Eleven Jolly bits of News!

Dr Vernon Coleman

The world appears to have become relentlessly cruel, humourless and bigoted.

We have to find our fun where we can and there have been some rather surprisingly encouraging bits of news this week.

First, there was UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries saying that BBC staff `just believe they are absolutely right about everything. And they have a world view and a view of the UK which is I think sometimes very wrong.’

That is something we all think. But it’s good to hear it from the Minister who controls the BBC licence fee.

Incidentally, for those living outside the UK, the BBC runs what I regard as a protection racket to gouge huge sums of money from unwilling citizens. Even if you never watch BBC programmes they still send you threatening letters every month. (A protection racket is defined as a system of taking money from people in exchange for not doing something bad to them. The BBC licence fee racket seems to me to fit neatly into this definition.)

Second, there was news that a vaccine factory in Oxford which had received £200 million of British taxpayers’ money is being sold. Why is that good news? Well, the factory did not make one vial of vaccine – though it was once thought it would be able to make 70 million doses of vaccine in four months.

Third, the Government is having trouble with the pesky so-called smart meters that they have been trying to push householders into having fitted. It turns out that smart meters interfere with nuclear missile early warning systems. Whoops. (Don’t let them fit a smart meter in your house. They can use them to cut off your electricity supply whenever it suits them. And if you have a nuclear missile early warning system in your home then the smart meter will play havoc with it.)

Fourth, the latest shopping statistics show that the number of sales on the internet has fallen from 36% to 25%. This is good news because it helps keeps High Street shops open. And it’s excellent news because when we shop in the High Street we can use cash. Online we have to use cards.

Fifth, a major survey of spending habits shows that only 21% of baby boomers have used a mobile phone to make a payment in the last month. (Sadly, 62% of generation Z have done so and 53% of millennials have succumbed). This is good news because it means more older citizens are refusing to go digital when shopping. We have to keep using cash in order to slow down (or halt) the move towards digital passports.

Sixth, UK statistics show that the double jabbed are dying from all causes six times as rapidly as the un-jabbed. This may not be exactly jolly news for the jabbed but it is comforting to those of us who refused all the jabs. And it will help us to persuade more people to refuse the next round of booster jabs.

Seventh, after years of being told that we should live on green tea and bean shoots there is some good dietary news. A decade long study of over half a million Britons showed that those who drank three cups of ground coffee a day were 12% less likely to die than those mad greens drinking decaffeinated coffee and chrysanthemum tea.

Eighth, new laws mean that the awful duo of Mark Zuckerberg and Nick Clegg could go to prison if they break new social media laws. Oh, please.

Ninth, major financial institutions in the US, UK, Canada and Japan invested and lent $1.5 trillion to the coal industry despite their net zero pledges. The bankers know, deep down, that none of us can survive without fossil fuels. And coal is far less damaging to the environment than biomass (wood pellets carried half way round the world in big diesel glugging ships).

Tenth, yet more proof that wind farms are an ugly annoyance comes from the fact that in the year 2020, three large wind farms in Scotland were paid £24.5 million to fail to produce half their potential output. And even jollier was the news that an entire wind turbine (that had cost over £20 million to erect) fell over in the wind (no one was hurt).

Eleventh, both the Prime Minister of Britain and Prince Charles (heir to the throne) are being investigated by the Police. If both are arrested maybe they could share a cell together?

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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