Osborne Spins Again (Like He Did Last Summer)

by Vernon Coleman

George Osborne has been spinning so much for so long that I’m dizzy watching him.

He now claims that he will not be able to balance Britain’s budget by 2020 because we’re leaving the EU.

He has so little faith in Britain and the British that he believes our economic future is weak without the eurocrats in Brussels telling us what to do.

This is, of course, all absolute rubbish.

Osborne has no idea what the future holds for us. His record suggests indeed that he doesn’t have much idea what the present holds.

Since he took office he has claimed that he has been reducing Britain’s debt.

This was never true.

The national debt has been rising steadily ever since Osborne became Chancellor and it is now around £2 trillion. If Britain was a company it would have gone bust years ago. Brown, Darling and Osborne have devastated our national finances.

There was never the faintest chance that Osborne would be able to deal with the debt Gordon Brown left as his legacy.

But now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, Osborne has the excuse he has been looking for.

He can now increase taxes (blaming Brexiteers), reduce services (blaming Brexiteers) and still fail to balance the budget (blaming Brexiteers).

Osborne must thank the Brexit campaigners every night for saving him from his own incompetence and providing him with an eternal ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse for failure to deliver.

I pray that whoever takes over from Cameron as Prime Minister will get rid of George Osborne before they even inspect the bedrooms at No 10 Downing Street.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2nd July 2016