The UK is the Home of Censorship

Dr Vernon Coleman

The Government and the mainstream media (but especially the official Government mouthpiece – the awful BBC) are so frightened of the truth that they do everything they can to ensure that truths are suppressed and the truth-tellers are silenced and ostracised.

It amuses and annoys me in equal parts when I hear people talk about `freedom of the press’. There is absolutely no freedom of the press in the UK. The media in the UK (particularly the BBC) has been weaponised.

The only reason you can read this is that individual websites are controlled by the United States and not by the UK. (Though, naturally, I was and am completely banned by YouTube, all social media sites and a number of online publishers. Several of my books on covid-19 were banned.)

Britain has led the way in censorship in recent years and right from the start of this fraud I was banned far more comprehensively than doctors operating in America were banned. (Naturally, I also got attacked and lied about by nasty little oiks on Wikipedia but I hope no sensible souls still believe that site anymore.)

I firmly believe that BBC staff have led the way in suppressing the truth and it is in large part their remorseless determination to ban and censor anything which questions the Government’s official line which has led to the UK now being the home of censorship.

It would be nice to think that BBC journalists might one day be ashamed of their bigotry and prejudice and their determination to stamp on the truth. But I doubt if they have the moral strength or the professional integrity to give a damn about something as financially unrewarding as the sharing of the truth.

BBC journalists are responsible for thousands of deaths (including some of their colleagues) and they will be responsible for millions more.

Meanwhile, I am delighted to see that the police in Scotland are investigating the awful Sturgeon and one of her advisors for their part in the epidemic of care home deaths. The time will surely come (as I have been predicting for nearly three years) when doctors and nurses who worked with the conspirators and who gave a dangerous and toxic vaccine to millions will be arrested and punished.

My first book about the fake pandemic (in which I predicted that they would create a vaccine which they would try to make compulsory) is called `Coming Apocalypse’.

Unlike American authors I was forced to write the book without mentioning covid or vaccines and, bizarrely, I had to use `alternative’ words.

`Coming Apocalypse’ which was published in April 2020 is still available on Amazon.

Here is the note which I had to put at the front of `Coming Apocalypse’ in order to get the book published.

(Authors in America were less restricted. The Government, GCHQ and the BBC put far more pressure on me than their American counterparts put on American doctors.)


This book deals with the decision in the early spring of 2020 to put large populations under house arrest and to close factories, shops and all businesses not regarded as essential. It also deals with the aftermath of those decisions. The part dealing with the lockdowns is based entirely on fact. The part dealing with the future is, inevitably, largely conjecture. In order to publish this book I was informed that I had to remove all references to the name of the problem which triggered the close downs. And so you will not find herein any reference to a word describing a disease which begins with the third letter of the alphabet. Nor will you find any reference to a disease name which ends with a number which is slightly greater than 18 and slightly smaller than 20. In addition, in view of proposed new legislation which will make it illegal for anyone (including doctors) to share facts and opinions about a specific medical procedure I have avoided using a word beginning with `v’ and used the word inoculation instead.

And here is the `author’note from the book:

The Author
Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA was the first qualified medical practitioner to question the significance of the ‘crisis’ with which you may be familiar, telling readers of his website at the end of February 2020 that he felt that the team advising the Government had been unduly pessimistic and had exaggerated the danger of the bug. At the beginning of March 2020, he explained how and why the mortality figures had been distorted. And on March 14th 2020 he warned that the Government’s policies would result in far more deaths than the disease itself. In a YouTube video recorded on 18th March, he explained his fear that the Government would use the `crisis’ to oppress the elderly and to introduce compulsory inoculation. And he revealed that the infection had been downgraded on March 19th when the public health bodies in the UK and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the `crisis’ infection should no longer be classified as a ‘high consequence infectious disease’. Just days after the significance of the infection had been officially downgraded, the Government published an Emergency Bill which gave the police extraordinary new powers and put millions of people under house arrest. Dr Coleman, a former GP principal, is a Sunday Times bestselling author. His books have sold over two million copies in the UK, been translated into 25 languages and sold all around the world. He has given evidence to the House of Commons and the House of Lords and his campaigning has changed Government policy.

`Coming Apocalypse’ is still available as an eBook and a paperback.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023