Biden, Sunak, Macron, Trudeau et al are leading us into Nuclear War

Dr Vernon Coleman

Canada and Germany have now been described as legitimate targets for military attacks. Former Russian President Medvedev has warned that since their military are now training Ukrainians in the use of tanks, those countries may be targeted by Russia.

Since the UK is providing equipment, and is training Ukrainians, then the UK is now also regarded as a legitimate target. If Sunak sends UK jets to Ukraine then the UK will doubtless be one of the first targets for Russian bombs.

The Russian quoted early 20th century laws showing that those providing arms and personnel to a country in a conflict are legally considered legitimate targets.

Moreover, Russia says that if fighter jets are sent to Poland then Poland will also be a target. Poland is, of course, a member of NATO and an attack on Poland will mean that Russia will be at war with all other NATO countries.

As the excellent TruNews broadcaster points out `we are sleep walking into a nuclear nightmare’.

Moreover, if anyone survives the nuclear war, the Western politicians and military will be guilty of war crimes.

There is no other news story worth reporting at the moment. And yet the mainstream media throughout the western world is ignoring what is happening.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2023

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