Covid: In the Beginning

Dr Vernon Coleman

I first began to write about the covid fraud in February 2020 (when I was sceptical about the claims being made) but I made my first video in March 2020. Called `The Coronavirus Hoax’, the video went wild and had millions of views in a matter of hours. Copies appeared everywhere and some of the copies had viewing figures well over half a million.

I actually made two versions of that video. In the first version I said that the forecasters who were talking about huge numbers of deaths from the coronavirus had `plucked their figures out of the air’. Hours later, I felt that I couldn’t justify this statement and so I remade the video. (You won’t be surprised to hear that I now don’t think there had been any reason to remake the video.)

I used notes rather than a script for both versions of that first video. I subsequently used a script to make sure I got all the figures and quotes absolutely accurate.

`The Coronavirus Hoax’ was originally published on YouTube but it was deleted long ago and is now available on BrandNewTube – just click here: My First Video

My first book about the coronavirus what allegedly gave us covid -19 (the rebranded flu) was published in April 2020 and entitled `The Coming Apocalypse’.

`The Coming Apocalypse’, which contains an account of the early days of the covid fraud, and my predictions for the future, is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.

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