveable. Sticking up for England was condemned as a form of racism. Well, yah boo sucks to all the critics. We won, damn you.