The Remainers Now Want Individual Membership of the European Union

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I honestly thought I had heard everything from the loony Remainers.

They are a stupid bunch of relentlessly self-satisfied buggers; born to whinge, burning with self-righteousness and soaked in the dampening principles of political correctness, they are enthusiastic about democracy except when the People don’t vote the way they really should when they tend to protest, moan and demand another referendum. Their selfish refusal to accept reality has done an enormous amount of damage to Britain. Calls for a second referendum unsettle financial markets – even though everyone with functioning brain tissue knows that it will never happen. (The fact is that if we had a second referendum the vote to Leave would now be even higher than it was the first time.) Mrs May made a huge mistake in not invoking Article 50 immediately. If she had done it quickly there would have been no time for daft and time wasting legal challenges.

Most of the smarmy beggars have one thing in common with the eurocrats living it up in Brussels, quaffing quails’ eggs and oysters at our expense: none of them has ever had a proper job. They’ve never had to really work for a living. They have certainly never had to run a business. They don’t care about red tape or absurd regulations because they have never, ever done any proper work for a living; they live off Mum and Dad and they call themselves artists, models, musicians or writers though what they earn from the alleged employment wouldn’t keep them in selfie sticks. They are above all else intrinsically selfish. They care only about themselves.

Ever since they lost the Referendum they have, like the Sturgeon woman (aka The Ego Has Landed) and the runts who inhabit the leftover remains of the Liberal Party been screaming about the unfairness of life and the cruelty of the voters who rejected Hitler’s United States of Europe.

These are the sort of ‘never my fault’ whingers who sue McDonalds when they get fat and, when they go to sporting events, wear fancy dress so that they can be picked up by the television cameras. They spend £25,000 on a wedding and then complain that they cannot afford to put down a deposit on a house. They are utterly self-obsessed. They love anything that can be defined as progress, however pointless, as long as they can take the credit for it. And they worship disruption unless it is something of which they themselves do not approve (e.g. leaving the EU).

These sad and sorry citizens, who are utterly incapable of thinking for themselves and who remind me of the zombies in the films ‘The Cell’ and ‘Cockneys v Zombies’, have now found an answer to their self-imposed despair.

They have decided that they now want to be allowed to become special individual members of the EU. Presumably, they want to be awarded personalised EU passports, their brown shirts, their marching boots and their little swastika flags so that they too can celebrate the Nazi dream of a grand Teutonic Superstate.

And the EU, desperate for any attempt to embarrass Britain and the British, will doubtless welcome these lunatics as special members.

There is already talk that those who elect to be special individual members of the EU will be entitled to:

• Travel within the EU
• Buy a home in the EU
• Buy products made in the EU
• Make friends with people who live in countries within the EU

Well, aint all that grand?

I wonder when the poor deluded dears will realise that they will still be able to do all those things when Britain leaves the European Union.

As usual, the eurocrats are offering absolutely nothing in return for money and allegiance.

And only complete morons could be fooled by such nonsense.

But then, that’s the Remainers through and through isn’t it?

Complete morons; easily fooled, easily led and ready to do anything to help celebrate their moustachioed leader’s memory.

Finally, I have just heard that a group of the pottiest Remainers want London to become an independent state so that it can stay in the EU when the rest of Britain leaves.

I wish them good luck with that.

Can you imagine the border control problems?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016