Keep reading and watching to see what comes next

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

In July 2021 I wrote a script I wrote for a video called `The Lockdowns, the Masks, the Rules are Coming Back: the Noose is Tightening’.The video was published after UK Government advisors such as Neil Ferguson, were saying that the worst was over. Neil Ferguson was quoted as saying that the so called pandemic would be over by October.

This is what I said back in July 2021:

`… the lies are going to keep coming and the truths are going to be suppressed ever harder. And we have to fight harder than ever. We’re all tired but we have to keep sharing the truth wherever we can. Print out articles from and share them. Send copies of the constantly updated article about vaccine deaths and injuries to MPs, doctors, teachers, police officers, journalists and lawyers. Don’t be fooled by the calm before the storm. To mix a couple of metaphors, we’re in the eye of a hurricane and the noose is tightening. We have to fight harder because we have to win.’

Three months on and I wouldn’t change a word.

This is an entirely predictable psy-op.

Every step has been planned.

Remember I warned about mandatory vaccinations in March 2020

Keep watching and reading to see what comes next.

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