Jingle Bells

Vernon Coleman

Antoinette and I spent a very pleasant hour or so watching a bunch of primary school children sing carols and then switch on the local Christmas lights. Sensibly, the organisers had resisted the temptation to hire a Z list celebrity (at great expense) and had given the important job to a bunch of six and seven-year-olds. This delightful trend is, I believe, now popular around the country. It was a community effort at its best. Local businesses had provided a magnificent tree and lights. A local band provided sing-a-long music. And the local stores had put enormous effort into their own decorations.

It was a wondrous experience which was marred only by the presence of a few dozen scruffy and noisy climate change protestors who had deliberately parked themselves underneath the twinkling Christmas lights and who appeared to be doing their best to disrupt proceedings (and the happy atmosphere) by deliberately singing out of tune and promoting their bizarre views.

I find it difficult to think of a better expression of the phrase `mean spiritedí.

I do hope these deluded protestors had found a way of producing their stickers and so on without using any fossil based energy to operate their printing equipment.

I lost my last vestige of respect for these protestors when I heard that one of like persuasion had defaced a war memorial in London. Most of them seem to be a mixture of the disrespectful, the arrogant, the lazy and the hypocritical.

Still, I see that some of these nutters are now going on hunger strike. This is one strike that will, I hope, last a good, long time.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

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