My Last Video for YouTube

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The day before I recorded my first video on the coronavirus hoax, that was March 18th, my Wikipedia entry was comprehensive, respectable and even respectful. They mentioned the TV and radio series I had made, the fact that I had written columns for five national newspapers, the fact that Iíd succeeded in changing Government policy on benzodiazepine drugs and so on and so forth. There were a couple of dozen generous quotes from newspaper reviews.

Iíd had a Wikipedia entry pretty well since their site started, though I had frequently asked them to take it down, because I think their way of working is absurd. Anyone, with any agenda, can edit a Wikipedia entry except the individual concerned. In my experience, facts about living individuals are never checked properly.

The day after I recorded that video, my Wikipedia entry was changed dramatically. I donít know what it looks like now because I never use Wikipedia any more but all the interesting stuff had been removed and replaced with some very dubious stuff including the allegation that I had been banned by an organisation called the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Now I donít know if it still exists but the ASA was a private organisation, funded, I think, largely by big advertisers, which canít ban anyone from anything Ė though it does I think like to pretend it can. I remember the ASA had itself been reported to the Office of Fair Trading and had about as much power to ban anything as your local window cleaner.

One of the main complaints in the new Wikipedia was that I had been disciplined by the ASA for a claim about a food causing cancer. I remember this well. One of my books, Food for Thought, contained a section proving the link between meat and cancer. A representative of the meat trade made a complaint to the ASA and they wrote to me. In reply I sent them details of 26 scientific papers, from reputable journals, which proved my claim. The ASA wrote back to say that they did not look at scientific references. They then proceeded to find for the complainant and announced that they were banning me from whatever they thought they could ban me from. This was so laughable that I ignored it. I also ignored it when the Press Complaints Commission did exactly the same thing. Thereís a summary of the evidence I tried to submit to both organisations on my website Ė headed Meat causes Cancer Ė the proof.

Wikipedia editors, searching for ways to demonise me, dug these decadesí old judgements from page 738 of a search engine and stuck them, and similar nonsenses, and put them on my Wikipedia page.

I have written about these absurdities several times and I believe that Wikipedia knows these claims are absurd. But to them they served a purpose because what Wikipedia was doing was demonising or monstering me, in an attempt to persuade users of the Wikipedia site, that I was untrustworthy. This is by no means the first time this has happened to me. Indeed, it has happened scores of times over the years and is, I fear, the price anyone has to pay if they want to oppose dishonesty, corruption and deceit.

Wikipedia was using a well-known technique called `controlled oppositioní or `opposition researchí or `organised oppositioní. Itís a military trick which has for years been used widely in politics when members of one party want to demonise the opposition. You simply go through an individualís life history looking for events which can be criticised. The Wikipedia editors know that the individual concerned cannot correct anything on a site which bears their name.

The bottom line, of course, is that if you canít trust one Wikipedia site then you canít trust any of them. I no longer use Wikipedia as a reference source. I am not, by the way, the first person to realise that Wikipedia is suspect. There have been a number of accusations that intelligence officers are editing Wikipedia sites.

It isnít just Wikipedia doing the monstering, of course. Bangkok Post, a publication which I didnít even know existed, published an article about me (without bothering to get in touch of course) which tried to demonise me by claiming that my arguments about AIDS were wrong. In the last century I had produced evidence proving that AIDS was not going to kill us all Ė though the establishment line was that it was Ė and the Bangkok Post journalist tried to rubbish my argument by claiming that the rate of HIV diagnoses in the US in 2018 was 24%. This is, perhaps, one of the most absurd claims I have seen anywhere. According to the CDC in the US a total of 1.2 million people in America have HIV. Since the population of America is currently over 300 million that means that the rate is not 24% among heterosexuals as claimed by the Bangkok Post but about a third of one per cent. Personally, I think that if the Bangkok Post had any self-respect they would withdraw the article and send the writer back to school. But I doubt if they will do either. He also claims you can buy my books from my website, as though this were a bad thing, but you canít, Iím afraid.

I am not, of course, the only person whose reputation has been wounded in this war. The BBC has been outrageous. A rally was held in Trafalgar Square on 29th August and well-qualified scientists including Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Kevin Corbett and Dr Mohammad Adil and the magnificent and seemingly tireless astrophysicist Piers Corbyn spoke to tens of thousands. At 17.17 on Saturday afternoon, someone called Marianna Spring, described as a specialist disinformation and social media reporter, wrote what I regard as one of the most disgracefully biased news reports I have ever seen. She claimed, on the BBC website, in an article headed `Conspiracy theories touted in Trafalgar Squareí, that some protestors had held placards featuring false claims though Iím not sure that making a judgement about the accuracy or not of a claim is within her capabilities or her remit. Worst of all, however, she wrote that `various pseudo-scientists who have spread disinformation online about coronavirus were also scheduled to speak at the London demonstration.í I think that was one of the most libellous pieces of writing I have ever seen. I hope that the scientists who were present all sue the BBC and demand massive damages. And I beg everyone watching or reading this to make a formal complaint to the BBC. Just go to their website and then to the complaints section. The BBC must be taught a lesson. They and the rest of the media are a weak point in this war Ė when the Government stops giving them money theyíre all going to need our support. I could give many, many more examples of deceit, misreporting and plain dishonesty.

