Another Week in La-La Land

Dr Vernon Coleman

It’s been a hectic few days here in la-la land – an upside down world in which our governments are still working hard to destroy our spirits and kill as many of us as they can.

First, there was the Queen of England (whose luxuries and absurd extravagancies we help pay for) telling astonished taxpayers that her vast medical experience tells her that we are selfish if we don’t take part in the world’s largest and most dangerous experiment.

Nice, by the way, to know that her entirely useless husband gets heart surgery at the age of 99 when thousands of people decades younger were killed or allowed to die because they weren’t related to the royal reality circus. And isn’t it strange that no one has linked his need for medical care to the covid-19 injection he is reputed to have received. Just another of those many coincidences.

And then the silicone enhanced Dr Dolly Parton annoyed most of the known world by telling us that we are cowards if we don’t roll up our sleeves and accept her recommendation about an injection she’s had and thinks everyone else should have. Naturally, the BBC must have been delighted by this egregious, wilful insult with us all. Just why Ms Parton thinks she is worth listening to on this subject, or any other medical issue which doesn’t involve breast enlargement, is beyond me. She has, I suspect, alienated every sentient being in the known world. Only intellectual dwarfs such as Johnson, Hancock, Biden, and the entire staff at the loathsome BBC, could ever think that recruiting Dolly Parton to their cause could possibly do them anything but harm. The first half of the first word of country and western seems very appropriate – though I’m far too polite to say so.

Did they really think there’s anyone stupid enough to rush out and roll up their sleeve because a country and western singer says they should? Anyone who would take medical advice from Ms Parton is probably already brain dead.

`Why did you have the covid injection, Mrs Johnson?’

`Oh, well that’s easy. A top heavy singer called Dolly Parton said I should have it done or else she would think poorly of me.’

`Is this Dolly Parton a specialist in medical matters then?’

`Oh no, but she’s got big fake boobs so I thought her views on fake diseases were probably sound.’

Ms Parton’s popularity as a dispenser of medical advice is, of course, no more startling than the fact that Bill Gates appears to control global health care despite never having ever syringed an ear or listened to a chest.

The odd thing is that these days the only people not allowed to dispense medical advice in the media are independent medical experts who aren’t in the pay of the government or the aforesaid Master Gates. Think about that – it’s true.

Every third rate celebrity not having treatment for dementia, and quite a few who should be, has been lined up to tell us everything we need to know about something about which they know nothing. Informed consent has been replaced by celebrity insult because those who would be our lords and masters clearly think that the way to our hearts and minds is to tell us we’re selfish or cowardly. I can’t wait for the BBC to dig up their favourite son Jimmy Savile to tell us that if we don’t have the jab we’re all perverts.

But all that tells us more about Johnson, Hancock, Biden and the entire staff of Bill Gates’ partners in crime, the BBC and the Guardian, than it tells us about an experimental injection that is killing and disabling healthy human beings at a rate that must delight eugenicists and undertakers everywhere. The eugenicists are delighted because the experimental jabs, and the DNR notices that are now endemic in our hospitals, are killing off morons and cretins by the thousand – for they’re the ones who’ve rolled up their sleeves – and the undertakers are delighted because the jabs are damned good for business – better even than a long, cold spell at the time of year when millions of pensioners have to choose between eating or keeping warm or paying the obscene BBC licence fee.

I strongly suspect that for fit young adults, travelling to the vaccination centre – especially if they travel by bicycle – may be more likely to kill them than the disease known as covid-19. However, I fear that the risk they face from the vaccine will be greater than their journey or the disease.

And every day that passes brings yet more horrifying details of people dying within hours or days of receiving one of the injections. My website has a long list of the people who have died or been seriously injured. I’ve just seen a report from Israel which concludes that, and this is their words not mine, `vaccinations caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have during the same period’.

Our governments, which are now trying to kill us all, of course, will continue to promote half-wits and traitors who promote the experimental injections and the illegal health passports. I predict that quite a few mini celebrities will announce that they’ve changed their tiny minds and will now support vaccines and passports.

Anyone who publicly advocates the injections – for whatever reason – is, in my world, a renegade and contemptible. These experimental injections are now being tested on young children and even infants. Why are we allowing this lunacy? Johnson and Johnson is reputed to be preparing to conduct clinical trials in new-born babies, infants and pregnant women. I truly find it difficult to believe this is happening. Still, no doubt the BBC and the rest of the rotten media will be enthusiastic and forget to mention that J&J had to set aside $3.9 billion after lawsuits related to it flogging baby powder contaminated with asbestos. And then there was $8 billion in punitive damages in 2019 after the company failed to warn that one of its drugs could lead to breast growth in boys. And $2.2 billion in civil and criminal fines for the same drug. And a huge multi million judgement after the company had a part in the opiod crisis. Still J&J doesn’t have to worry now. Individuals cannot sue covid-19 vaccine manufacturers if anything goes wrong. Regular viewers of my videos will remember the list of problems with other companies such as Astra Zeneca and Pfizer. The videos are still available and the transcripts are on my websites.

