The Police Will All Be Redundant in Less than Two Years

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The attitude of the police towards those protesting against the loss of democracy and civil liberties and the exaggerated political response to an alleged virus that is no more dangerous than the flu has changed dramatically and it has changed all around the world. It is impossible not to believe that this is planned.

The police were all hired to protect the public but they have been encouraged and ordered to betray that trust. They are now arresting peaceful freedom protestors when other protestors – such as black lives matter and extinction rebellion, and others protesting on behalf of the climate change myth are treated with respect.

When black lives matter protestors are violent or destructive, the police stand back – even taking the knee in deference and nauseating and annoying the public.

When climate change nutters stop traffic for hours, the police talk to them, dance with them, pose for photographs and generally make it clear that they are with them and their cause – though they obviously know and understand nothing about the science or the politics behind the climate change scam – the confidence trick upon which Agenda 21 was built.

But if an old lady peacefully protests about the loss of her freedom she is likely to manhandled rather roughly and tossed into the back of a police van. Once arrested she may be kept for hours – even though it may be patently clear to most concerned that she has broken no law and cannot possibly be charged with anything. The Government doesn’t like old people. They are a nuisance. But how many brave policemen and women really signed up to brutally arrest 70 odd year old ladies who have broken no law and done no wrong – other than to stand up against a totalitarian government which is determined to destroy the people who put it in power.

The odd thing is that when the police were arresting citizens protesting about the loss of their freedom (associated with the false claim that the world was threatened by a new disease) they seemed neither concerned about their own future safety or the safety of the individuals they were manhandling. It seems to me that when there are nearly 30 police officers involved in making a single arrest of an unarmed, unthreatening citizen, then maybe the police have become a trifle confused.

The police have, I believe, made a huge personal and professional mistake. They have become foot soldiers for the forces of evil.

I doubt very much if anyone has explained to them the price they and their families will have to pay for the decisions they have made or been bullied into making.

If the police knew anything about the reasons behind the covid-19 fraud, they would understand that there is a huge political power play in action.

They are not going to be immune.

If they think that by manhandling a few brave old ladies they will be able to win themselves a place at the table when the Great Reset is put into place then they are seriously deluded. They are merely fodder in a war they don’t understand.

Their actions will leave them isolated from the community, they will probably accept the vaccine because they will probably be told they have no option. The new world they are helping to create will mean that there will be no health care for them or their families. Their children will, if they survive, grow up uneducated and working as slaves. They will have little or no money. And they will probably have no jobs.

What the police do not realise, of course, is that they have absolutely no future; they are merely being used to assist the greatest conspiracy in history and help create a climate of fear and obedience. I suspect that most, if not all, cannot yet see that, when they have served their purposes, brutalised and attempted to terrify enough brave old ladies and gentlemen they will be fired.

There will be no place for the police when the Great Reset has occurred. They will be replaced en masse by snitches, drones, robots and, when force is required, the military.

It’s already happening of course. The police themselves have stupidly helped the Government encourage snitches to tell on their neighbours. And in China, the model for our new normal Great Reset, the scary model for the society we will soon be living in, the authorities are already using robot policemen. Drones are in operation everywhere.

If the senior police officers think that by using the rank and file as bully boy and girl thugs they will win this war then they are wrong. Every picture of police brutality builds the discontent, inspires anger and encourages the protestors.

And if the protests lead to civil disobedience – which is what I believe the politicians really want – then it is clear that the police will be pushed aside and replaced with the military. It will be time for bullets – rubber or real – and the average copper will be sent home to watch it all unfold on television.

The police don’t realise this yet but they have no future. Their jobs are very insecure. They will, within a couple of years, be replaced by an army of snitches, sneaks, robots and drones. Look around the world and you see it is happening. It’s the same everywhere.

I wonder if the coppers have been told that they will all be redundant within a year or two – if things go according to plan, the Agenda 21 plan.

And so what will the policemen do then?

A few could join the 77th brigade and spend their days writing abusive comments underneath my videos.

But that’s not much of a job, is it?

And it certainly isn’t one with a long term future for the 77th brigade will, when they’ve served their purpose, also be cast aside.

Neither the police nor the 77th brigade will be chosen as part of the 500 million remaining on earth when the depopulation plan so favoured by Bill Gates and the British royal family is finally put into place.

Did they warn you of that, police officers?

Did the brutal, brain dead bosses who ordered you to oppress the electorate tell you that you won’t have a job in two years, that you don’t have any sort of future and that, if the protestors lose the war they are fighting for your families as well as their own, then you and your family will almost certainly be dead.

What sort of place will there be in the Great Reset for leftover policemen? Why would the United Nations and the elite billionaires give a damn about policemen and policewomen? You’re all of no more value than a plateful of cold toast.

If the police want any sort of future they should arrest the black lives matter protestors, arrest the climate change freaks (all of whom are fighting for the tyranny of Agenda 21 though most of them don’t realise it and aren’t bright enough to realise just how they are being manipulated) and help and encourage those fighting for freedom from this tyranny.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 14th 2020

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