David Lammy and the Nazis

Vernon Coleman

I donít think that David Lammy is the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

But I was astonished at his ignorance in describing people who supported Brexit as Nazis.

Indeed, I was so astonished that in an attempt to educate him I posted off a copy of Jack Kingís book All Remainers Are Neo-Nazis.

I hoped he might find someone to read it to him so that he could understand that his beloved EU was designed by Nazis Ė for Nazis.

And that means that those who support the EU are supporting a Nazi creation.

Sadly, I did not receive any acknowledgement.

Maybe I should send him another copy.

P.S. If you look down the items under Politics on this website you will find an article entitled ĎDavid Lammy Ė an enthusiastic Remainerí. If you havenít read it, please do. You may be surprised/horrified by what you read.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

For rock solid proof that the EU was created by Nazis do please read Zina Cohenís excellent book The Shocking History of the EU. Zina Cohenís book also contains the biographies of the EUís 40 founding fathers. Iíve been writing about the EU and its Nazi connections for 20 years but this a great book to use as a reference if you find yourself debating with Remainers. It is now impossible for Remainers to say `Oh that Nazi stuff was debunked.í The book is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. Jack Kingís book `All Remainers are Neo-Nazisí is also available and if you buy the paperback the title makes it an excellent book to leave lying around where Remainers can see it. Iíve been buying large numbers of both books and distributing them to MPs and media folk. Any profits will be used to distribute copies to journalists and politicians around the world.