The Truth about Ireland

Vernon Coleman

Ireland is being unhelpful over Brexit.

(I am being polite).

This is hardly surprising.

It is worth remembering that when Britain found itself at war with Adolf Hitler in 1939, Ireland declared itself neutral and refused to support us.

So Ireland has form at being a bad neighbour.

It’s also worth remembering that we rescued the Irish when they got themselves into a huge financial hole in 2008. The EU wouldn’t help them but we did. We had our own huge financial problems but we lent the Irish enough money to get them out of the hole they’d dug themselves; we saved the Irish from bankruptcy.

But, despite this unilateral act of kindness, the Ireland clearly don’t regard us as friends.

Indeed, the bastards are now supporting our enemy – the EU.

And here’s the One Big reason why.

The EU has told Ireland that after Britain leaves the EU, Irish goods headed for the continent will have to travel by ship rather than by road.

Up until now the Irish have been using the UK as a land bridge – enabling them to move stuff to France and other parts of the EU: using our roads, creating traffic jams and polluting our air.

After we leave the EU this will no longer be allowed.

The Irish will have to send goods to the continent of Europe by ship.

Hard luck on the Irish freeloaders.

But yet another bonus for the UK.

When we leave the EU our roads won’t be ruined and blocked by thousands of Irish lorries (the owners of which do not pay road tax).

Vernon Coleman 19th November 2018