They Donít Want You to Know Any of This

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

You may have had a little difficulty finding my videos recently. Indeed, the whole Brand New Tube platform, was out of commission for a while. The creatures who live in the dark forgot to take their tablets, went a little potty, did a little quiet hacking and Brand New Tube was taken down for a while. There were, I think, nearly 50 hacking attacks during one night. Even John Wayne would have found that tiring.

Congratulations to Brand New Tube for standing up against the heathen invaders, forcing them back and protecting the homeland.

Actually, Iím not surprised the channel has been attacked Ė itís now the go-to channel for doctors who want to speak the truth about covid-19. The attackers will doubtless be back. They have much to protect.

You will, I hope, have seen Mohammad Buttís two inspirational and dignified videos explaining what happened and how he has become a personal target. Heís a hero to truth tellers and freedom fighters. Chapeau as the French like to say.

I was, I confess, hoping to take a break for a short while from what has seemed like an endless campaign of banging my head against a series of brick walls. After recording well over 100 videos I was feeling a little dented in the skull, frayed around the edges elsewhere and in need of a rest. Researching, writing and recording these little films takes more time than you might imagine. Everything Iím going to tell you in this video, like everything Iíve said in previous videos, is the truth. People may ban them and may lie and sneer but Iím only interested in the truth. And if anyone claims this video is full of lies or fake news they can expect a libel writ in the post. Anyone planning a sneer should have the courage to give their full name and address. Itís difficult to sue Flobbergob or whatever of No Fixed Abode.

But the farce, the hoax, the scandal has just got worse and worse so here I am again.

Over the last half a century or so Iíve had more experience of hacking and abuse than I would have liked. Iíve been lied about and threatened. Interpol once spent months investigating a serious death threat after I exposed the way migrating birds were killed on the island of Malta. My website has been hacked and taken down more times than I can count without a calendar and a calculator. Iíve had papers stolen from my offices, Iíve been filmed and had my phone tapped for decades by Special Branch and MI5. Iíve been banned from the mainstream media for years. And Iíve had books banned.

But here and today I bet you I can tell you stuff you wonít find anywhere in the mainstream media.

There is a lot of lying and deceiving going on, of course. Politicians, reporters, TV presenters and scientists are lying, distorting and burying vital truths. They are suppressing vital information to which every citizen is entitled.

They claim that covid-19 is becoming a greater threat. So whereís the evidence? The death totals, the only figures which matter, have hardly risen. And they are using all sorts of trickery to make the figures look worse than they are. Anyone who tested positive for covid-19 and then died within 28 days because they were in an aeroplane crash will have been listed as a covid-19 death. And now theyíre listing as covid-19 deaths anyone who doctors think might have had it. If a doctor suspects that a patient died of covid-19 then thatís the cause of death, and the cash register of deaths pings up another sale.

Well, Iím a doctor so letís add in Elvis Presley, General Franco and President de Gaulle to the covid list. And put Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte on the list to get the numbers up. There is no logic, no science to any of it any more.

Che Guevera. Iím pretty sure he died of covid-19. And Idi Amin, Mao Tse Tung and Queen Victoria. All covid-19 deaths. Add them to the list. And Marilyn Monroe. Makes as much sense as everything else theyíre doing. Iím a doctor and I think they all died of covid-19 and so they did. Those are the new rules.

Who is writing the script these days? It sounds like Lewis Carroll to me.

In the UK theyíre also boosting the death totals by including everyone who dies of the flu in with the covid deaths. So, as far as journalists are concerned, everyone who dies of the flu will be a covid-19 death.

The flu is, of course, killing far more people than covid-19, and so the added figures will be a real bonus for the scaremongers. My guess is that since flu and pneumonia deaths are usually listed together, theyíll bung pneumonia deaths in with the covid-19 deaths.

They might as well include some of the cancer and heart disease deaths as covid-19 deaths.

Oh, no they canít because they are already doing that. Anyone who died within 28 days of a positive test is listed as a covid-19 death. The test they use is, of course, a test that was never designed for covid-19 in the first place. And theyíre testing for a disease which is usually so insignificant that they have to give you a test to see if you had it. They donít give you a test to see if youíve had chickenpox. People know if theyíve had chickenpox. Think about it.

I wouldnít like to say itís all getting out of hand but youíll know itís got silly when the BBC gets round to reporting that Noddy, Batman and six of the seven dwarves all died of covid. Actually I suspect that Sneezy caught it twice, tested positive twice and died of it twice.

