Is the BBC Peddling Fake News?

Vernon Coleman

Here’s a headline from the BBC website: Coronavirus: UK Exceeds 200,000 Testing Capacity Target

That sounds impressive does it not?

Go down to the sixth paragraph and the BBC admitted that only 115,000 tests had actually been carried out.

The BBC is, always, bending the way it presents the news to suit the requirements of the establishment.

In another item on their website the BBC printed a drawing of a man walking through a tube train and leaving footprints behind him. The suggestion was that it is possible to spread the coronavirus on your shoes.

This is absurd fake news.

Is the BBC seriously suggesting that we wear disposable galoshes as well as gloves and masks?

The BBC seems to delight in fact checking stories (though sometimes rather comically I’m afraid) so maybe they’d like to check this story.

The BBC is always appalling as a source of news but it has excelled itself during this bizarre, manufactured crisis.

You might have thought that the BBC would have invited one of the many doctors questioning the whole coronavirus hoax onto a radio or television programme to discuss things.

But as far as I am aware they haven’t done so.

Maybe they thought it might upset the government.

And with a review of the BBC licence fee they wouldn’t want to do that, would they?

The BBC has a terrible record when it comes to reporting things honestly and fairly.

Indeed, the BBC, for some time surely the most treacherous broadcasting organisation on the planet.

If you listen to or watch any BBC programmes do so with scepticism in your heart and mind.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2020