Why and How They Plan to Kill Seven Billion

Dr Vernon Coleman

It’s always important to try to see the big picture – rather than to concentrate too much on small issues.

Many, many years ago I managed to arrange for a meeting on animal experimentation to be held at the House of Commons in the UK.

I explained to MPs that tests done on animals are known to be useless and I illustrated this by producing a long list of drugs which were on the market but which were known to cause cancer, heart disease and other serious problems when given to animals. The drug companies had ignored the problems by claiming that animals are different to people. I had therefore very effectively proved that animal experiments are useless and should be stopped. The MPs were murmuring support.

And then a member of the public stood up and started talk about a campaign his organisation was running to increase the size of the cages in which animals were kept in laboratories.

And that was that.

The MPs, relieved at not having to do anything useful, concentrated on the small issue and were happy to ignore the big picture argument.

I’ve seen the same thing happening time and time again during the last 12 months – with too many people arguing about trivialities and ignoring the big issue.

The most important word in the English language at the moment is WHY?

There are other important words, of course. Who? For example.

But WHY is the most important.

We’ve known the answer for a long time, of course.

But we have constantly to remember.

It’s about reducing the world population. It’s the plan for a global reset. To turn the earth into a cluster of bee hives: with a few queens and a load of worker bees.

Bill, Klaus, Tony and Charles are going to be queens of course.

And guess who the workers are going to be?

Back in June 2020 I made a video called `Your Government Wants You Dead’ in which I returned to a subject I’d written about many times during the previous few decades: the enthusiasm of governments everywhere to kill their elderly citizens.

All that has happened since then is that governments have speeded things up and become more blatant about their avowed intent to reduce the world population. Instead of just killing the elderly, they are going to kill the frail, the disabled, the jobless, the weak, the fearful and the gullible. They are also planning to kill millions of children and to reduce the fertility of millions of women. Some of these programmes are already under way.

Anyone who doesn’t see all this is either being paid to look stupid or is stupid or, in the case of BBC employees, both of these.

Wherever you live today, you are living in the killing fields. The billionaires are coming for you. And, aided and abetted by doctors and journalists who have been bought with huge pay outs, the promoters of the new world order, the global reset, are utterly merciless. Don’t expect kindness or sympathy from the likes of Bill Gates, Klaus Anal Schwab, Tony Blair and Prince Charles.

It had been obvious in February 2020 that pretending that the flu was a deadly new disease was part of a plan to reduce the global population. My video `Coronavirus: The Hoax of the Century?’ was published in mid-March 2020 and quietly taken down by YouTube but it’s back on Brand New Tube. On that video I predicted that the aim of the hoax was to kill the elderly, introduce a vaccination programme, get rid of cash and crash the world economy. Everything I predicted has been accurate.

Governments around the world decided that because of the difficulty involved in dealing with what is now proven to be nothing more than the flu they can no longer treat the elderly.

The genocide started in earnest some years ago with something called the Liverpool Care Pathway.

This was a murderers’ charter, which allowed doctors and nurses to withhold food, water and essential treatment from patients who were over 65 and who were, therefore, regarded as an expensive and entirely disposable nuisance.

Then the Liverpool Care Pathway was replaced by something called Sustainable Development Goals (which originated with the United Nations and which is, therefore, global).

Sustainable Development Goals allows the doctors and hospitals to discriminate against anyone over the age of 70 on the grounds that people who die when they are over 70 cannot be said to have died `prematurely’ and so will not count when the nation’s healthcare is being assessed.

Governments love this new rule because it gives the State permission to get rid of citizens who are of pensionable age and, therefore, regarded by society’s accountants as a `burden’. Governments have been worried for years about rising pension costs and health care costs, and last year in the UK the Government boasted that it had saved billions because of the many unnecessary deaths.

In Holland, one eminent doctor claimed that the elderly are not admitted to hospitals – and certainly not to intensive care units. `The Netherlands does not hospitalise the weak and the elderly, in order to make room for young people,’ he said.

A survey of 6,600 patients in the Netherlands found that treatment – including drugs, food and water, was most likely to be withheld from the over 65s. And in 56% of cases doctors didn’t bother to discuss their failure to treat with their patients or patients’ relatives.

