The Irish Border Problem (Isnít a Real Problem At All)

Vernon Coleman

The alleged problem with the Northern Ireland border with Ireland is a hoax: a trick to complicate our leaving the EU.

In practical terms there hasnít been much of a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland for decades.

Back in the 1980s, I travelled many times between the two without a passport or any hindrance. The Irish border problem has been deliberately and artificially exaggerated to mess up, delay and confuse the Brexit process. The Irish (who are slaves to the eurocrats) are making a Big Issue out of nothing. Thatís no great surprise Ė the Irish have used Britain but they have never shown us any loyalty or friendship. But I am shocked at the way the politicians in Northern Ireland have behaved.

If the various politicians across the Irish Sea really think this bit of border is a huge problem then there is an easy, fast solution: just give Northern Ireland to Ireland. It would maps look much neater.

And while weíre getting rid of Northern Ireland why donít we allow Spain to take control of Gibraltar? When the Gibraltarians were wholly loyal to Britain then it behove us to defend them against the Spanish. But during the Referendum, the people of Gibraltar voted almost to a monkey to remain under the thumb of the neo-Nazis in Brussels. So let them.

And while we are doing that we can give Scotland the independence the SNP are so keen to have.

Then England and Wales can leave the EU completely and freely and everyone will be happy.

Without the expense of Northern Ireland and Scotland, the rest of the UK (England and Wales) would be able to halve their income tax and VAT, double the expenditure on the NHS and increase the old age pension by 50%.

Copyright Vernon Coleman Nov 19 2018