When Piers Corbyn appeared on an ITV morning show, he was attacked by three presenters and a weather girl who holds a world record for folding pancakes. One of them was someone called Dr Hilary Jones who was described in a journal called, Pharmacy Business as a non-executive director of MedTate which is described as a nutraceutical company Ė whatever that is Ė which makes and sells pharmaceutical products. I donít think ITV remembered to mention Dr Jonesís commercial relationship. Heís always struck me as one of those TV people whose main quality is nice hair. Piers Corbyn did brilliantly but although he is a scientist he is not a medical doctor. What a pity ITV didnít invite a physician to discuss the covid-19 vaccine and so on with Dr Jones and Mr Morgan and the rest of the stationís staff.

This is my last video for YouTube. I refuse to collaborate with the collaborators. I refuse to suppress or distort what I know to be true simply to satisfy a platform which has no value, respectability or honour as far as I am concerned. When a government suppresses the truth then the end result is inevitably oppression and tyranny. It is the job of journalists to question everything politicians say. YouTubeís policy appears to be to suppress all questioning and to deny scientific truths in the interest of protecting the lies and the myths. No one at YouTube has ever claimed to have found any specific inaccuracy or factual error in any of the videos they have removed and banned.

I am a writer by profession but I have a medical degree and some experience as a practising doctor and I do not take kindly to being told that I must suppress truths and clinical evidence to satisfy some unnamed censors who seem to me to be working with or for Bill Gates and whose aim seems to me to be to destroy freedom and democracy by censoring and banning scientific truths and suppressing the freedom of expression which is a basic human right.

I can honestly say that I believe that all the information in all my videos is completely accurate. I have always used a script for these videos for two reasons: to make sure that I provide absolutely accurate facts and so that we have a transcript which we can put onto the website. Since YouTube has taken down nearly twenty videos to date this has proved useful.

This video does not breach any of their guidelines. If they take this one down they will, as far as I am concerned, have proved themselves to be spiteful, vindictive and small-minded. We shall see.

I could keep this channel alive if I were prepared to lie but why on earth would I do that? I resigned as a GP on a matter of principle, I resigned from my last newspaper column on a matter of principle. Iím not going to sell my soul to a platform which disrespects the truth. I shall now add YouTube to the list of organisations which I boycott Ė I strongly suggest that you do too. There are, I believe, plenty of more honourable alternatives.

I see no point in recording more videos for YouTube. They are taking them down, for absolutely no good reason that I can see, within hours of my putting them up. My videos take much time and effort to research, write and check, and it is frustrating and disappointing to see them being banned for what I think are political reasons. It is modern day book burning. YouTube is no longer a reputable site; its commercially inspired intolerance is unacceptable. I described my views on freedom in an early video entitled Coronavirus: Why did YouTube ban my video? Ė which they took down and then put back up Ė perhaps because even they felt embarrassed.

I am sad about this and I suspect that the opposition, the fans of Bill Gates, the 21st century would-be slave owners, will regard this as a victory for them. They would be mistaken to think that. Iíve been fighting lies and injustices for well over half a century and Iím not going away. Iím regrouping; looking for more favourable ground to continue the fight.

For the time being Iím moving over to my own website Ė where nothing is ever censored. At the moment we donít have the facility to put up videos but we will continue to put up new articles every Wednesday and Sunday and at other times too. And weíre going to put up more leaflets that can be printed out and distributed.

My wife who has always been in charge of research, editing and production, and reigning me in when I seem about to get carried away, will choose the appropriate platform. We are both driven by the need to help those who cannot help themselves Ė especially children, the old, the disabled and the mentally ill. But our new video site will be somewhere which we can control. It might take a while because I am never again going to be in a position where anyone can censor or ban what Iíve recorded.

Finally, since no one in the Government has accepted my challenge to debate the covid 19 vaccine live on television, and through simple cowardice theyíre clearly not likely to now, I have another challenge.

I am prepared to bet Dr Whitty or Dr Fauci £100,000 that they cannot provide independent clinical evidence proving beyond doubt that the covid-19 vaccine and the newly promoted flu vaccine will be 100% effective and 100% safe not just now but in the long-term. If they have the courage to take on the bet I will share my winnings with groups and websites campaigning for the truth. If they wonít take on the bet, they we will know that they believe that any new flu or covid-19 vaccine will not be 100% effective or 100% safe in the short and long-term. Letís put a finish date of 31st December 2020 for the bet.

Thank you again for watching the videos. Thank you for sharing them on brandnewtube and bitchute and wherever else. Please share this one too. Thank you for all your support. Iím sorry I cannot reply to messages Ė but we get many thousands a week and I worked out the other day that if I replied to them all I would need 48 hour days and there would be no time for anything else. Please forgive me.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

Please remember that although you may at times feel that you are alone - you are not. More and more people are waking up to the truth and we will win this war.

And so, au revoir from the old man in a chair.

Iíll be back. But not on YouTube.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2020