And for years it has been reported that the elderly are routinely killed in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Age has become a criterion for triage. Genocide is coming to a town near you – if it isn’t already there.

Back in 2015 when doctors in America were reported to be withholding treatment from elderly patients, doctors said it wasn’t ageism. They didn’t say what it was though. But it certainly wasn’t kindness or proper, decent medical practice.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire who nearly became the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020, said America should deny healthcare to elderly prostate cancer victims.

None of this was entirely new, of course.

In the UK it was way back in February 2005 that it was revealed that the British Government had advised that hospital patients with little hope of recovery should be allowed to die because of the cost of keeping them alive. I did a good deal of screaming about it but no one took any notice. That was 2005.

The key words were ‘little hope of recovery’: words which don’t mean anything.

Any doctor worthy of the name will tell you that they’ve seen patients get better despite there having been `little hope of recovery’. When I was a GP I had patients who were given weeks to live by hospital doctors but who lived a decade or more.

In the UK, Tony Blair’s Labour Government suggested that `old people' be denied the right to food and water if they fell into a coma or couldn't speak for themselves.

So, patients should be killed if they couldn’t speak for themselves.

So much for any hope for stroke victims.

Blair’s Government suggested that the need to cut costs came before the need to preserve the lives of patients, and decided it had the right to overturn a right-to-life ruling which had been made when a judge ordered that artificial nutrition and hydration should not be withdrawn unless the life of a patient could be described as `intolerable'. The judge had added that when there was any doubt, preservation of life should take precedence.

Depriving the elderly of food and water has been common place in hospitals and care homes for years. Drinks or food are put on a tray and, if the patient is too ill or weak to reach them then the food is taken away untouched. In most hospitals no one bothers to feed patients who cannot feed themselves. `We don’t feed patients,’ said a nurse rather snootily.

How have we managed to forget that in the 1930s the Nazis deliberately starved and dehydrated elderly and vulnerable patients because they were regarded as a useless burden on society?

That is exactly what we are doing today.

However, it wasn’t until a couple of months after the marketing launch of covid-19, the most over-hyped illness in world history, that governments started to put the long-term plan to reduce the world’s population into action. I’ve done several videos and articles for my websites containing the proof of these plans and there are details in my book Endgame. It’s never been a secret that the new self-appointed world leaders want the global population down to just 500 million.

So, they started killing off sick, disabled and frail patients by arranging for the closure of hospital departments, and deliberately delaying test and treatment procedures.

Governments all around the world claimed they needed to protect the hospitals so that they could cope with the hundreds of millions of patients expected to fall ill with the coronavirus. But they were simply introducing the death penalty by the back door – deliberately slaughtering millions of innocent people. In the UK there are now millions of people on waiting lists – many will die before they are seen.

And the deaths were useful. By fiddling the figures, and by insisting that anyone who had a positive PCR test and then died must have died from covid-19, politicians and their advisors could claim that covid-19 really was the pandemic to end all pandemics.

The great reset means that nothing goes to waste.

Denying the elderly, the frail and the disabled access to medical care is just one of the ways they intend to kill billions.

I’ve isolated many more ways.

There are, for example, the Do Not Resuscitate notices which are being put on people with long-term illnesses – whatever their age. Even young people who have mental or physical problems are being labelled `unsuitable to live’. If they collapse then they will be denied treatment and allowed to die. How many million will die when they could have been saved – but were considered too much of a nuisance, an expense or an inconvenience? There may not be any gas chambers yet but no one can deny that we’re living in a world where the Nazis would have felt comfortable.

Then there is social distancing.

This piece of utter nonsense is useful in several ways. First the insane six foot apart rule mean that many hospital departments are still shut or only capable of dealing with a tiny number of patients. Second, social distancing damages immune systems – and makes people more vulnerable to infections – and it creates mental health problems leading to alcoholism and a massive rise in suicides. A study in Germany has shown that a third of children aged 11-17 suffered from depression and 44% developed insomnia.