I should add, for the sake of the BBC fact checkers, that the bit about Sneezy was what used to be called a joke. And shouldnít all the fact checkers be back at school anyway now that many schools are open again?

To keep us impressed and terrified they are rolling up the figures, month by month, season by season.

Flu deaths are usually measured from autumn to spring. And a bad flu season can kill 650,000 people worldwide.

But the covid-19 death total started in 2019 and itís still rolling onwards. In another decade or so, covid-19 will have killed millions.

And that, theyíll say will justify killing tens of millions through lockdowns, starvation and unemployment, destroying jobs, lives, hopes and dreams.

But the censors and the hackers donít want you to know that the virus allegedly responsible for all this mayhem has allegedly never been isolated. Nor do they want you to know that food shortages have been engineered all around the world. The Ice Age Farmer website has more details. Their masks protect them from the truth and they use sites such as Wikipedia to demonise anyone who does dare tells the truth.

Did you know, by the way, that one of the cofounders of Wikipedia has denounced the site. `It has abandoned neutrality,í he has said, `and is used as a tool for social manipulationí He has also said that it was Google which helped establish the siteís `undeserved popular perception of credibilityí.

When Google started, they had a motto about doing no evil. That didnít last long, did it?

It has been announced that the coronavirus can live on banknotes.

But thatís like saying that bread goes stale if you leave it for a month or that Matt Hancock makes Saddam Hussein look like a statesman. Hancock is so far up himself heís inside out. All sorts of bugs can survive on banknotes. Just wash your hands after handling money. Theyíre making a fuss about this risk because they want us to stop using cash. They want to set up a global digital currency so that they can control every moment of your life and be able to cut off your access to your own money at the touch of a button.

Did you know that a new national smart sewer network is being put in place in the USA to predictively analyse American sewage? They say this will enable them to spot coronavirus outbreaks. But what else are they going to be measuring Ė and why?

Why is there so much talk about depopulation when the planet is truly not overcrowded and the problem is not that there isnít enough food but that itís in the wrong place.

Bill Gates thinks there are too many of us. So does Prince Charles and so does Prince Philip who once said he wanted to be reincarnated as a virus to kill most of us. And Boris Johnsonís father has said the world is overpopulated.

Places of worship are mostly shut, open only for an hour or two occasionally and for the first time since 1208 our parish churches were shut at Easter and Whitsun. Wars, invasion scares, the black death and so on have come and gone but still the churches didnít close. They were indeed places of refuge. But church leaders of all colours, committed to the Tony Blair backed global religion chrislam, have locked the doors and hidden away. Where have all religious leaders been hiding?

They donít want you to know any of this, and so the hackers are working with the mainstream media whores to hide the truth. Two sides of the same coin. Hack down a platform or channel. Or just close a channel. Or remove a book or a video.

Talking of mainstream media whores, YouTube is now taking down any videos which mention the fact that vaccines could kill. You arenít allowed to say that any more. I suppose it is also not true that cars can kill. Of course they canít. Or that guns can kill. Heaven forbid. What a silly thought. The only thing that can kill is covid-19. That kills everyone. It will kill the tooth fairy and I have to tell you that Christmas may be banned this year because Santa Claus tested positive.

YouTube just took down a video of mine entitled, 'A Conspiracy of Silence' in which I asked why no one in the Government would debate the pros and cons of the covid-19 vaccine with me. I asked for a debate to discuss the facts so they banned the video. I donít have much respect for YouTube or Google. It is I suspect largely thanks to Google that since my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, she has been bombarded with advertisements for funeral services and cancer charities. Nice going Mr Google Ė you are chasing Monsanto and Goldman Sachs for the title of most unpleasant and downright evil company on the planet.

But hereís a question for YouTube.

If vaccines canít kill and injure, why has the American Government paid out billions of dollars in compensation?

And hereís another one.

Why does the British Government have a standard compensation package of £120,000 for some patients injured by vaccines?

And a third question.

Why did the British Government pay out £60 million to patients injured by a vaccine?

No answers? Not surprised.

And why does no one care that the British Governmentís Chief Scientific Officer, Vallance, still has a huge bundle of shares in GSK Ė the company where he worked for years. Oh, and why have drug companies insisted that they be given financial indemnity for the covid-19 vaccine? If itís not dangerous, why do they need protecting from relatives of people who couldnít possibly have been killed because vaccines are completely safe?

