Vernon Coleman’s latest Covid-19 book banned – but reissued under different title

Vernon Coleman

The eBook version of Vernon Coleman’s book Covid 19: The Greatest Hoax in History has been banned, blocked and withdrawn from sale – though the paperback still appears to be available for the time being.

As a result, Covid 19: The Greatest Hoax in History, which contains the transcripts of the Old Man in a Chair videos from the end of April to the beginning of September, together with relevant articles from , has now been republished under the title `Old Man in a Chair’ – available as a paperback and an eBook. 'Old Man in a Chair’ follows on from `Coming Apocalypse’ (which was also banned when it was first published).

No one has explained why Vernon’s books on covid-19 and the coronavirus are banned when other authors’ books on the same subject are sold quite freely.

But we are not surprised.