Is Gordon Brown Really As Stupid And Out Of Touch With Reality As He Seems To Be?

Gordon Brown claims that Britain needs to match America and `unite around the next round of enterprise reforms and the drive towards a more dynamic entrepreneurial culture'.

(Who the hell writes the man's speeches and articles?)

`During the Industrial Revolution,' says Brown,' `Britain led the world in innovation, science and enterprise. It is time to rediscover that spirit and genius in the world of the internet and digitalisation.'

Can Brown really be so out of touch that he doesn't know that his Government has more or less destroyed entrepreneurial activity in Britain?

Can Brown really be so stupefyingly stupid that he doesn't understand that the miles of red tape which his Government has produced (and the kilometres of red tape which the EU has foisted upon us) have strangled many small companies - and are destroying thousands more?

Can Brown really be so complacent, so arrogant and so utterly divorced from the real world that he doesn't realise that his Government has created a world in which knowledgeable and ambitious young people realise that the only sensible career path lies in employment in a Government or local authority department?

Can Brown be so blind and busy patting himself on the back that he doesn't listen to anything anyone else says? On the very day that he was crying out for more new businesses in Britain, the Association of Taxation Technicians, giving evidence to a House of Lords committee reviewing the Finance Bill, pointed out that the tax rises made in this year's Budget (and authored by Gordon Brown himself) meant that small firms' owners would find themselves going around in circles.

The Chancellor's small business tax policies have been described by accountants as `hideously complex'.

My book Why Everything Is Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better (And What You Can Do About It) is packed with information showing precisely how New Labour has destroyed the entrepreneurial spirit in Britain.

Gordon Brown will only help Britain recover its position as a home for entrepreneurial spirits if he resigns and leaves public life as quickly as possible. But what the hell else could he do for a living? I wouldn't trust him to cut my lawn. If he promises never again to interfere with any aspect of British business life I will happily send him a sick note to last until he claims his pension.

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