How many volunteers in the covid-19 vaccine tests have been injured? How seriously injured are they? Why havenít vaccine enthusiasts such as Matt Hancock offered themselves as test subjects for the new Astra Zeneca vaccine? How are the test subjects who allegedly had transverse myelitis? There were, I believe, two people reported to have this potentially paralysing problem. How many had been in the trial? Perhaps 20,000? If so that would be one very serious side effect for every 10,000 patients. And if 60 million have the vaccine that could be 6,000 paralysed individuals. But weíre not allowed to mention any of that because it canít happen because vaccines never hurt people. Vaccines are wonderful and only do good things. They make hair grow on bald heads, they make fat disappear from over-plump thighs, they make dull people bright and if you have bald patches on your lawn, a Matt Hancock approved vaccine will sort that out too.

But if vaccines are so wonderful and so safe, why is nothing being reported about these trials?

Why is all this stuff so secret?

Is this why an attempt was made to take down my videos and why the BrandNewTube platform was hacked?

What happened to free speech? Long gone. And most people still have no idea what is happening. Those who think what is going on is a bit fishy prefer not to say anything unless folk think theyíve gone a bit funny like that Vernon Coleman.

But if people donít wake up and speak up and start finding the courage to behave like real men and women then there is no future. Nothing.

The cowardly say `Oh I darenít say anything Ė I might get into trouble, I might get sacked, the neighbours might think Iíve gone pottyí. But this is like Germany in the 1930s Ė except it's on steroids. If you keep quiet then theyíll come for you because they want your body, your mind and your soul and this time they donít care if youíre Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Presbytarian or just an Accrington Stanley fan. The jackboots are marching down your street with a testing kit in one hand and a syringe in the other and those who just obey, obey and obey will have chains added to their masks.

`Itís all right for him,í you might say, nodding towards an old man in a chair. `Heís on a pension. He hasnít got a job to lose. Well, itís true. I get around £130 a week state pension but I havenít written a word for money for months and Iíve been lied about and monstered and demonised and my books are getting banned and theyíre what pays the electricity bill and the gas bill. Book banning is the ultimate expression of censorship and a truly evil society. And books are now being banned.

Besides I think I have the right to tell people to stand up and speak out. I gave up a job as a GP because I refused to breach my patientsí confidences, and in 2003 I gave up a very well paid job as one of the highest paid columnists in Fleet Street because the editor wouldnít print a column I had written criticising the Iraq War. So I am not impressed when people say they darenít speak out in case they lose their jobs.

What about the incident when a nasopharyngeal swab caused cerebrospinal fluid to leak out of the nose of a woman in her 40s? What about the allegation that a swab broke and went into a womanís lung? If the test for covid-19 really needs to be done it should be done by trained professionals. Was it?

What about the fact that the testing programme produces more false positives than real positives. And what about the council where workers sent out second hand swabs and some people used them. Officials said it was a mistake to reuse old swabs, of course. How long before the sewage department and the local supermarket get together and start flogging second hand food?

Why did an airline force a passenger to take off a cloth mask and put on a dirty disposable mask that was equally useless? What next? Are airline passengers going to be forced to remove their underwear and swap with other passengers? Nothing would surprise me.

What about the polio epidemic Ė linked to new polio vaccines? The WHO knows all about that but I bet the papers didnít carry many pages about that.

Why have doctors and nurses been threatened with the sack or with losing their licenses for speaking out and telling the truth about the coronavirus hoax? Why did the British police arrest a brave and dignified German doctor, Dr Schoning, when he spoke at a peaceful rally at Hyde Park Corner?

Because the truth must be suppressed at any cost. Demonise anyone who dares tell the truth. Ban the book. Get rid of the video. Hack the platform. Tell the police to sweep it under the carpet and it wonít be there.

How many suicides have there been this year? Iíve heard a rumour that itís more than the number of covid-19 deaths and that wouldnít surprise me. Iím not saying itís true but itís difficult to tell because the last time I looked they werenít revealing suicide figures.

If the vaccine they are preparing is so wonderful, why do they need to silence all debate about its qualities? If the climate change argument has any merit, why do they need to stifle all discussion?

In Britain, why is a conservative government behaving more like a bunch of communists? Who voted for the fascist extremists who are now running our world? And talking of voting, who gave the Government in the UK the right to take away our right to elect our mayors and other representatives? Ė leaving mask-loving Sadiq Khan in charge of London for longer than might have been the case.

