Israel, Jews and Anti-Semitism

Dr Vernon Coleman

How long will it be before anti-semitism becomes the regrettable but default condition for billions of caring and morally responsible citizens of the world?

The wickedness of Netanyahu and his cronies is now blatant. The result of their black-hearted, ungodly killing is that anyone who supports or defends Israel is a disgrace to humanity.

Biden, Sunak and all other politicians who support or defend Israel (or who dishonestly use money raised from their taxpayers to support Israel’s genocidal attack on the Palestinians) deserve to be tried alongside the ruthless, merciless Zionists behind this outrage.

Jews who think Israel can do no wrong will fill the internet with anonymous abuse and threats but the fact is that Israel is now the most wicked nation the world has seen for generations, and those who claim that Israel is entitled to defend itself (and, by some perverted, obscene logic entitled to bomb refugee camps and hospitals and slaughter babies with impunity) are living in a moral desert way beyond contempt.

I seem to remember hearing, by the way, that the Israelis had claimed that hospitals in Gaza were stuffed to the brim with Hamas fighters and arms.

What happened to the evidence for that claim?

It appals me that Western Governments and the Western media continue to support Israel when they should be condemning Netanyahu and threatening to go in and take away his weapons. The big question Biden and Sunak et al should be considering should be: `Should Israel be allowed to continue to exist in its present form and situation?’

The Western media continues to put the genocide in Gaza back with the crossword puzzles and small ads. Celebrities are too cowardly to speak out lest they are condemned as terrorist supporting and labelled as anti-semitic.

And yet, as predicted the Israeli forces are moving into the West Bank and the southern part of Gaza. Their plan has been patently clear since early October.

I note incidentally that the corruption trial against Netanyahu has now been resumed. The trial was paused after the events of October 7th. Netanyahu is the first sitting Israeli prime minister to appear in court accused of fraud, breach of trust and bribery – in three separate cases. Netanyahu denies the charges. One hopes that whatever the outcome of this trial, Netanyahu will be charged with war crimes. Oddly I haven’t been able to find any reference to the resumption of Netanyahu’s trial on the BBC website. Maybe it’s there somewhere.

A comment that `Adolf Hitler would be proud of Benjamin Netanyahu’ was reportedly attacked as being anti-semitic.

If that was the crux of the comment then I fail to see why it should cause dismay. It was, it seems to me, a reasonable comment on Israel’s senior war criminal.

Does this now mean that anyone who accuses a Jew of anything will automatically be accused of anti-semitism?

There certainly seem to be some folk who assume that any criticism of anyone Jewish is automatically anti-semitism. It is, it seems, perfectly acceptable to be rude about Christians but never acceptable to be rude about Jews.

This, of course, is nonsense as well as being elitist and racist and I am sure that no thinking Jew would want the world to perceive them as automatically superior simply because of their religion. That would be absurd as saying that Baptists cannot be criticised because they are Baptists or that Methodists are all automatically beyond criticism. It would mean that we would no longer be allowed to criticise Goldman Sachs, for example.

And what about Hitler? Jewish writers have denied the possibility but some studies have in the past suggested that Hitler had Jewish connections. If that suspicion were correct it would mean that criticism of Hitler would be anti-semitic and therefore forbidden.

The bottom line is that Israel’s actions are clearly disproportionate and like many in the world I find it difficult to understand why NATO hasn’t become involved to defend Gaza and put a stop to the genocide taking place.

Whether we are Christian, Muslim, Buddhists or Jews we all have a duty, a responsibility, to stand up and condemn Israel.

Israel’s supporters, blind to human suffering, will doubtless defile the internet with anonymous abuse and threats.

What they fail to realise is that their blind wickedness merely makes things worse and helps build the global storm of anti-semitism which is building and which will, I fear, soon be unstoppable.

Those who love Israel should join the rest of us in condemning Netanyahu and demanding an end to the pitiless slaughter of the innocent.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2023