Why The NHS Now Kills More People Than It Saves

Vernon Coleman

1. No one gives a damn about patients any more. Patients are regarded by bureaucrats, doctors and nurses as at best an inconvenience and at worst a nuisance. Everyone working for the NHS seems to have forgotten why they are there. Separating consumer from cheque writing just doesn't work in an era of selfishness. There is no such thing as `public service'.

2. The NHS has too much money. Employees spend most of their working hours finding new ways to grab as much of it as they can for themselves. They spend the rest of their time avoiding responsibility (legal and moral) and work.

3. Most nurses are fat, lazy and want to be treated like doctors used to be treated. Since even doctors are no longer treated like doctors used to be treated this leads to chronic resentment and discontent. Nurses are now being allowed to prescribe and make diagnoses. This is stupid. Most modern nurses aren't capable of plumping up pillows properly.

4. The majority of doctors are bitter and hate their jobs.

5. The NHS is overrun with three lethal breeds of cockroach. The first two varieties are called `administrators' and `social workers'. They contribute nothing to the welfare of patients but cost billions. The third variety is the type enjoying the waste food littering the filthy kitchens in our hospitals.

6. The NHS is run for the benefit of large drug companies which make fortunes out of flogging useless drugs to gullible patients. Persuading tired and ill-informed doctors (and ignorant nurses who have demanded and been given the authority to prescribe) to prescribe their wretched products is a highly profitable business.

7. The sole aim of the NHS is to satisfy bureaucratic targets and to provide secure, undemanding employment for large numbers of people. The NHS is the third largest employer in the world. The aim of the modern NHS is not to cure or to care for patients but to provide secure employment for a vast army of jobsworths. Gordon Brown, whose target culture has destroyed Britain's public services, has finally finished off the NHS.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 30th 2007

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