The worldís scientific literature shows clearly that masks do more harm than good. They have been trying to delete the evidence but it is there and you can still find it. Children in China and Germany are reported to have died wearing masks. There is evidence that masks cause lung infections and skin infections. The oxygen deprivation may cause permanent neurological damage in children. Read the piece about masks on my website. It contains evidence taken from dozens of research papers and will astonish and appal you. Masks will kill, in my view, far more people than they could possibly ever save.

Theyíll make it illegal to say that because itís true and the truth is now a dirty concept.

The main evidence in support of masks seems to me to have come from an American bank called Goldman Sachs, better known as a vampire squid on the face of humanity, and a bunch of mask enthusiasts from Davos Ė the home of the World Economic Forum. I am surprised that 'Bonio' and the little truant havenít added their views on masks. There is talk of people being forced to wear masks for another six, nine or twelve months? Where is the science behind that sort of nonsense? Thereís a lot of politics behind it. But no science. I believe that masks will soon be mandatory out of doors Ė joggers and cyclists will be dropping like flies.

The questions are endless but no one in the mainstream media ever asks any of them.

Have gutless mainstream TV and radio presenters mentioned any of this? Have they interviewed anyone who knows about these things? I may not have the answers but as sure as eggs are eggs I have the questions.

What about the plan to block out the sun? It sounds like science fiction but it isnít Ė it's happening. A good journalist would ask Bill Gates why heís funding such an operation Ė and whether his lab made food might benefit when farm growing seasons are shortened.

Why wonít the mainstream media allow discussion of these issues?

I did receive a sort of invitation to appear on the Ian Collins show on Talk Radio. They wanted me to be part of a panel to discuss things. Part of a panel.

Really, Ian.

Before I became widely banned a quarter of a century or so ago, I was making radio and television programmes for decades. I used to make radio programmes when radios still had valves and Radio Luxemburg was marked in big print on all new radios. And the one thing I learned decades ago is never to appear on a radio panel. I bet Iíd get 10 seconds on air and theyíd say Iíd been allowed on the programme. Itís a pointless waste of time. So, nice trick. But no thank you. When you have the guts to interview me in the manner you interview Matt Hancock or Dr Whitty then Iíll happily explain the truth to you.

I wonder if Talk Radio and the BBC have mentioned the plan for a world religion. As Iíve said, one name for it is Chrislam and one of the main supporters is war criminal Tony Blair. The pope is keen on it too. The plan is to merge all religions into one. Could that be why pubs are shut, Christmas is not going to happen and we are all being forced to wear face coverings? Just asking the question.

Why was an overweight BBC reporter allowed to trundle after a shopper whom he alleged wasnít wearing a mask? What was the point? Was it an attempt to demonise a possibly brave, wise and honourable citizen? Did the BBC know why the man was not wearing a mask? Maybe he only had one lung? As far as I can see the law does not allow even BBC staff to question non mask wearers.

Has 'The Guardian' reported that the decomposed bodies have been found of people who died alone, at home during and after the lockdowns. I forecast that would happen. The word `lockdowní comes from prisons by the way. When prisoners are troublesome theyíre put into lockdown. Itís usually done during riots. Check that out, BBC. Itís in the dictionary.

I like to keep up with what is going on in the world so I donít watch or listen to any news programmes, of course. Instead I watch classic cowboy films Ė Shane, A Few Dollars More, Eldorado Ė because they seem so much closer to an acceptable reality than any of the rubbish on terrestrial television or radio. And the bad guys get their comeuppance.

Under the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill in the UK, any intelligence service will be legally able to commit whatever crimes they fancy. They will be allowed to murder British citizens without fear of their being any reprisals or consequences. Who can they kill? David Kelly? Oh no, they killed him already. Princess Diana? They can kill you Ė if you donít behave yourself. Me Ė if I make a video criticising the Government. As if I would do such a thing. Incidentally, I could find no mention of this Bill on the BBC website Ė though it is probably the most important piece of legislation since the Magna Carta was signed.

Is it true that the Government is going to introduce a health passport for those who have had the covid-19 vaccination? Thatís what has been hinted in the British Parliament. Arenít we entitled to know? Whose country is it?

Is it true that those who donít have a health passport, because they have refused the vaccine, wonít be able to travel abroad or drive a car? Is it true that children wonít be allowed to go to school if they havenít been thoroughly and repeatedly vaccinated against covid 19? Is it true there will be a chip in new vaccines which will enable the authorities to tell as you walk or drive past whether you have been vaccinated? None of these questions comes from fiction.

Is it because they want all this stuff suppressing that our own governments are spending taxpayersí money to demonise and lie about those of us who are trying to share the truth?

