In Support of the Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Cast your mind back to the days before the coronavirus panic began.

In France, the yellow vest riots were still in full flow. President Macron had pretty much lost control of his country.

In Hong Kong, the demonstrators were causing mayhem and the Chinese Government was facing serious problems.

All over the world, protestors were causing chaos with demonstrations inspired by climate change campaigners.

In Europe there were increasing tensions as countries such as Italy and Greece struggled with a currency that was too strong for them. The German people were becoming very tetchy about the future cost of supporting the European Union.

And the issues over Brexit were still causing serious concern among hard-line Remainers Ė who were still hoping to overturn the democratic will of the British people.

In the United States, the ideological battles were heightened as the Presidential election got underway.

The world was, in short, in rare turmoil.

Today, the world is pretty much one big police state.

Demonstrations of any kind are outlawed. Public meetings are outlawed. Elections everywhere have been cancelled.

And there is now talk that social distancing will have to be indefinite. Researchers talk of a need for more surveillance.

Convenient, eh?

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 16th 2020

P.S. Mass testing would show whether or not the lockdown was necessary. The financial cost would be incredibly small. But very little testing is going on. Why could that be? One would almost be tempted to think that the authorities donít want to know whether lockdowns are necessary.