If you have a smart phone you are about to become its prisoner

Dr Vernon Coleman

All around the world, Governments are introducing a new warning system Ė using smart phones to send warning messages to everyone. Some countries, such as China, have had these smart phone warning sirens for some time. The system is being tested on St Georgeís Day in England.

Itís another one of lifeís unending evil coincidences that governments everywhere have been ordered to instruct mobile phone companies to send out alerts via smart phones.

The phoneís owner will hear 10 seconds of a siren-like noise and then there will be a picture warning on the screen until the owner turns it off. Really stupid people think this is all being done to protect them. After all, governments say that the scheme will warn of floods or nuclear attacks. What the lying, scheming conspirators donít mention so much is that they can target whole countries or just a few houses in a locality. You can see where itís going, canít you? Next time someone is suspected of having a cold, everyone within sneezing distance will hear the siren and be told to stay indoors until further notice.

The world looks more like a prison every day and smart phones will be the jailers. Eventually the warning siren will go off when it is time to get up in the morning. And it will scream at you when it is time to go to bed. Dump your smart phone now before you are its prisoner.

Without smart phones their digital world will not work.

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