The Collaborators Will Kill Us All

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

This is the script of a video which appeared on YouTube on May 11th 2020 Ė in the long gone days when YouTube appeared to be an independent platform and hadnít yet morphed into a totalitarian mouthpiece, controlled by the CIA and MI5. The video was, of course, taken down in less time than it takes to read the script.

Read on:

The war we are fighting has already left nations financially ruined. Millions of kind and gentle people are spiritually lost. It is easy to feel despairing and to lose hope. In every country in the world between a quarter and a half of the population are clinically depressed and are taking pills. Sadly, the pills wonít help them but they will smother their emotions, help them hide their feelings and turn them into zombies. And that, after all, is the plan.

It was clear, long before 1918, that in World War I, the generals had completely lost touch with reality. They had lost the plot. They didnít know what was happening in the trenches because they didnít look. They didnít see the evidence and so they could ignore it.

But at least their actions were driven by a mixture of arrogance, stupidity and ignorance.

Today, things are very different.

The people who are controlling what happens to us today, the globalists, the conspirators, the billionaire bankers, are acting not through arrogance, stupidity and ignorance but through criminal greed. And the globalists, the conspirators, arenít just ignoring the evidence, they are suppressing it.

That is very different.

The truth about climate change is suppressed. The truth about covid and the covid vaccine is suppressed. The truth about drugs is suppressed. Even the truth about traffic and pollution in cities is suppressed. Scientists who dare to tell the truth about any of these things are silenced, vilified and crushed.

Mainstream journalists used to feel some sense of responsibility to dig out the truth. News, after all, is just something that important, powerful people donít want publishing.

Sure, journalists used to make mistakes and they were often crass and thoughtless. But good intentions were not unknown. A few decades ago I used the mainstream media to expose a number of cruelties, and sometimes the Government acted and wrongs were righted. Some editors and publishers had guts and were willing to take on politicians and big, powerful corporations. Iíve got a four drawer filing cabinet and an old trunk full of cuttings about campaigns I fought. Some we lost and some we won. But at least the truth had a chance.

No more.

Thanks largely to the efforts of the collaborators Ė without whom the conspirators would have got nowhere Ė we are perilously close to the end of a civilisation which has taken thousands of years to develop and which has seen off the efforts of a good many ambitious, cold-blooded tyrants.

In early May, 2020 I made a video entitled `Coronavirus: Silent Obedience Will Destroy Usí in which I argued that the world could be divided into three camps. If you want to read the full transcript of that video itís in my book `Covid 19: The Greatest Hoax in Historyí which contains the transcripts of all my early videos which YouTube banned and erased because they contained facts and truths and YouTube, like the mainstream media and most of the internet giants, exists to suppress and kill the truth.

The first camp, which is the largest, contains the people who are terrified and who think lockdowns are a great idea. They honestly believe that if we donít all stay indoors and keep the windows closed then the plague will kill us all. Some worry about the lockdown ending and believe that everyone should stay locked in forever or until the scientists confirm either that the last bug has been killed or that they have a safe and effective jab available.

This camp includes the trade union leaders who are insisting that their members will not go to work until they have all been equipped with the full regalia: gowns, hats, goggles, gloves and, for all I know, white rubber surgical boots and special socks. Moreover, they insist that their members must be kept six feet away from one another at all times.

And the camp includes those parents who say they wonít allow their children to attend school when the schools reopen.

The ones who want the lockdowns to continue are consumed by terror and believe everything the politicians say. They would happily drink the deadly koolaid if they were told it would keep them all safe. These are the folk who will enthusiastically sell their privacy, their remaining freedom and their souls, and enthusiastically sign up for the privacy eating mobile phone apps and whatever jabs are on offer.

Iím not mocking. I understand why these people feel the way they do. They have been terrified out of their wits by ruthless professionals bombarding them with a potent mixture of pseudoscience and scare stories, and with exaggeration and misdirection. There is much talk these days of conspiracies and fake news Ė well, believe me, in my opinion no nutty website produces as much misleading news as the BBC.

