Slitting the Throats of Farm Animals is Barbaric

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I donít eat animals but lots of people still do and I am becoming increasingly infuriated by the fact that many of the animals who are killed for food in Britain are slaughtered in an incredibly cruel and barbaric way.

Slitting an animalís throat may have been acceptable two thousand years ago but it is not acceptable today.

Both Jews and Muslims insist that animals be killed this way, and their lobbyists are so powerful that nearly all animals killed in Britain are now slaughtered in this utterly awful way.

The problem is that whenever this method of killing animals is questioned there are loud cries of ĎRacismí. Animal lovers who object to this barbaric practice must put up with being called anti-Semitic or Islamaphobic. This first happened to me a quarter of a century ago. Although I had explained precisely why I was troubled by the preparation of kosher meat, the Chief Rabbi attacked me quite unfairly.

Today, those who claim that animal lovers are unjustified in trying to stop the kosher killing of animals are themselves ignorant, bigoted and blinkered.

I object to the slitting of the throats of living animals in the same way that I object to the beating of horses, the drowning of kittens, the performing of animal experiments and other barbaric practices.

We donít tell Jews and Muslims how to behave in their own countries. I donít like the way they kill animals at home but I know they wouldnít listen to me if I asked them to stop.

In the same way, we are entitled to tell Jews and Muslims that they must not kill animals by slitting their throats in our Christian country.

And if they refuse to listen to what we say then we should criminalise this evil practice and make it illegal to handle, process or serve meat which has been killed in this way.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019