Letter to Nigel Farage

Vernon Coleman

Dear Nigel
I know you enjoy my writings on the EU (you told me so on more than one occasion and wanted to send copies of my book England Our England to millions of households) so bear with me while I tell you something that might not be what you want to hear.

You should pull all the Brexit Party candidates now.

Announce that you are pulling out of the general election to make sure that the Brexit vote isnít split Ė and to make sure that the Remainers donít win power.

As things are you and the Brexit Party can only lose.

If the Brexit Party gets a ton of votes (but few, if any seats) you will undoubtedly damage the Tory vote. And that will probably lead to a Corbyn Government or another hung parliament. That will be disastrous for Brexit. Indeed, there wonít be any Brexit. You and the Brexit Party will lose all credibility. Indeed, you will be loathed by Brexiteers and finished as a media personality.

On the other hand, if the Brexit Party gets few votes you and the party will lose all credibility. You will be in disgrace, the Brexit Party will be finished and neither of you will have any authority at all.

But if you pull out of the election now then you will take the moral high ground. You will be putting country before party.

And, whatever happens, you will be in a position of influence after the election.

So do the sensible thing, Nigel.

For yourself, for the Brexit Party and for the country.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

My book `England Our Englandí has been republished as a paperback. It sold nearly 100,000 copies when it first came out and was said to have had a huge influence on the rise of UKIP.