Is There Anything They Wonít Do?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

So now the Gestapo are calling themselves Public Health officials. The name is the only discernible difference. They can come to your home and, if they see a child playing in the garden or riding a bicycle up and down your road, they can take the child away to be tested, assessed and isolated.

The parents donít need to be there. Their permission is not required. Their child can be legally kidnapped and removed if the Public Health official thinks they might, note the word `mightí, be infected.

Itís the same for all of us, of course. We are living in a totalitarian world. Boris Johnson, who has been playing a pantomime buffoon for years, has led a coup that should eventually land him and his war criminal colleagues in prison. We have a truly evil government. They arenít removing the last vestiges of our freedom for our benefit. The disease against which this is directed is becoming less of a problem as each day goes by. As I seem to have been saying for ever, it was never more deadly than the flu.

Johnson and co arenít actually lining us up to be shot if we fail their stupid test. But maybe that will be next. Nothing is now impossible.

And all this, remember, is happening as the infection becomes ever less of a threat. In many countries deaths from all causes are now lower than average for this time of the year. And as more and more doctors are finding the courage to speak out and tell the truth. One doctor has even offered $5,000 to anyone who can produce evidence that the damned virus actually exists.

I donít know how much Johnson and his cabinet know about the plan to take over the world but I suspect they donít know all that much. I wonder if there is anyone in the UK cabinet important enough to be allowed into the cabal with which the United Nations is planning a world takeover.

Still, that doesnít alter the fact that this latest piece of trickery is pure, unadulterated evil. And the rest of the House of Commons might not exist. I havenít heard many MPs protesting about human rights, freedom and democracy. As long as they get their fat salaries and their expenses they donít give a damn about us. You wouldnít think they worked for us, would you?

Have you noticed how so few of our so-called leaders have any statesman-like qualities. They all look as though they were put together in the dark and in a hurry by someone who couldnít understand the instructions because they were written in Japanese.

Having us kidnapped and dragged off to secret locations for no good reason isnít Comrade Borisís only new innovation.

It seems that bonking Boris has now gone completely barking for he is apparently going to insist that we all wear masks whenever he tells us to.

I suspect that Comrade Sturgeon is as potty as a damp kilt but Boris is now thinking of following her mad example and making face masks compulsory in Scotland in shops, pubs, offices, restaurants and lunatic asylums.

Boris, like Sturgeon, appears to be following the revised advice given by the WHO Ė now seemingly majority owned by the Myra Hindley and Ian Brady Foundation. Sorry, I naturally meant the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

There is, let me remind you, no unequivocal evidence that masks help prevent the spread of anything other than bits of food from messy eaters. But there is evidence that they kill. And there is evidence that if you wear one for a while your blood oxygen levels are likely to fall to a dangerously low level.

The only other explanation for this piece of official lunacy is that our government, like many governments around the world, wants us dead.

The people who give in and wear masks are not only a bit simple-minded but they are also clearly suicidal since the hypoxia masks can cause can be deadly.

Everything is getting madder by the day.

If this were not a plot to deprive of us every morsel of our independence and our freedom, the Government in the UK would by now be arresting the idiots who produced and promoted the lunatic predictions which led to the lockdowns and the social distancing. Ferguson, like bats and seagulls, appears to be a member of a protected species. Why hasnít he been arrested for producing the most egregiously incorrect forecast in the history of forecasts? And why havenít all the governmentís advisors been sacked and thrown into the Tower of London?

Everywhere I look there is more madness.

Not content with attempting to do away with cash there is now talk that they want to get rid of credit cards and debit cards so that everything we purchase goes through an App on our phone. I know the red fascists will applaud this, and Iím sure the entire staff of the BBC will applaud the idea, but they donít count as human beings.

The government has generously opened the pubs (though there was never any reason to shut them) but they made it impossible for owners to make a profit or for punters to have any fun so the pubs will slowly close and they can say itís not their fault because they tried.

And then there is the social distancing. Instead of playing Simon Says, we are all playing Boris says. But this is no party game.

It is now clear that social distancing was developed by the CIA as a form of torture. And it is known that it causes depression, poor sleep, impaired brain function, reduced immunity to infection, poor heart function and so on and on. Following social distancing rules is said to double the risk of death. It is, indeed, equivalent to being obese, smoking 15 fags a day and being an alcoholic.

Children who are forced to follow social distancing rules will grow up severely damaged. They will never recover. And yet children are far more at risk of injury or death by travelling to school than because of the coronavirus. The CDC in America reckons that the Covid-19 risk to those under 19 is as near as damnit to zero. No child has passed the coronavirus to an adult. Asymptomatic individuals donít seem to pass on the infection even if they have it. There was never any need to close schools or to introduce any social distancing nonsenses. Why the hell are teachers demanding daft and destructive rules for children? In my view, any teacher who refuses to go to work unless social distancing is introduced should be fired.

When social distancing was first widely introduced about 70 years ago, it was regarded as the ideal way to break down prisoners. It caused more damage than beating them or starving them. Prisoners of War have said that they felt that social distancing and isolation were as bad as any physical abuse. There is no doubt that social distancing is a cruel and inhuman thing to do. Indeed, it is a war crime.

And where did they get the six feet distancing from?

Out of someoneís head apparently.

Allegedly, mad scientists felt that the British people wouldnít know what a metre was and so they doubled it just for fun.

And the sick joke is that social distancing actually increases the spread of illness. And social distancing in schools is a form of child abuse.

Because of masks and social distancing we will never acquire immunity to disease, our immune systems will deteriorate and we will never acquire herd immunity.

Forget what I said about teachers being sacked. Thatís not enough. They should be arrested and tried for child abuse if they insist on social distancing in schools.

The Governmentís advisors in the UK keep saying that we cannot halt social distancing. They donít say why. But my fear is that they are just keeping people terrified until the damned vaccine is ready. The UK Government has already ordered 65 million syringes and needles. And one drug company is already making a vaccine that has not yet been properly tested.

Remember that Vallance, the Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, used to work for GlaxoSmithKline, a big vaccine manufacturer. And that Dr Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer in the UK, did research funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In my view, both of them should be fired for having a potential conflict of interest.

Incidentally, I see that Mr Gates, the self-appointed doctor to the world, has allegedly said that singing, laughing and talking can all spread Covid-19. I hesitate to suggest this but maybe, if Mr Gates were to stop talking for a few years we might all be safer.

Meanwhile, we are now living in an occupied country. Everyone not already a member needs to join the Resistance Movement.

If the Public Health Officials come for you, do not resist with violence but I suggest that you film everything Ė or ask someone to film everything. Then send the film to as many people as you know. And write down details Ė including names and times. And tell the official that you will sue them personally for kidnapping you. When they tell you that they are immune because they are acting for the State remind them that at the end of World War II that was not considered an acceptable defence at the War Crimes Tribunals.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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