Will Repeated Iris Scans Cause Blindness?

Vernon Coleman

The British Government (egged on by the EU, itself under pressure from America) wants every British citizen to carry an identity (ID) card. If ID cards are introduced and made compulsory, all citizens will have to be fingerprinted and have their eyes scanned by a machine.

The finger printing is probably harmless (until a terrorist steals your fingerprints and plants them somewhere) but what about the iris scans?

Will repeated iris scans damage your eyes?

I don't know. As far as I am aware no one else knows either. Has anyone done any research to find out if repeated iris scans might damage the eyes? Not as far as I am aware of. And, remember, iris scans will probably be conducted by clumsy, poorly paid, ill-trained oafs working under pressure. And the clumsy, poorly paid, ill-trained oafs will probably be using ill-maintained equipment. The potential for damage to be done is enormous.

Remember: for many years no one thought X-rays could possibly be dangerous.

Copyright Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc 2005