The Madness is Everywhere

Dr Vernon Coleman MB CB DSc FRSA

Everywhere I look there is madness.

The posh papers and magazines are full of articles by journalists writing about their experiences under house arrest. Oh, how brave they have all been. Having their stupid dinner parties by video, doing their silly dances and listing all the books theyíve read, the films theyíve seen and the foreign languages they have learned.

They write about the coronavirus crime as though itís been an adventure. A weekendís camping expedition or a sleepover with chums.

They look at everything through their privileged and slightly stupid eyes. They seem to think that everything will soon be tickety boo and they can all go back to evenings out to a nice restaurant and an evening at the theatre.

It doesnít seem that way to us here.

I wake up thinking I must have imagined what has been happening. And then when I realise that I havenít, I feel as though I am living in a bad science fiction movie.

Yesterday, someone close to us, who has cancer, told me that she constantly worries that her cancer has gone to her brain and that no one will tell her the truth. The nightmare in which we are living cannot possibly be true. Sometimes she thinks she may have had a fatal car accident and must be living in purgatory.

I understand totally. I sometimes wonder how many million people are contemplating suicide as the only way out of this obscene piece of global manipulation.

The reporting of this massive take-over of the world has been a disgrace. The mass media has been bought and simply does it best to ramp up the fear and drive the yearning for a vaccine as the only way out of the chaos. The BBC has always been a propaganda machine but I am surprised at how cheaply the rest have been bought. And now those of us fighting for freedom and truth have to battle our own army too

Donít the members of the 77th Brigade, with the proud golden Burmese lion, realise that what is happening to us is happening to them too. Their health service and schools have been destroyed. Their parents and grandparents are being killed. They too will almost certainly be forced to accept an untested vaccination against a disease that is no worse than the flu.

The mass media announced with great excitement that retail sales rebounded since the end of the lockdown. Imagine that! Shops are open and people can leave their homes and the chattering classes are surprised, amazed and delighted that retail sales have gone up.

Pubs and hotels are about to open but the rules are so absurd that if I owned a pub or a hotel Iíd give up and do something else. The social distancing rules will have to be reduced to three feet and a bit if the entire leisure industry isnít to be destroyed but even that wonít be enough. Pubs will be patrolled by traffic warden types so that the social distancing laws will be properly observed. What sort of person would take such a job?

Anyone wanting to visit a pub will be told to order their drink on a phone app so that the government will know what you order. Presumably, those of us who wouldnít know an App if it stood up and barked will have to do without.

In restaurants there will have to be disposable menus, fewer items available and no buffet food and the waiters will have to wash their hands so often that there will be a global water shortage by October.

In hotels guests will be advised to have meals delivered by room service Ė with the food left outside their room door so that isnít too warm when they eat it. Oh what a lot of fun holidays and weekend breaks will be. I feel for all those folk who love putting on posh clothes for dinner. Getting all spruced up to sit on the bed to eat your dinner just wonít be the same.

How are trains going to manage social distancing in the future?

According to the Department for Transport the busiest train in the UK used to be the 17.11 service from Sutton to Luton which, in pre-lockdown days, carried an average of 1,579 passengers. If all the passengers now have to keep two metres apart then the train will need to be a mile long and will require 80 carriages.

Banks may only be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (the coronavirus apparently isnít active during those hours) but theyíre doing their best to make life miserable. Iíve heard several reports of Barclays Bank refusing to accept coins from customers paying in money. Since cash is legal currency this is doubtless illegal and anyone who is faced with a snotty teller refusing a bag of coins should take the tellerís name and the managerís name and make a report to the Bank of England, their MP, the police and anyone else they can think of.

The madness is everywhere. The City of London Corporation has banned bathing in Highgate Ponds in case its lifeguard be asked to resuscitate bathers who have the coronavirus. What danger could there possibly be to young healthy lifeguards?

There are calls from demonstrators for the police to be disbanded or defunded, as has happened in some parts of America. Donít those demanding this realise that to do so would lead us straight into martial law? Do they not have the sense to realise what martial law looks like? Or is that what they want?

In India over 122 million people lost their jobs in the month of April alone. In Qatar there is a penalty of three years in prison for not wearing a face mask in public. And in Panama, where the lockdown allows men and women to leave their homes on alternate days, transgender citizens are complaining that they canít go out on either day.

If I put this stuff in a novel Iíd be stoned to death by the readers.

For three months the local hospital physiotherapy department has been shut. The local hairdresser will be open in a couple of weeks but the physiotherapist department has no idea when it will open. What is wrong with these people?

And now that journalists have noticed that the loos are mostly shut there are articles about how to pee in public without getting arrested. The key to the law is, apparently, not alarming members of the public Ė though personally I think peeing on people wearing masks is perfectly OK because they are zombies and not members of the public.

