Is This The Real Cause Of Cot Death?

My wife, Donna Antoinette, the Welsh Princess, recently noticed that two children who had died of cot death had both died at the age of twelve weeks.

As she pointed out this is just the sort of age when babies are having early vaccinations.

Why hasn't anyone noticed that many of the babies who die of `cot death' are dying just days after the recommended dates for childhood vaccinations?

Are so-called `cot deaths' merely another terrible consequence of Government approved vaccination programmes?

I have for some time had serious concerns about the long-term safety of vaccination. (See my book Superbody for an in-depth look at the problems associated with vaccination.) I believe that the amount of illness and deaths caused by vaccinations far exceeds the amount of illness and deaths caused by the diseases against which the vaccinations are supposed to offer protection.

Brain damage is now a widely recognised problem with vaccination. I have long believed that the widespread epidemic of autism is linked to vaccination programmes.

I suspect that Donna Antoinette could be right.

Is there not also a real risk that cot death (one of the great `mysteries' of modern medicine) might not also be a consequence of vaccination?

Why hasn't anyone else noticed this possible link?

Doctors, sadly, are paid to give vaccinations. In Britain the Government gives doctors a bonus if they persuade enough of their patients to have vaccinations. Neither governments nor drug companies dare admit that there might be problems. (If they do then the number of lawsuits will explode.) Most doctors are unquestioning - too frightened to upset the establishment. Asking uncomfortable questions can ruin a doctor's career.

And medical journalists are just as useless. Most have very little formal medical training. They don't know what to look for, they not infrequently receive payments from drug companies and they hardly ever have the courage to take on the establishment. It gives me no pleasure at all to have to admit that far too many so-called medical and health journalists are wimpy incompetents who won't print or broadcast anything which might damage their cosy relationships with the medical establishment and the international pharmaceutical industry.

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