And, as I’ve reported before, there is evidence that mRNA products could possibly inactivate tumour suppressing proteins. I have no idea. Do Biden and Johnson know? How many of those who have had the injections will develop cancer that they would not otherwise have had? The UK Government has ignored my repeated suggestion that they run a simple comparative trial – 20,000 patients who have had the jabs and 20,000 who haven’t.

Anyone who doesn’t understand what is really going on is, like BBC employees, too stupid to be in charge of cleaning their own teeth. My new triptych slogan is a simple one: no masks, no injections, no health passports. Anyone who doesn’t agree with that is my enemy.

Have I mentioned, recently, by the way that anyone who pays the BBC licence fee is effectively paying for the bullets for the Government to shoot their granny?

Anyone who mutters a word in favour of the experimental jab or the wretched health passports is a traitor to freedom, democracy and humanity and should be forever reviled. To me they are the 21st century equivalent of those who supported the Vichy Government during World War II. The defenders of the vaccine promotion are the same people who opposed Brexit; the same remorseless Blairish propagandists, the same obsessed and prejudiced fascists.

We’re at war and I don’t intend to take prisoners. If you support the injections, the health passports, the masks or the BBC then you’re a traitor to the resistance and that’s all there is to it. I wonder how long it is since the BBC or any other broadcaster in Britain gave airtime to any doctor who hadn’t got money from a drug company, the Government or Bill Gates in his or her bank account.

Everything that has happened, and is happening, is deliberate.

Governments have deliberately destroyed their own economies, deliberately pushed thousands of small business owners into bankruptcies and deliberately forced millions into long-term unemployment. They didn’t do any of this for your good or my good. They did it to please Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and a bunch of power and money hungry thugs.

There was an article in the Daily Telegraph the other day in which a writer on economic affairs assured the readers of that wretched chip wrapper that the economic recovery will be rapid and leave few permanent scars.

It was the funniest thing I’ve read for months but I didn’t even smile. You can read the same total rubbish in just about every rag in the country. I can’t make my mind up whether journalists and commentators have had their brains removed or their wallets filled by Mr Gates. The fact is that we’re heading for unprecedented economic chaos with interest rates and inflation collapsing and then soaring. Millions will lose their homes and there is going to be a veritable plague of bankruptcies. Not among the billionaires and the politicians, though. They’re all going to get richer and richer and richer.

I noticed by the way that most people in Britain heartily approved of the chancellors budget on the 3rd March. Could that possibly be because most people are now being paid by the Government – either as government employees or because their bills are being paid by regular benefits payments or furlough payments? The chancellor, who just happens to be an ex employer of what I think is the most disreputable bank on earth – Goldman Sachs that well known vampire squid on the face of humanity, is throwing other people’s money around with enthusiasm. Most adults in Britain probably won’t be paying tax this year so that nation’s economy isn’t going to be looking any brighter for a while or, indeed, for ever. We’ve been living in a nanny state for years and it’s going to stay that way for ever now. That’s what the Agenda 21 crowd want and so that’s what we’ll get unless we win this war.

Governments have deliberately killed hundreds of thousands. The old people who died in care homes were murdered. Many of those who have been given DNR notices were murdered. The nation wide house arrest was designed to destroy morale, health and hope.

The tension is going to rise, and I predict that there will be more attacks on testing and vaccination centres, like the recent one in Holland. Could these attacks be false flags – organised by governments to give them every chance they need to demonise all those who question the vaccine and to describe those libelled as anti-vaxxers as terrorists?

Ignorant extremists have for years now wanted to describe the growing number of doctors and scientists who question vaccination as terrorists. I suspect there will be more fake flag attacks – carefully designed to enable them to describe any opposition, however well based, as terrorism.

You would think, would you not, that more and more people must begin to wonder why governments are so desperate to push an experimental vaccine of very dubious value to counter a disease which would pass for flu in a line up at the local police station.

Finally, thank you to the kind organisers who invited me to speak at the London demo on 20th March. I would love to be there, I really would. But unfortunately it would take me a day to get there and a day to get back and my past and my present relationship with Special Branch, built on a lifetime of Animal Rights activity, means that my chance of getting within 100 miles of Trafalgar Square are no better than my chances of swimming the English Channel with an elephant on my back. So, with great sadness, I’ll have to put that on hold for a little while.

But I’ll keep making videos and filling my websites with facts that no one in government wants publishing.

And I’ve got a new triptych: No mask, no injection, no passport. Simple and to the point and I promise you, whoever else bends over before Gates, Schwab, Charles and the other forces of 21st century evil, I’ll see Hancock, Whitty and Vallance burn in hell before I sell my soul to their devil by accepting mask, injection or health passport.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2021

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