Israeli Soldiers Find These Items in Gaza Hospital

Dr Vernon Coleman

I can exclusively reveal that Israeli soldiers found all sorts of stuff in the Gaza hospital they raided.

Here is the full list of the stuff they discovered hidden behind the hospitalís cupboards:


The crew of the Marie Celeste

A peashooter

Picture of Dorian Gray

A water pistol (which didnít work properly)

Lord Lucan

`This proves that we were justified in killing all those babies,í said Netanyahu the Baby Killer.

`We were right all along, as we always are,í said President Biden.

`I agree,í said Sunak, the loathsome, grinning Prime Minister of an unnamed once great country.

And, of course, when the Israelis left the hospital they left behind dead babies and children, killed directly or indirectly by barbaric soldiers representing a genocidal, terrorist state and by the Godless Israeli Government.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023