Exclusive Interview with Adolf Hitler

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

With the aid of a friendly medium, who prefers to remain anonymous, I have conducted an exclusive interview with Adolf Hitler. Here, for visitors to www.vernoncoleman.com, is a transcript of my historic interview. I have checked the facts. Everything here is accurate.

Vernon Coleman: Mr Hitler, is it true that you and your Nazi party colleagues deliberately created the EU as your Plan B in case you lost the last war?

Adolf Hitler: Of course! Reinhard Heydrich, Herman Goering and a few others designed the European Union with me back in 1940. It was Herman who thought of the name `European Economic Communityí. He was good with that sort of thing. Reinhard was good with planning. He planned the Holocaust too. He wrote the Treaty of Rome in 1942 but called it The Reich Plan for the Domination of Europe. I told him it was a stupid title. It gave away too much. Still, it was his idea. Our plan was to trick Britain and other nations into joining something they thought would be just an organisation for selling butter and cars. (Hitler laughs a good deal.)

VC: You even thought up the euro, didnít you?

AH: Well, actually, that was all down to Walther Funk. Dear old Walther was a genius. His picture should be on every euro note. He was my economics adviser, and back in 1940 he proposed a standard European currency. He wrote a memo about it called `Economic Reorganisation of Europeí. He was a brilliant man and itís disgraceful that the EU seems to have forgotten all about him. It isnít easy to find the truth about him on the Internet, of course. The EU has done its best to remove him from European history. But do a little bit of digging and youíll see what I mean. Walther will always be remembered. And in the end they will have statues to him all over Europe: in Berlin, in Paris and in London.

VC: So the European Union and the euro were your Plan B?

AH: Of course they were. Once the damned Americans got involved with their troops and their tanks, we knew we were going to lose the war and we decided we needed a plan to ensure we won the peace. And hasnít it gone well? (He laughs.)

VC: Werenít you worried that people would spot what you were doing?

AH: Well, in 1943 a chap called Heinz Pol, who was a former newspaper editor in Berlin, fled to the US and published a book called `The Hidden Enemy: The German Threat to Post War Peaceí. He explained exactly what we were doing. He knew everything and had it all worked out. Fortunately for us heís been ignored for years. No one dares print his book now. You can still find him on the internet though. They got rid of Walther but they forgot to remove Pol. (There is much laughter at this point.) Pol was quite good. He wrote about what he called `The Nazis behind The Nazisí.

VC: So why has your EU project been so successful?

AH: Oh, it was easy. Money. Politics is all about money, you know. We gave your Ted Heath £35,000 tax free to take Britain into the EU. So cheap! Unbelievably cheap. Heath knew the plan but he lied to the people and said you had just joined a commercial grouping. Later he laughed and admitted that heíd lied but by then it was too late. Itís all in the history books but no one reads them.

VC: And most of the other supporters of the EU have received money?

AH: Of course! We bought your BBC. They were cheap too. And many of the people who speak on behalf of the EU have been given our money. What else do you think we do with all those billions you pay for membership of our little group! (Laughs again.) Juncker can only drink so much wine!

VC: You have been lucky with Jean-Claude Juncker.

AH: Very lucky. He is from Luxembourg but his father fought with us during the War you know; with the Nazis. And Junckerís father-in-law was a Nazi propaganda chief. He helped a lot with dealing with the Jews.

VC: And youíve been very luck with British Prime Ministers.

AH: Oh yes, very lucky. That Blair was against us for years. He said terrible things about the EU and a bit of a worry. You can check him out. But I like him. People call him a war criminal like me. (Hitler laughs and laughs.)But then we got him to change his mind. (More laughter). Now he is one of our greatest supporters. He will help stop this silly Brexit thing.

VC: And Theresa May?

AH: (He struggles to contain his laughter). It is amazing is it not? You hire a woman who loves the EU to arrange for your leaving! The British are so very stupid. You might as well have given Goering the job! (He laughs hysterically.)

VC: Would you describe EU supporters as Nazis?

AH: (After a short silence.) I think they are too stupid to be Nazis. They support our cause so they are Nazis in principle and they are fascists, of course. And they favour the State over Democracy. But they donít realise what they are doing. We knew what we were doing. They think they are just handing over their country and their money so that we will allow them to buy French cheese and nice German cars. Can you imagine? It is wonderful that people are so very stupid.

VC: The purpose of the EU was to make Germany stronger? To make Germany the most important country in Europe?

AH: In the world! Germany will soon be the most important country in the world. We are already the most important in Europe. We have all the money. Ask Italy. Ask the Greeks. Ask the stupid French. Soon we will have the European project finished. It will be my United States of Europe.

VC: You talked about the `United States of Europeí didnít you?

AH: Oh yes. I said it back in 1936. Today we have people all over Europe who believe in our Nazi project but they do not realise what they are doing. In France they have that idiot Macron. He has been helping our EU project along so much that he has made himself very unpopular with the French people. (Hitler laughs so much that he nearly chokes.) Imagine! How can anyone be so stupid? We have many British on our side. We even have your Bank of England! Imagine that. The Bank of England is on the side of the Nazis. They say all this nonsense to frighten people. It is just what we did in Germany. You can always frighten people into doing what you want them to do. And many of your politicians and civil servants are on our side together with the Greens and the Scottish politicians and some of what you call your `celebritiesí. They all fight for our cause. There is a Lineker, a footballer who plays for the BBC and a Branson, a man with a beard who runs some trains, quite badly I think. And Goldman Sachs! I love it that a big Jewish bank is fighting for us. How kind of them is that!

VC: But the British people as a whole arenít on your side are they? They saw through your plan. Most of them voted to leave the EU.

AH: That was a bit frightening. But we will not allow this Brexit nonsense to disrupt our Plan. We have your Theresa May and your House of Commons on our side. (Laughs and keeps laughing.) Mrs May is wonderful Ė she believes that promises are like eggs, no use unless they are broken. And your Chancellor Mr Hammond is an innumerate lunatic. He claims that most people in Britain are represented by extremists! How can this be? You cannot be in a majority and also an extremist.

VC: Thank you Mr Hitler. You have been very illuminating. It is good to hear such honesty in politics these days.

AH: Why not? Why not? We cannot lose now. You won the war but we won the peace. He who laughs last laughs most, eh? (Hitler laughs again, hysterically.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 14th 2018

Readers who would like to read more about the EU are invited to read: ĎThe EU: The Truth About the Fourth Reich: How Adolf Hitler Won the Second World Warí by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini. This book is available cheaply as an ebook on Amazon.

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