Masks are promoted as health savers but they’re going to kill huge numbers – largely through bacterial pneumonia which will be mis-diagnosed as covid-19 and largely left untreated. I believe that many of those who were registered as covid-19 deaths could have been saved with a course of antibiotics. And I’ve proved conclusively that masks cause a range of other serious health problems – including dementia. Read my free book Proof that masks do more harm than good. You can download the pdf from www.vernoncoleman.org.

And then there are the hand sanitisers.

Back in July 2020 I warned that in America, the FDA warned of a sharp increase in the number of hand sanitiser products which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and can be life threatening if swallowed.

Some hand sanitisers can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or the ultimate side effect – death. That’s the type of death that you only get once. If repeatedly used as a hand rub, skin absorption can cause chronic toxicity and sight damage.

A paper I have seen in `Infectious Diseases Consultant’ confirms the danger. And there is a two-year-old paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health entitled `Methanol as an unlisted ingredient in supposedly alcohol based hand rubs can pose serious health risk’.

It’s nigh on impossible to know which hand sanitisers are deadly because some of them are mislabelled. And besides, when a shop insists that you use their hand sanitiser are you really going to try to read the label? Even if it’s got a label. They probably got the stuff from a bloke who usually does their drains and bought a supply from a mate on the market who knows someone in China. You could use some sanitising gels to strip paint.

Anyway, the idiots insisting that people use the sanitiser, and the idiots using sanitisers, should know that the US Centers for Disease Control and Infection said in April 2021 that it had found little scientific support for routine use of disinfectants in community settings, whether indoor or outdoor’.

Nice to know they’re only a smidgeon away from agreeing with my long-held belief that hand sanitisers, like face masks, do more harm than good – unless you have a specific reason for using one. I’d want to hand sanitise if I’d shaken hands with any government minister, for example.

They’re not going to kill billions with hand sanitisers alone, of course.

So they’re got the big guns ready.

Fresh, drinking water has been running out for years and the mad Greens have been helping them get rid of what there is by using it to wash out their yoghurt cartons for their recycling boxes. Partly, as a result of this virtue signalling there are big water shortages coming and hundreds of millions will die. The carefully washed rubbish mostly ends in landfill or incinerators.

Food is going to be a problem too. The pointless lockdowns have caused chaos around the world and are responsible for the deaths of millions of children in Africa. That’s just the beginning. The Black Lives Matter campaigners might like to take a look at the figures. The genocide is going to really get going in Africa. Within the next few years there are going to be billions of deaths around the world caused by starvation. In America and Europe only the poor will starve to death, so ‘Madge’ Hancock and ‘Doris’ Johnson won’t go hungry. Nor will ‘Macaroon’ in France. For the record, global food prices are already a third higher than they were a year ago. As I have been warning for months, inflation is coming.

What’s happening in Africa will happen in Asia too. They’ll blame new covid mutations but that will be a lie, of course.

And then, there’s India. The mainstream media around the world have been publishing horrifying reports about what is alleged to be happening in India. There are bodies in the streets. Well, there always are. Many poor people sleep in the streets. Bodies are being burned. Well, that’s not exceptional.

New mutant viruses are coming, they suggest. `The new strains of covid are much deadlier.’ We should panic. We will soon need strict lockdowns again. We will definitely need new experimental vaccines. Maybe we need to start with the human sacrifices.

It is, of course, all bollocks.

For a start I don’t believe the figures. If the Indians are using the same sort of testing which is used in the UK then the number of false positives probably far exceeds the number of real positives. And I suspect that the number of deaths from covid-19 is far smaller than they are claiming. There, as elsewhere, anyone who is run over by a bus will probably be put down as a covid death.

And then there is the experimental `vaccine’ they are using. The number of deaths seems to have risen as more people are jabbed.

Moreover, there have been well publicised vaccine deaths and there is clearly a need to get people to accept their jabs. As governments everywhere know, the best way to do that is through fear.

But the big thing to remember is that India is a huge country with a population well over a billion. And, in proportion, the number of alleged covid deaths is actually not all that high.

The always excellent, balanced and incisive UK Column recently ran an excellent story drawing attention to this fact.