Seaside towns are going to be totally destroyed by what is happening. Empty hotels and boarding houses mean that the shops and cafes and ice cream parlours have no customers. Just about every British seaside town will be a ghost town by Christmas. Even the charity shops are closing.

Everywhere you look politicians, civil servants and the mass media are busy doing everything they can to spread fear.

In one of my brainwashing videos I mentioned that in the guidance given to the British Government it was pointed out that `a substantial number of people still did not feel sufficiently personally threatenedí.


Thatís us theyíre talking about. We are not sufficiently personally threatened. Why would they want us to be so threatened? What ulterior motive could there possibly be? Could I have been right back in March when I suggested that one of the reasons for the hoax was to get us ready for mandatory you-know-what?

Their effective, clinical winding up of the fear process has been designed to cause the greatest harm.

When we are under stress our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol. Lots of stress equals lots of cortisol in our bodies.

And guess what: patients who have lots of cortisol in their bodies are more likely to die from Covid-19 than people who are calm and relaxed. And, of course, since elderly, frail people with illnesses are more likely to die anyway, they are the ones who are going to be most affected by stress.

So there we are: one of the reasons why the Government has been deliberately terrifying us is because they know that we will have more cortisol in our bodies and they know that the extra cortisol will push those who have co-morbidities over the edge.

Itís yet another type of mass murder.

No one seems to care about mass murder any more.

There was a huge fuss about a killing in a park the other day. The papers splashed the terrible story over their front pages.

But there has been very little fuss about the tens of thousands of old people who have been abandoned and killed during the last few months.

When I think about it I realise that theyíve been planning this takeover for years.

When I was young and didnít know anything very much, I was frequently invited to lecture to doctors, nurses and medical students. I presented a number of TV and radio series for the BBC and ITV and for stations abroad.

But as I acquired a little more experience, a little more knowledge and a reputation for questioning the establishment and saying professionally unsayable things that turned out to be right, so the invitations dried up.

Donít misunderstand me.

I donít want to appear on TV or radio and I donít want to give lectures to doctors any more. Indeed, I have decided that I would now say `noí if anyone asked me to do any of these things in the future. But it does worry me a little that a combination of original thinking and experience scares the establishment quite as much as it obviously does. And I find it a bit sad that younger doctors who are involved in the media seem to decide that the easy way to be successful is to support the establishment and toe the official line.

What surprises me most, and saddens me enormously, is the way that members of the medical and nursing professions have accepted this takeover of our lives.

Even if they donít think there is anything sinister behind what is happening, they must by now realise that the whole response to the coronavirus has been wrong. The politicians and their advisors all got it wrong. The most generous way of looking at things is that they mistook a fairly ordinary flu virus for a version of the plague.

As a result, hospitals have been closed. Patients with cancer and other serious disorders have been denied essential treatment. Thousands of patients in care homes have been murdered as a result of inept policies and management. Schools have been closed and the lives of millions of children have been ruined. They know that is no exaggeration. The Government has been employing brain washing techniques to control us and to create a fake affection for the health service.

Doctors and nurses all know this is true. They know that the clever three word, three phrase slogans, the encouragement to take part in weekly clapping sessions and the advertising were all designed to build up the fear and to create a sense of national obedience.

Even if there were no ulterior motive, this is still the biggest cock up in medical history.

Medical doctors and nurses know that the spin doctors have been doing everything they can to exaggerate the number of deaths. Patients with the coronavirus were listed as having died of it.

If the truth about what has happened ever emerges then the medical and nursing professions are going to be embarrassed and humiliated to put it kindly. People in both professions are going to go to jail.

It is time to insist that hospitals and clinics are opened immediately without any of the social distancing which every thinking person knows was never necessary.

The media has found many curious heroes in the last three months, mostly as part of the propaganda process Iím afraid. Now is the time for the professions to earn their plaudits. The nation needs to have its health service back.

It would be a big step forward on the road back to real normality.

And together we can do it.

A few years ago there were a lot of threats about ID cards and iris scans being introduced. I wrote about them and helped campaign against them.

The public thought about it, considered the evidence and said a very loud `no thank youí.

We need some of that good sense and determination again.

All around the world, people are fighting their own governments. It happens from time to time in history.

In the UK Johnson, Hancock and company have made themselves our enemies just as Hitler and company were our enemies in 1939 and the 1940s. Johnson is a gullible, simple-minded buffoon who is dancing on the end of a piece of string being jiggled by Cummings. Hancock is just a pompous, half-witted prefect who would be out of his depth if he were a small town mayor.

They want to destroy freedom and democracy.

Well the bastards arenít going to win.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 20th 2020

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