The Lancet

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

When it comes to vaccines and vaccination, I cannot think of any medical journal which has quite the enthusiasm of The Lancet for encouraging doctors to stick needles into people and pump drugs and chemicals into their bodies.

In March 2019, an editorial in The Lancet reported that parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated are often required to attend a course on the risks of not vaccinating their children.

They did not suggest (though it would have made far more sense) that those who have their children vaccinated should be required to attend a course on the risks of vaccinating their children.

(My own philosophical belief is that parents who have their children vaccinated are guilty of child abuse and should be charged accordingly. I recognise that this is not a view widely held within the medical profession.)

Medical journalists writing for popular papers often quote articles which have appeared in The Lancet but it is, think, worth pointing out that The Lancet is a commercial journal which makes a good deal of money from advertising.

A full page advert in The Lancet can cost up to £10,800 (though it will be considerably more than that if you want to buy the back cover).

And who buys the advertising?

Well, if you guessed that most of it was paid for by drug companies then you probably would not be far off the mark.

And who makes vaccines?

Well, drug companies of course.

Am I being unfair in fearing that there could be a conflict of interest here?

I donít think so.

I would have more respect for The Lancet (and its point of view) if the magazine refused all drug company advertising.

Readers will note that contains no advertising whatsoever.

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