Is Tony Blair A Psychopath?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Psychopaths exhibit a number of recognisable traits. Here is the list of traits which doctors may look for when trying to assess whether or not an individual is a psychopath. Obviously, not all psychopaths exhibit all these traits. But if an individual has a good many of the traits on this list then he or she may be a psychopath.

1: Psychopaths are extremely selfish and egocentric
2: Psychopaths lie constantly
3: Psychopaths are manipulative
4: Psychopaths are grandiose
5: Psychopaths have a sense of entitlement
6: Psychopaths are callous and indifferent to suffering
7: Psychopaths lack personal insight and never learn from experience
8: Psychopaths are bullying and abusive
9: Psychopaths are good at tricking people
10: Psychopaths can be superficially charming and likeable
11: Psychopaths invariably seem strong and confident
12: Psychopaths may appear sincere
13: Psychopaths commonly become frustrated and angry
14: Psychopaths are never irrational
15: Psychopaths have poor imaginations
16: Psychopaths donít worry
17: Psychopaths are often hostile, aggressive and violent
18: Psychopaths are unable to experience love or true compassion
19: Psychopaths are uninterested in anyone elseís tragedy or joy
20: Psychopaths will never take responsibility
21: Psychopaths never show remorse or guilt
22: Psychopaths are exceptionally likely to become alcoholics or drug addicts
23: Psychopaths are indifferent to literature and art
24: Psychopaths have little or no genuine sense of humour
25: Psychopaths are chameleons
26: Psychopaths behave in a way that leaves normal people feeling helpless and betrayed
27: Psychopaths tend to make too much effort to appear interested in other people
28: Psychopaths sometimes appear to have dead eyes
29: Psychopaths are good at appearing to be victims
30: Psychopaths often make promises they know they canít keep
31: Psychopaths are good at self-promotion
32: Psychopaths learn to fake their emotions
33: Psychopaths are often extremely ambitious
34: Psychopaths neglect their families
35: Psychopaths are constantly searching for excitement
36: Psychopaths never apologise
37: Psychopaths are quick thinking
38: Psychopaths are sometimes very intelligent
39: Psychopaths may become extremely successful

So, do you know anyone who might be a psychopath? You have all the facts. You decide.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

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