You Must Read This New Book by Jack King: It Contains the Evidence that Will Destroy the EU

Vernon Coleman

Indisputable Evidence Proving the EU Was Created by Nazis – by Jack King
Available on Amazon both as an ebook (99p) and as a paperback (£3.99).

If enough people read Jack King’s new book, the EU will die. It will shrivel up in embarrassment and it will be no more.

I have often written about how Hitler and the Nazis created the European Union. Sadly, most people have dismissed this truth as nonsense. People find it just too difficult to believe. And so the truth has been pushed aside. Anyone who has drawn attention to the link between Nazi Germany and the European Union, has been demonised, vilified, sneered at, ignored and dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

That cannot happen now.

Jack King’s new book is called Indisputable Evidence Proving the EU Was Created by Nazis and it explains in detail how the Nazis won the Second World War and now control your life.

This book will shock you more than anything else you’ve ever read.

Here, at last, is the incontrovertible evidence proving the link between the Nazis of the 1940s and the European Union of the 21st century. You will be shocked at the identities of some of the Nazi sympathisers. King describes how concentration camp prisoners were used to help build up German wealth so that the money could be used to ensure that Germany won World War II. He names all the worst offenders – and the companies with which they were linked.

This book shows how and why the European Union was designed and set up – and it proves that the EU was created by and for the very worst Nazis. King also points out why and how America helped the Nazis build their dream – the European Union. And he explains how the Nazi aim was helped by the Bank of International Settlements (the world’s most secretive and powerful bank).

The ‘founding fathers’ of the EU are frequently named as Walter Hallstein, Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer. Jack King provides evidence that all three men were supporters of Hitler. The European Coal and Steel Community (the forerunner of the European Union) was set up by Robert Schuman, who was a supporter of Hitler. Walter Hallstein, the first President of the European Commission, had been a Nazi army officer who helped write the original document calling for the elimination of the Jewish race. And Konrad Adenauer, another supporter of Hitler, stuffed the first post War German government with Nazis.

Your view of the world will never be the same when you’ve read this book.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2019