Is Macron Mad?

Vernon Coleman

I think young Manu Macron, the diminutive French president, might need to see someone about his delusions of grandeur. The man, always narcissistic, appears to have a rather bad case of megalomania.

Two examples.

In an attempt to quell the national unhappiness, not to mention soothe the armies of yellow vested protestors trashing the Champs every Saturday, Macron initiated a `nationwide debate’. This consisted of a website where French folk could leave their suggestions. (I suspect Macron could have made a fortune by publishing the ripest in a book.)

The conclusion was that the French wanted lower taxes and more honest politicians.

A fairly mundane piece of political nonsense you might think.

But Macron described this rather modest exercise as `one of the greatest advances in democracy since Athens’.


I bet Cromwell and one or two others might argue with that.

And then, having asked the world to pay for the cathedral’s rebuild, Macron announced that he would make Notre Dame more beautiful than ever.

In five years.

That was just plain silly.

It will take them five years to clear up the mess and talk about what to do.

But more beautiful than ever?

I fear Monsieur Macron has problems.

I wonder what size beret he takes.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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