NHS Staff Should Contact jobsnotjabs.uk immediately

Dr Vernon Coleman

As I predicted weeks ago, the UK Government has backed down and will not now force NHS staff to accept the toxic, experimental mRNA jab in order to remain employed.

The Government had stupidly backed itself into a corner with this threat. It was never going to be possible to go through with such a nonsense without making it clear to the world that they were keen to destroy what is left of the NHS.

But we obviously can’t trust Johnson’s Government. Lies come as naturally as breathing to the people `running’ Britain these days.

On the 11th January I wrote a piece entitled `Everyone Working in Healthcare in the UK Must Read this’ in which I explained that anyone in the UK health care sector who felt threatened by the Government’s absurd plan – not to mention its vicious bullying and discrimination – should contact jobsnotjabs.uk for help and affordable legal support. Their address is admin@jobsnotjabs.uk

Jobsnotjabs.uk is continuing to help and, in the words of Dr Zac Cox `will not stop until there is no longer a threat of reintroducing requirements for vaccination to work ‘.

`The statements made by Government are very cleverly worded to enable them to reopen at any point’, points out Dr Cox.

Dr Cox rightly points out that the time to act is now. Jobsnotjabs.uk will deal directly with employers with the aim of permanently preventing these measures.

If I were working in the NHS I’d get in touch with them instantly. (For the record I have no financial links of any kind with jobsnotjabs.uk).

Meanwhile, what is the Government going to do about all those care home workers who were either bullied into being jabbed – or fired for refusing to be bullied?

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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