What about the millions of people on waiting lists for essential surgery who, thanks to the wicked lockdowns, will now never have the operations they need. The waiting list isnít going to be just a year or five years itís going to be for eternity.

The BMA chairman and others have called for masks to be mandatory outdoors as well as indoors if there is a risk of coming within six feet six inches of other people. The chairman apparently said that the virus is spreading at an alarming rate though I suspect he may have been relying on figures from the absurd testing programme rather than looking at mortality figures.

As I predicted, mental health issues among children are soaring. These wonít be short-term problems they will be long-term and in many cases permanent.

When is a journalist going to ask serious questions about the care home deaths. Were they murders or were they manslaughter? They certainly werenít accidents.

In the UK, there were between 25 and 27 million fewer appointments with GPs between March and August Ė 25 to 27 million fewer than there are in a normal year. What were all the GPs doing? Hiding behind their sofas? Playing golf? How many million will die because of that?

Why wonít politicians debate this with me? Could it be because of my track record? When is the prejudice, the lies, the bigotry and the kowtowing to billionaires going to stop?

Talking of billionaires I should just mention that the worldís billionaires have done very well in recent months. Lots of people find it difficult to understand that the world ecnomy is being deliberately trashed. Why would they do that? They ask.

Several reasons.

First, by providing loans and grants to businesses, governments are quietly taking control of much of the economy. In the UK, the State is getting bigger and more powerful every day. Curiously, our conservative government is nationalising everything it can lay its hands on. The rail companies for example appear to have been pretty well nationalised.

And second, during the first months of the covid fraud most of the worldís billionaires did very very well. Between them their wealth rose by more than a quarter between April and July. Most of us got much poorer. The billionaires got much richer. Jeff Bezosí wealth rose by $74 billion, Elon Muskís wallet is $76 billion heavier and the others, including Bill Gates of course, all saw their wealth rise massively. The bosses of Google and YouTube saw their wealth rise by a third. In just a few months.

And Bill Gates is going to do very, very well when the vaccinations start. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is, according to a magazine called, 'The Nation', `in a position to potentially reap considerable financial gains from the covid-19 pandemicí. The magazine points out that the Gates Foundation has a $40 million stake in a German drug company and has investments in numerous other companies including GlaxoSmithKline. Regular viewers of my videos will know all about GSK and Britainís Chief Scientific Officer Vallance. And Gates has said that his foundation is intimately involved in the partnership between AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

Bill Gates has boasted at Davos that investing in global health organisations aimed at increasing access to vaccines creates a 20 to 1 return. Heís said his foundation invested a bit more than $10 billion in the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations and others and he told CNBC that the investment has yielded $200 billion.

I wonder why he is so keen on vaccination.

People used to refer to these sort of links as a conflict of interest but journalists donít use words like that these days. They prefer words like `yes, Mr Gates, yes Mr Gates, thank you for the cheque Mr Gatesí.

Have I mentioned that the BBC and 'The Guardian' both have financial relationships with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? The fact checkers should check that out.

The WHO has come out against lockdowns but governments everywhere are bringing them in now that Cinderella and Buttons have tested positive for the coronavirus. Thatís odd because when governments and YouTube forced us to accept masks they said it was in line with WHO policy.

But the WHO policy is to disapprove of lockdowns. Why arenít the mainstream journalists discussing any of that? Cowardice, ignorance or greed?

Why do governments still put citizens into lockdown when it is known that vitamin D protects against covid-19? Those who have been watching these videos since I had hair knew that, of course. The lockdowns seem to have been designed to reduce vitamin D levels.

When people are forced to wear masks why arenít they told that they must change them every four hours and must never touch any part except the ear loops. Why arenít people warned that standing behind someone wearing a mask is particularly dangerous because the exhaled air tends to flow backwards? Why are they suppressing all this stuff? Why are they silencing me, and people like me, who simply tell the truth?

Why did they ban elections in the UK? The Americans seem to be managing an election perfectly well.

Supermarket chiefs are apparently being asked by the police and government officials why many people are still not wearing masks while grocery shopping. Some women giving birth in France are apparently being forced to wear masks as they take deep breaths and push.

They claim that a Dutch woman caught covid-19 twice and died. That was the headline. But unless you read down into the heart of the story you wonít know the woman who died was in her late 80s and being treated with chemotherapy. She was 89, actually. And it is, of course, possible that when she tested positive for the second time they were merely getting a response from the first infection.

Why do they want to hide the fact that they are they putting DNR notices on people as young as 45?