If this false crisis ever ends, waiting lists for urgent surgery are going to be years long. Millions will be waiting for life-saving surgery, radiotherapy and so on.

Doctors and nurses know this is happening and they donít want it to happen. But they are doing what they are told to do by moronic advisers and bureaucrats and politicians who probably goose step to work every morning.

And as a few Germans discovered 75 years ago, it isnít enough to say I was just doing what I was told. Doctors and nurses should stand up and speak out. I know it may endanger your career (I buggered up my career long, long ago by speaking out) but this is far more important than anyoneís career. And when the time comes to decide who screwed up and who is responsible for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, the politicians and the bureaucrats will wriggle out of the responsibility. It will be the doctors and nurses who allowed all this to happen who will be the ones to pay the price Ė in their souls if nowhere else.

Despite all this, however, there are still millions of people who believe in the lockdowns and the social distancing. They are terrified out of their wits. And they have frozen in obedience.

The second camp is the smallest of the three. It consists of people who believe the coronavirus scare has been wildly oversold. They realise it is a nasty, infectious bug but having studied the real evidence (or at least as much of it as can be found), rather than the fake evidence dished up by bent and unscrupulous politicians and the headline hunting media folk, they realise that the coronavirus is no more lethal or destructive than a nasty flu bug Ė and probably not as bad as the worst flu bugs.

The people in this camp are furious at the way the world has been damned near destroyed for no good reason. They know that the whole terrible mess is too stupid to be a cock up. So they are reluctantly coming round to the idea that it is a conspiracy to take away their freedom, their democracy and free speech, to give a bunch of unimaginative dictators the excuse to introduce oppressive and scary laws that wouldnít have been out of place in Stalinís Russia or Hitlerís Germany.

They suspect that there is money behind what is happening and they rather fear that if someone found a cheap, safe cure then it would be demonised and banned until an expensive, patented cure could be found and made available at great profit. If you think I am being cynical then thatís because you havenít been writing about the drugs industry for half a century.

In the third camp, which is the second largest group, are the people who donít quite know what to think or who donít have the courage to face the facts. They prefer to let someone else worry and take all the responsibility. They see their country being destroyed but they canít quite find the time to look at the evidence or the courage to question the decisions being made. They are terrified about the future because they can see that the way things are going there probably isnít one. They know that todayís children are going to spend their lives impoverished, working hard to pay off the debts incurred as a result of this lockdown lunacy. They know that people with cancer and other serious diseases are dying because they have been abandoned by health care chiefs.

But they donít feel they can support one side or the other just yet. They stand outside at the appropriate times and clap the NHS but their hearts arenít really in it.

It is the people in this third group I honestly canít understand.

This is a crucial time. It affects our lives now and for the foreseeable future. Generations ahead will be affected by what we do now.

The basic question is: are we fighting a virus or are we fighting our governments?

Itís not a question you can ignore. Everyone has to take sides.

If you decide that the politicians are being honest and that their advisers are competent and accurate then you can put yourself in the first camp and just pray that youíll be saved by the mathematicians with their models and the politicians with their threats and hope that the alleged plague doesnít kill you and your loved ones.

But if you think the politicians are lying, in the way they always do, and that the advisors are plucking figures out of thin air, or that for whatever reason the figures are being manipulated, and the lockdowns are going to do far more harm than good then you are spiritually in the second camp and you should do everything you can to fight for freedom and for our future.

You should fight and fight and fight because if you donít then we are all sunk.

I firmly believe that our only hope is to convert as many people as possible from the third group and to persuade them to join the second group.

Only when the sceptics outnumber the gullible, will any of us have any sort of a future.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 11th 2020

`Coming Apocalypseí Ė Vernon Colemanís first book about the covid fraud was published in April 2020. In the book (written in March 2020) Dr Coleman described how the fake pandemic developed and looked at the sort of future he thought we might face. `Coming Apocalypseí is still available in paperback and as an eBook via the bookshop on

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