The Evil Deception: Giving the Covid-19 Jab without Informed Consent

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I had to have a molar removed the other day. It wasnít giving a lot of trouble but an X-ray showed it was rotten to the core and in too bad a state to try to fill and repair. So it had to come out before it caused serious pain. You have to deal with these things when you can, these days. You donít want raging toothache if they decide to lock us all in our bedrooms like naughty children.

Before he got out the hammer and chisel, the dentist talked to me about the possible complications Ė the things that could go wrong.

Naturally, when removing a tooth things donít always go smoothly.

The tooth can break, leaving part of it behind.

Removing the tooth involves a good deal of wiggling to start with. I donít mean the dentist wiggles. He has to wiggle the tooth Ė move it from side to side to loosen it. And this can result in accidental damage to adjoining teeth.

My rotten molar was in my upper jaw and occasionally the removal of the tooth can create a fistula into the sinuses with the result that when you have a drink, the fluid comes down your nose instead of, or as well as, going down your throat. When this happens a bit of sewing up may be required.

And, of course, thereís the risk of a dry socket. You donít want one of those.

So my dentist gave me lots of excellent advice. Donít eat hard foods. Donít eat on that side. Donít brush the tooth and dislodge the clot. Then the next day rinse gently with salt in warm water. All that sort of stuff. He told me what to do if the bleeding started again. And suggested sleeping on an extra pillow.

And then he took the tooth out and made a great job of it.

The point is that that is what is meant by informed consent.

Before the treatment began I knew what to expect. I knew what problems there might be and what would need to be done about them if they happened.

Doctors are very careful to ensure that patients donít start a new treatment without being properly informed.

They do this not just because theyíre as kindly and thoughtful as my dentist.

They do it because itís a legal protection.

If you take a drug which turns you blue or makes your ears fall off and you werenít warned that it might do this then the prescribing doctor may well be sued.

Informed consent is a vital part of any medical procedure.

Except one.

And I bet you could sit there all day and not be able to work out what it is.


When they give you a vaccination there isnít a doctor in a million who will tell you exactly what could go wrong.

And that has never been truer than it is with the covid 19 vaccine.

They donít tell you for three reasons.

First, they donít know what will go wrong. Vaccines arenít really properly tested. The nasty side effects donít usually become obvious for a year or two Ė by which time the drug company making the stuff has made a fortune. If they know about problems theyíll probably cover them up, lie about them and make sure that any scientific papers exposing the dangers arenít published. If you think Iím exaggerating you obviously havenít watched my videos about some of the big vaccine companies and the bad, bad things theyíve got up to. They donít know what will happen if you have the vaccine but are also taking some other medication Ė heart pills, cancer pills, arthritis pills, whatever. They havenít tested to see what happens if you have the vaccine and then go home and take prescribed or non-prescribed medication. They have no idea. They canít warn you about the potential problems because they donít know what they are.

Second, the list of adverse events is so long that it would take too long to go through. And if they gave you a leaflet listing all the adverse effects Ė which include heart attack, stroke and death by the way Ė most people would roll their sleeves back down and hurry home to have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit instead.

Third, informed consent isnít necessary with the covid-19 vaccine because Bill Gates insisted that the vaccine companies were given indemnity. You canít sue them. If you have the vaccine and you die then thatís hard luck. If you are paralysed because of the vaccine then you wonít get a penny in compensation. The drug companies canít be sued. And nor can anyone else associated with the vaccine. I bet the car companies and the tobacco companies wish they had that sort of deal.

So vaccines, particularly the covid-19 vaccine, are unique in that respect.

And not only do they not warn you about all the potential adverse events, but governments are hiring people to tell you that the vaccine is perfectly safe and that you should rush along and have one as soon as your name comes out of the hat.

My name came out the other day, by the way. Before declining I explained about the number of deaths and serious injuries that had been recorded.

`Did you know any of that?í I asked.

The woman said she didnít, then paused and added `Iíll put you down as `declined, then.í

And carried on filling the booking sheet with the names of deceived patients destined by ignorance to take part in the biggest experiment in medical history.

And if you donít believe that this is an experiment, consider this:

The US government website contains details of the study to describe the safety, tolerability, etc. of mRNA vaccine candidates against covid-19 in healthy individuals.

And the trial, which was designed in April 2020, will continue for two years from the first vaccinations.

Note that: the trial will continue for two years.

No one knows how safe the vaccinations will be because the trials arenít finished yet.

This is clear proof anyone having the covid-19 jab is taking part in an experiment.

So anyone who says that the vaccine is perfectly safe Ė even if itís the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has said that the vaccine is safe Ė cannot possibly know what they are talking about.

Itís not just the Archbishop, of course.

Scores of celebrities have announced that the covid-19 vaccines are perfectly safe.

They canít possibly know.

No one knows.

No doctor knows. No one in the Government knows if itís safe or not.

Itís the worldís biggest experiment.

And for all anyone knows, the vaccine could kill or permanently damage the health of 50% of the people who have it.

So why are hundreds of celebrities and journalists lying about the vaccine?

Well, I can offer you one reason.

Maybe theyíre being paid to say itís safe.

How do I know?

Well the UK Governmentís Cabinet Office is advertising for someone to persuade social media influencers to help promote the global warming lie in preparation for the conference being held in Glasgow in November 2021.

The persuader will be paid £65,000.

But hereís the thing: the Government has already paid £63,000 to 42 social media influences to promote the covid-19 test and trace service. TV celebrities and sports players have been paid.

So, how many of the witless morons promoting the lies about the vaccine have been paid?

Iím sure they didnít put a few quid in the Archbishopís back pocket.

They wouldnít do that, would they?

But how many vaccine supporters have been paid with our money?

How many newspapers and journalists have been paid to promote the vaccine?

I would remind you, by the way, that so far at least 14 journalists around the world have been arrested for what the authorities called `unfairí coverage of this fake pandemic. You can guess what they meant by `unfairí.

Finally, I leave you with a question: if the vaccine is so safe, why did Bill Gates insist the drug companies Ė including those with which he has financial links - be given legal indemnity to make sure that they couldnít be sued?

And we should remember that Gates has financial links with many media companies Ė including the BBC and The Guardian.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 7th 2021

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