The Abusive Tweets Continue

Dr Vernon Coleman

A dear friend sent me a tweet from someone called Jo Ramadan who tweets as @JoRammers. Mr Ramadan described me as: `the last person on earth that should have been allowed anywhere near patients. He is a fraud and a quack, and has rightfully been a laughing stock in the medical and scientific communities for decades!’

I’ve put Mr Ramadan (who coyly hides his face on his tweet photo – but displays what I regard as a hideous taste in shirts) onto my `to be sued’ list. I’d like to congratulate him on having managed to cram more libels into one small tweet than anyone else for at least a month. I would guess that he knows that I am banned from Twitter – just as I am banned from all social media for daring to tell the truth – and maybe thinks that I wouldn’t see his recklessness.

For the record, my lawyers will mention in court that I have lectured doctors and students at Birmingham University and St Thomas’s Medical School and that I’ve given professional evidence to committees in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Oh, and I’ve edited two medical journals and contributed to most existing medical journals (including the British Medical Journal). I’ve also written for all British broadsheet newspapers except the Independent (though I’ve been profiled there four times). He might like to look at the press quotes on

Mr Ramadan should know that the going rate for a tweeted libel these days is around £100,000 but can be much more. I’m storing the libellous tweets up for my old age and I suspect I’ll get a better deal from the lawyers if I sue these folk a dozen at a time.

I do hope Mr Ramadan (if that is his real name – which I suspect it is) earns a lot of money and has a nice house and car. Property in London is still quite valuable isn’t it?

As an aside, why do people who tweet think they can say whatever they like, and whatever comes into their heads, without any consequences? People like Mr Ramadan need to know that believing the lies on Wikipedia and Google can be an expensive business.

Mr Ramadan has now blocked my chum, so if you have a Twitter account please put this short piece on your Twitter account so that Mr Ramadan can look forward to the excitement which lies ahead.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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