What the mainstream media isn’t covering is the fact that the lockdowns have killed millions. Ten times as many have starved to death in India as a result of the lockdowns as have died from covid-19 – even allowing for the undoubtedly and inevitably bloated covid-19 figures. The BBC missed that.

For a year now I have been warning that the lockdowns would kill far more people than the alleged pandemic. And for months now it has been patently clear that I was right.

In the `new normal’, nothing is what it seems to be. The mainstream media is using India as a promotional tool – to ramp up the fear and prepare the timid and pliable for lockdowns in the autumn and for a never ending stream of experimental injections.

What else are they weaponising?

Power, of course.

Banning the use of fossil fuels means that we will have to rely on electricity but most electricity is obtained by burning fossil fuels so that leaves us with a bit of a problem. The number of people dying of the cold next winter and the winter after and the winter after that is going to be an ever increasing record.

Next, in schools they’ll kill kids with Wi-Fi. Many countries have banned Wi-Fi from schools because of the well-known dangers but there are loads of schools in the US and the UK where the teachers boast about the power of their Wi-Fi systems. Children are far more vulnerable than adults because their skulls are thinner. What problems are we talking about? Mainly neurological because it’s the nervous system that gets badly affected. And lots of deaths. Parents should rise up and protest but most of them won’t because they don’t realise that sending their kids down the mines or up chimneys would probably be safer for them than sending them to schools with Wi-Fi systems.

The Agenda 21, Great Reset plotters will reduce fertility, and therefore the number of babies being born, through the injections, of course. I’ve dealt with that before and it’s well documented.

And that takes us onto the experimental jabs. How many are going to die from side effects and the pathogenic priming? Well, I’m on record as fearing that more might die from the experimental mRNA jabs than will eventually die from covid-19, the rebranded flu, and I stick by that. Governments will, of course, blame the vaccine deaths and injuries on mutant strains and on ultra-fashionable ‘long covid’. By the way, the long list of vaccine side effects is almost identical to the reported symptoms of ‘long covid’. What a coincidence.

But that was just my short-term fear.

In the long term, I worry that the experimental jabs will turn out to be the greatest of the genocidal weapons – killing as many as starvation, water shortages and the cold. Look at the article on my websites called, `How many people are the vaccines killing?’ It is updated every week and it is truly terrifying. I don’t believe anyone who reads it would accept the experimental jab. It’s all about informed consent. Please tell everyone you know to read that article. Save lives by emailing it to schools and local newspapers. Try to email a dozen a day. Time is running out. We have to act quickly. You can easily email the article from

This alleged pandemic, is all part of the complete reset of our world – as talked about and enthused over by Prince Charles and company at the World Economic Forum?

It’s Agenda 21 and the same old reasons for corruption: power and money.

Oh, and one other thing: healthy millennials should remember that although some governments appear to have decided that the over 70s cannot be treated the cut off age in other countries is 65.

And in five years they may reduce the cut off age to 60. And by the end of the decade the 55-year-olds will be lucky to receive a bottle of aspirin tablets if they have a heart attack or break a leg.

DNR notices are already being put on people in their 30s who have physical or mental health problems.

Population control was something the Nazis thought they were good at.

The BBC, with its financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will dismiss all this.

But, cut out the lies and the libels which have been used to demonise me and I’d happily back my track record at warnings and predictions on health matters against anyone working at the BBC – even some of the 15-year-old propaganda experts with certificates in O level sewing. For over a year I have offered to debate with them on live TV but for some inexplicable reason they haven’t found the time. Can’t blame them, I suppose.

Perhaps I should remind you that, since February 2020, I have been absolutely accurate with all my predictions for the coronavirus.

And check my track record for the last half a century – it’s on www.vernoncoleman.com

Nothing is hidden.

As far as I know I am in pretty decent health. I am not suicidal. And I’m careful to avoid accidents…

If anything curious happens and I suddenly disappear please ask questions.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021

`Coming Apocalypse’, Vernon Coleman’s original book about covid-19 is still available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. `Coming Apocalypse’ explains how the covid-19 hoax developed in the spring of 2020.