Is This the Snootiest Remainer?

Vernon Coleman

If David Lammy MP gets my vote as the most stupid Remainer, then Jonathan Sumption gets my personal award as the most egregious example of the up-themselves metropolitan elite.

In a recent issue of the Spectator magazine Sumption complained that Brexit `was an act of economic vandalism by a bare majority’.

(Leavers won the Referendum by a massive majority of 1.5 million votes and I know of absolutely no evidence that planning to leave the EU would be anything but good for the economy. However, it seems to me that Remainers generally prefer to gloss over dull stuff like inconvenient facts.)

Sumption used to be a judge (sitting on the Supreme Court) and was for years he earned over £1,000,000 as a barrister (in 2001 he wrote to The Guardian complaining about the `puny £1.6 million a year’ he was earning). Poor sod.

And Sumption has represented the Government several times.

So, he represented the Government in the Hutton inquiry into the death of David Kelly (in my view one of the biggest whitewash operations in history).

And he charged £800,000 for appearing in a four week trial for the Government when 49,500 private shareholders in Railtrack brought a legal action.

I think I know which side Mr Sumption is on.

In the 70s he co-wrote a book arguing that no convincing argument for an equal society has ever been advanced.

Sumption seems to me to be the sort of nasty and bumptious establishment blister who makes decent people decide to join marches and become communists.

He is a perfect example of a Remainer.

And I can’t help feeling that he is one of the establishment reasons why those of us with brains and dignity (and a loathing of Hitler’s legacy) are having such a hard job pushing through the Brexit we won hands down in a democratic vote.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

If Sumption wants to know more about the EU he appears to love then I suggest he reads The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. Who knows, if he reads it then maybe he will be embarrassed to be an EU supporter. Or, then again, maybe he won’t.