But letís not muddy the lies with sparkling moments of truth.

Why was my book called, `Covid-19: the Greatest Hoax in Historyí banned and blocked from sale? It was suggested from high places that I republish it as something else. So I called it `Old Man in a Chairí but that was promptly banned. I had charged the lowest price possible - with a zero royalty rate for me Ė but Iíve now managed to go one better than that and to keep the book alive Iíve put `Old Man in a Chairí on a site called Smashwords and the book is entirely free. The book contains all the transcripts of all the videos I made between the end of April and early September this year Ė including the many that were banned Ė and itís a follow up to my book, 'Coming Apocalypse' which dealt with the origins of this hoax.

There has been a 62% rise in hate crime referrals to the police fuelled by abusive neighbours during lockdown. Many hospital departments are still shut in the UK though everyone knows the NHS was never over-worked during the scamdemic, though to be fair there were some very nice dance videos made.

This is the sort of stuff they want to suppress.

Our critics are either bought and paid for by governments or billionaires or they are simply bigoted morons Ė too stupid to tell the time or put on a pair of gloves without help. There is no other possibility.

Why does Britain use an absurdly dangerous and useless test for the coronavirus when some other countries use a simple saliva test? Who decided that the Government wanted to test everyone every day?

Why donít television and radio interviewers ever ask the questions that matter? Why do politicians get such an easy ride? Incidentally, an academic study has found that lying politicians have a greater likelihood of gaining office. What a surprise that was.

Who gave governments the authority to use taxpayers money to hire psyop specialists to work against the voters? Who gave the British Government the authority to use the British army to oppress and suppress the citizens of the UK?

Why are people so obedient, so cowardly and so terrified?

Because they misunderstand the reality perhaps? Brainwashed?

Why are many young, healthy men such cowardly, compliant, ignorant wimps? Is it because they donít have any guts or because they are too stupid to ask questions. Or because they fell for the trickery and the deceits?

I look at gutless, ignorant, slavish mask wearers with a mixture of pity, anger and contempt. Pity because they are destroying their own health, anger because they are endangering mine and contempt because they are betraying themselves.

Someone I know well is sensitive, nervous and full of fear. But she knows the masks are a distraction, damaging to everyone who wears them and to our society, and so she shops without a mask. That takes real courage Ė bravery worth a medal.

Why are so many big, strong looking men putting on a mask like four-year-olds put on a vest because Mummy says itís turning chilly? The childís vest has a purpose. The mask has none.

Remember Gary Cooper playing the sheriff in High Noon? Cooper tried to get the townspeople to help but one by one they scurried away into the safe places, shut their doors and closed their eyes to reality. Well, weíre all Gary Cooper now and the people wearing masks and making sure that they stay six feet six inches away from the next person are the feeble-minded townsfolk who closed their eyes to the threat to their lives.

But remember Ė Gary Cooper won without them.

When people say that things are going to get worse they usually sweeten the thought with the addition, `before they get betterí.

But we canít do that this time.

Things are just going to get worse. And worse and worse. Unless we keep fighting with all our strength. Every hour of every day. There are many brave people fighting: Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Colin Barron whoís done a video on masks, Richie Allen, Spiro Skoras, Piers Corbyn, Amazing Polly, Mohammad Butt of Brand New Tube, UK Column and celebrities such as Van the Man Morrison. There are many, many more who Iíll mention another day.

Dignity, belief and strength of purpose are qualities naysayers and hackers never understand.

The gameís afoot, as our Will once said, and the feeble-minded fascists will eventually slink away to well-earned obscurity.

Those who do not speak up against the totalitarianism that is controlling our world are as bad as the appeasers who stayed silent in German in the 1930s. The mask wearers have betrayed their ancestors and themselves. Those who force pointless, potentially harmful testing on innocent citizens are as guilty as concentration camp guards who when in the dock at Nuremburg whinged that they were just doing what they were told to do.

This isnít some temporary upset. We are in a fight for our lives, our freedom, our future and our very souls.

Unless we put a stop to it. Unless we use embarrassment to persuade the cowed and the cowardly to stand up for freedom and humanity.

Maybe we just say `noí to everything they suggest.

I believe that everything here is accurate and legal Ė though the way the UK Government is producing new laws means that it is difficult to know what the law is. Johnson and Hancock probably produced at least six new laws since I started to speak.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 16th October 2020

Vernon Colemanís international bestselling books `Colemanís Lawsí and `How to Stop Your Doctor Killing Youí are both available on Amazon as eBooks and as paperbacks.